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[14] Halsey was a firm believer in the aircraft carrier as the primary naval offensive weapon system. He took command of the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga in 1935 after completing a course in naval aviation, and was promoted to the rank of rear admiral in 1938. The following day Third Fleet's aircraft carriers launched strikes against Kurita's Center Force, sinking the battleship Musashi and damaging the heavy cruiser Myōkō, causing the force to turn westward back towards its base.

August 1959 auf Fishers Island, New York) war ein US a …   Deutsch Wikipedia, William Halsey — William F. Halsey William F. Halsey, Jr. à la fin de 1945, peu après sa promotion au grade d amiral de la Flotte William Frederick Bull Halsey, Jr. (30 octobre 1882 20 août 1959) est un amiral de la Marine des États Unis qui a commandé la… …   Wikipédia en Français, Halsey House (Southampton, New York) — Halsey The Old Halsey House in the spring of 2011 …   Wikipedia, Halsey — ist der Name mehrerer Personen: A. H. Halsey (* 1923), britischer Soziologe Brad Halsey (* 1981), US amerikanischer Baseballspieler Brett Halsey (* 1933), US amerikanischer Schauspieler Forrest Halsey (1877–1949), US amerikanischer Drehbuchautor… …   Deutsch Wikipedia, William Halsey, Jr. — Infobox Military Person name= William Frederick Halsey, Jr. lived= birth date|1882|10|30 ndash; death date and age|1959|8|20|1882|10|30 placeofbirth= Elizabeth, New Jersey placeofdeath= caption= nickname= Bull and Bill allegiance= flag|United… …   Wikipedia, Halsey, William F., Jr. — ▪ United States naval commander in full  William Frederick Halsey, Jr.,  byname  Bull Halsey  born Oct. 30, 1882, Elizabeth, N.J., U.S. died Aug. 16, 1959, Fishers Island, N.Y.  U.S. naval commander who led vigorous campaigns in the Pacific… …   Universalium, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Halsey joined the New Jersey Society of the Sons of the American Revolution in 1946.

Es gibt 70+ Personen namens „William Halsey“, die LinkedIn zum Austausch von Informationen, Ideen und Karrierechancen nutzen. [7] After his first year, Halsey received his appointment to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, and entered the Academy in the fall of 1900.

Die Flotte war in den weiteren Schlachten, beispielsweise um die Philippinen und den Golf von Leyte, bis zum Ende des Pazifikkriegs im Einsatz. Halsey attended the Pingry School.

He is one of four individuals to have attained the rank of fleet admiral of the United States Navy, the others being Ernest King, William Leahy, and Chester W. Nimitz. The refueling cost a two and a half hour further delay. Who's going to take the responsibility?" Von 1922 bis 1925 arbeitete Halsey als Marineattaché in Berlin, anschließend führte er zwei Zerstörergeschwader. In justifying this decision, he later said, "I thought it better to be able to fly the aircraft itself than to just sit back and be at the mercy of the pilot.". Er wohnte in New York. In fairness, he received conflicting information from Pearl Harbor and his own staff. At the start of the War in the Pacific (1941–1945), Halsey commanded the task force centered on the carrier USS Enterprise in a series of raids against Japanese-held targets. Upon his return to the U.S. in 1927, he served one year as executive officer of the battleship USS Wyoming, and then for three years in command of USS Reina Mercedes, the station ship at the Naval Academy. November 1942 zum Admiral befördert. After returning from the Doolittle mission, he missed the critical Battle of Midway due to a severe case of psoriasis. He retired from active service in March 1947, but as a Fleet Admiral, he was not taken off active duty status. Born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Halsey graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1904.

Halsey cooled but continued to steam Third Fleet northward to close on Ozawa's Northern Force for a full hour after receiving the signal from Nimitz. Naval intelligence indicated Wake Island would be the target of a Japanese surprise attack. [37] Finally Halsey's Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Robert "Mick" Carney, confronted him, telling Halsey "Stop it! Under Halsey the fleet was designated Third Fleet and the Fast Carrier Task Force was designated "Task Force 38".

He was widely considered the U.S. Navy's most aggressive admiral, and with good reason. [49][50] After lying in state in the Washington National Cathedral, he was interred on August 20, 1959, near his parents in Arlington National Cemetery.

Halsey was aggressive and a risk taker. [37] Then, Halsey ordered Task Force 34 south.

Navy Cross) und verschiedener anderer Nationen ausgezeichnet. Halsey committed his limited naval forces through a series of naval battles around Guadalcanal, including the carrier engagements of the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands and the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. By the time the storm had cleared the next day a great many ships in the fleet had been damaged, 146 aircraft were destroyed and 802 seamen had been lost.

The barometer continued to drop and the wind roared at 83 knots (154 km/h) with gusts well over 100 knots (185 km/h). Halsey's forces spent the rest of the year battling up the Solomon Islands chain to Bougainville. William F. Halsey, Jr. — William F. Halsey William F. Halsey, Jr. à la fin de 1945, peu après sa promotion au grade d amiral de la Flotte William Frederick Bull Halsey, Jr. (30 octobre 1882 20 août 1959) est un amiral de la Marine des États Unis qui a commandé la… …   Wikipédia en Français, William F. Halsey — William Frederick Halsey, Jr William F. Halsey Almirante Lealtad Armada de los Est …   Wikipedia Español, William F. Halsey — William F. Halsey, Jr. à la fin de 1945, peu après sa promotion au grade d amiral de la Flotte William Frederick Bull Halsey, Jr. (30 octobre 1882 20 août 1959) est un amiral de la Marine des États Unis qui a commandé la Troisième Flotte… …   Wikipédia en Français, William F. Halsey, Sr. — William Frederick Halsey (b. April 11, 1853 ndash; d. June 11, 1920) was a United States naval officer. As Richard Frank commented in his account of the Battle for Guadalcanal: Halsey said he gave this order to conform to Army practice and for comfort. Finally, at 11:49 a.m., Halsey issued the order for the ships of the fleet to take the most comfortable course available to them. Halsey was promoted to rear admiral in 1938. [note 2] Under Spruance the fleet designation was the Fifth Fleet and the Fast Carrier Task Force was designated "Task Force 58". Halsey was on the bridge of the battleship USS Missouri on April 13, 1904, when a flareback from the port gun in her after turret ignited a powder charge and set off two others. The Hawaiian weathermen predicted a northerly path for the storm, which would have cleared Task Force 38 by some two hundred miles (320 km). [34] The two admirals were a contrast in styles. By 10:00 a.m. the next morning the barometer on the flagship was noted to be dropping precipitously. The U.S. Navy remained at sea and on station, dominating whatever region it entered. Pull yourself together."[15].

For the next three days Third Fleet conducted search and rescue operations, finally retiring to Ulithi on 22 December 1944. August 1959 auf Fishers Island, New York) war ein US amerikanischer Fleet Admiral und während des Zweiten Weltkriegs im Pazifik… With increasingly heavy seas the fleet still attempted to maintain stations. Advancing down the coast of the island of Samar towards the troop transports and support ships of the Leyte Gulf landing, they took Seventh Fleet's escort carriers and their screening ships entirely by surprise. The U.S. fleet was the "Blue Fleet". Die beiden Admiräle Halsey und Spruance wechselten sich in der Führung der übergeordneten Flotte ab. If anything gets in my way, we'll shoot first and argue afterwards."[15]. In the desperate Battle off Samar which followed, Kurita's ships destroyed one of the escort carriers and three ships of the carriers' screen, and damaged a number of other ships as well.

He played an important role in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle of the war. News of the change flashed and produced an immediate boost to morale with the beleaguered Marines, energizing his command.

Im März 1947 trat er zurück. Resuming command in late May, Halsey made a series of carrier attacks against the Japanese home islands. The son of U.S. Navy Captain William Halsey, he spent his early years in Coronado and Vallejo, California. Unknown to Halsey, Kurita had reversed course and resumed his advance toward Leyte. While conducting operations off the Philippines, the fleet had to discontinue refueling due to a Pacific storm. Said Halsey, "I'll take it! "[17] Halsey was an aggressive commander. At Rabaul the force refueled in preparation for the coming night battle. As the war progressed it moved out of the South Pacific and into the Central Pacific. Raised on his father's sea stories, Halsey decided to attend the U.S. Two days after the landing, a large cruiser force was sent down from Japan to Rabaul in preparation for a night engagement against Halsey's screening force and supply ships in Empress Augusta Bay. Halsey's command shifted with it, and in May 1944 he was promoted to commanding officer of the newly formed Third Fleet. On the evening of December 17 Third Fleet was unable to land its combat air patrol due to the pitching and rolling decks of the carriers. [41][page needed]. US-Flotte unter Halseys Kommando geriet am 18. He remained in destroyers until 1921 and ultimately commanded Destroyer Divisions 32 and 15. During this time, he again sailed through a typhoon, though no ships were lost. "[42][43], During January 1945 the Third Fleet attacked Formosa and Luzon, and raided the South China Sea in support of the landing of US Army forces on Luzon.

The following year, he served aboard the battleship USS Kansas as it took part in the cruise of the "Great White Fleet." Halsey made the momentous decision to take all available strength northwards to destroy the Japanese carrier forces, planning to strike them at dawn of October 25.

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