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All things are possible with God! • PRAYER REQUEST: Let’s also pray for the Holy Spirit to live in us daily. Pray for God to direct each detail of the agenda. Approximately 50 attendees witnessed the formation of this vibrant and loving group! • PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for Ten Days of Prayer, January 10-20, 2018. Pray scriptures for effectiveness. It’s a weekend of lifestyle medicine lectures and a health fair. They hope to establish five Chinese congregations in cities with significant Chinese population and nine pilot projects in nine countries within the SSD. PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for our church members in Guam and Micronesia, that God will give them peace, strength and safety, and hold back the winds of strife. Ask God to show you which co- workers might be open to learning more about God. Many lives have been changed because of this special initiative. Will we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Please pray for committed missionaries willing to minister to the unreached people of these cities. • PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the Total Member Involvement event scheduled in Zambia (June 8-23, 2018). By writing your own Affirmative Prayer you make it yours. o Adventist Development and Relief Agency International: Jonathan M. Duffy, President and Executive Director, o Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies: Stephen R. Guptill, President, o Adventist Review: William M. Knott, Editor, o Adventist Risk Management, Incorporated: Timothy E. Northrop, President and Executive Director, o Adventist University of Africa: Delbert W. Baker, President, o Adventist World Radio: Duane McKey, President and Executive Director. Young people from all over the world will converge in Reykjavík, Iceland, to pass out GLOW tracks and to pray with citizens. Pray for special wisdom and protection for these avenues of communication, especially in areas where it is becoming more difficult to speak freely of the gospel. PRAYER REQUEST: Pray about the racial tensions between blacks and whites. Prayer Request Form. Fuyang, China, has a population of 8,093,000. The emphasis for this quarter is: “World Changing Prayer Warriors.” To learn more, visit: Pray for these supporting ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and their ministry leaders, that God will continue to use them in a mighty way for the furtherance of His Kingdom. Please pray that God will bless our staff with meaningful quality time with their family members, and that family bonds will grow stronger in the Lord. • PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for plans to build a new studio in Hapur for Hope Channel India, reaching a potential 800 million Hindi-speaking viewers. They eventually plan to help others start similar cafés. • PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for Douglas Venn, director of Mission to the Cities and Global Mission’s Urban Centers, to have wisdom and Holy Spirit direction as he coordinates and promotes centers of influence all over the world. • PRAYER REQUEST: Pray for the Men’s Ministries leaders worldwide and in your local congregation. Pray for the teachers and those who will be teaching via online avenues that God will give them wisdom and creativity. Pray for your neighbors, and your neighborhood. Zhongxiang, China, has a population of 1,030,000. • PRAYER REQUEST: The World Church fourth quarter Day of Prayer and Fasting is scheduled this coming October 5, 2019. • PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for the many different ministries represented within the Adventist church—both official church organizations and the many vital supporting ministries.

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