worst based on a true story movies

For months, the unidentified 'Phantom Killer' stalked the shadows of Lovers' Lane, preying on young couples in parked vehicles. Star Wars: Which Sequel Trilogy Character You Are Based On Your Chinese Zodiac. He is initially mocked until crime reporter Paul Avery (Robert Downey Junior) realizes he may be on to something. Get all the best moments in pop culture & entertainment delivered to your inbox. John becomes obsessed with the strange beast. > Favorable reviews: 35% of audiences The letters often included threats, admissions of guilt and cryptograms. An American Haunting (2005) It's based on the Moorhouse Murders committed by David and Catherine Birnie who had abducted, raped, and killed 4 women in 1986. Fire In The Sky is told from both Walton's point of view and that of his fellow loggers. I was a pre-teen when this movie aired and it really creeped me out. The Town That Dreaded Sundown plays like an R-rated episode of Dateline — complete with a narrator detailing the facts of the case. I have only seen it once and it has really stuck with me through all these years. Tora! In 1946 the town of Texarkana is terrorized by a hooded serial killer dubbed "The Phantom." A short while later she dies from a brain tumor and John finds drawings of the creature from the accident. It is perhaps the most famous of all unsolved murder cases. I remember my mother — who never did this before or after — asked me to come sleep in her room because she was so terrified. The film has many scares and gross-out moments including creepy voices, red eyes without a face and blood oozing from the walls. The Australian horror film claims to be based on true events and contains similarities to the actual murders of several backpackers killed in the Australian outback between 1989 and 1993. Barbara Hershey stars as Carla Moran, a single mother living in Los Angeles with her three children. Zodiac is a serial killer who terrorized Northern California in the late 1960s. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. Moore has several works that were adapted into movies including The Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and V For Vendetta. As someone who grew up on the Texas/Mexico border, it was terrifying and still freaks me out to this day. James Riddle Hoffa was the President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Walt's guilty pleasures include pink Starburst, 80's hair bands and Little House on the Prairie (The TV show not the books). It managed no more than a 13% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. Still, it would have been pretty funny if the movies actually used a Ragedy Ann doll. The scene that will always trip me out is when, after they kill a woman, they're just sitting around watching it back on a tape they recorded. ", "A young woman is methodically tortured, abused, and eventually killed by the family that was supposed to be taking care of her. The film gives its version of events but whether Marks is responsible is ultimately left for the viewer to decide. > Director: Tom Elkins ", "It's a made for TV movie. Reporting on what you care about. That certainly doesn't make them less interesting. It is, however, “Ultimately nothing more than a decrepit vehicle for the moldiest of scary-movie clichés,” according to Time Out. I really hope this movie get remade one day. ", "I'm not a huge fan of horror movies in general, but I am still into everything having to do with the paranormal. The events became the subject of several books and movies, perhaps none more famous than The Amityville Horror. It also failed to gross even one-half of its reported $40 million budget worldwide.

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