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The Best Time of Year to See the Northern Lights in Ireland (2019-2020), The Best Places to See the Northern Lights in Ireland, Popular Tours & Day Trips to See the Northern Lights in Ireland, setting your camera up for astrophotography. In October and February, you will experience a twilight and ‘dawn' with blue light, which is also amazing to see. To get to Abisko, you will need to use the train or bus from Kiruna. Which means less light pollution. Wrap up warmly- you're going to be outside for a while! Finland has a low population ratio, so has beautiful dark skies free from light pollution, plenty of stunning scenery including lakes to reflect the Aurora and a warmer temperature until November. It is possible to see the northern lights in Stockholm, based on the intensity of the aurora as … Pin it to your Winter in Europe board. There is also a Twitter account, @aurora_ireland, that occasionally tweets when the aurora will be visible that night. Otherwise, book onto several tours to visit Geysers, Volcanoes, Glaciers, Waterfalls, boat cruises and the Blue Lagoon (which we DIDN'T do when we went and we regret it. Both lakes are situated near the Polebridge community, deep in the North Fork region, Flathead County. It’s true! The top destinations to see the northern lights are the northern destinations in the world, including Ireland, Canada, Norway, and many … All rights reserved, Kat | Motorhome Travel blogger | This post may contain affiliate links. They are a moving phenomenon and the ‘best places' change from month to month (even week to week). We work hard to make this website the best it can be. Before we dive in, it can help to understand what the “northern lights” actually are. The sun sets very early up here, which allows plenty of darkness to give the lights a chance to show up. Which means more chance to see the Aurora Borealis in all its glory. I sincerely hope you get that chance! (Travelling in Autumn? If the sky is dark and the solar conditions are right, it’s possible to see the aurora! Anyone who has a chance to relish aurora borealis in Glacier gets instantly enthralled. Some aurora-chasers will have their heart set on capturing a perfect picture of the experience. Wondering where you can see the Northern Lights in Europe? Best time to see the Northern Lights in Norway? Ireland doesn’t have as many nights of aurora activity as other northern countries, but under the right atmospheric and weather conditions you can definitely see it. Kiruna is famous for the amazing Ice Hotel which is built each year. There are a few other spots you might see the aurora under the right conditions, so we’ve included them too. Here are the best places in Michigan to see the Northern Lights in action: Keweenaw Peninsula: The slogan for the Keweenaw Peninsula is “Michigan’s Top of the World,” so it makes sense you could see the Northern Lights from here. The lights also appear near the magnetic poles of other planets and if you search the internet you can find images of Auroras above the likes of Jupiter and Saturn. Svalbard lies in the Arctic Ocean halfway between Norway and the North Pole. This is the best spot for those in Sligo to try if you’re not up for a longer drive to County Donegal. However, the longer nights of late fall, winter, and early spring offer the best chances to watch an unbelievable light show. It was pretty awesome. Photo credit: Nick Leppänen Larsson via Flickr. Learn how to use your camera and research settings beforehand so you can set it up quickly. All those volcanoes help keep the temperatures warmer too! Personally, I think that is the best plan. Svalbard is a group of islands north of the Northern coast of Norway. There's also a train from Oslo. In Glacier National Park, you can observe polar lights at any time of year. We've been very lucky- and we've broken rule number 2 pretty much all the time. For best views, try to get out of the city for the evening- there are LOADS of tour options which allow you to do this! Located just a couple of miles from the west entrance to Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald is a glacier-carved lake and a perfect site for viewing the northern lights. Husky sledding, photography tours, Lapland tour, skimobiles or relaxing in a beautiful log cabin, far away from the world! Don't get me wrong, it's still cold in winter, but get away from the cities and you've a great chance of seeing the Aurora. Where can you see the Northern Lights in Europe- break the rules! But there is no way to predict when this will happen and it happens very VERY rarely (every few years or so.). Here are some of the top places to see the aurora in County Donegal: Located in southern Ireland, County Kerry is not as good of a spot for trying to see the northern lights. Downpatrick Head is another option in County Mayo. Best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland? Featured photo credit: Rita Wilson for Tourism IrelandSpecial thanks to Greg Clarke for sharing his Ireland aurora photos on Flickr. 6. Being an eyewitness to such a display of exceptional beauty isn't something that can be soon forgotten. After reading your post even I want to see the Northern Lights. You can also get a train from Stockholm, including the night train which just sounds like fun! It's the northernmost inhabited place in Europe and it's famous for its polar bears. The best time to see the Northern Lights in Europe is between October- March, north of the Arctic Circle. More on those below. Ther two main rules that the experts follow if you want to see the Northern Lights in Europe are: We've been lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on 7 separate nights. As for Bowman and Kintla Lakes, this area provides a beautiful backcountry camping to observe aurora borealis from your tent. If you’re one of those types of travelers, here are some tips: If you need more help capturing the perfect photos during your trip, check out our full guide of aurora photography tips. Snow= cloud= not much chance to see the sky! Click here to see our Privacy and Disclosure Policy. So, where is the best place for Northern Lights in Europe? Let us know in the comments. This is what we call the aurora. We've been very lucky- and we've broken rule number 2 pretty much all the time. Places like Sweden, Greenland, and Alaska all make a ton of sense. Where can you see the Northern Lights in Europe? I will surely travel to the North very soon with your family. Flights: You can get flight tickets at 47,000, if booked in advance. In Aurora Guide by Valerie StimacSeptember 2, 2019Leave a Comment. From there, you can find access to the lakes along unsealed park roads. The Northern Lights can be found in the “aurora zone” in the Northern Hemisphere. It was utterly magical. I've heard stories about them being visible as far south as Manchester, England on some (rare!) Can You See the Northern Lights in Stockholm? You can even stay in log or glass cabins specially built in areas away from light pollution to allow you a better chance of seeing them from your doorstep! Unfortunately, we’re not likely to be sending people into space on Aurora hunting missions any time soon so our focus remains firmly in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere and Northern Scandinavia especially. The Shetland Islands are an archipelago of more than 100 islands, sitting between Norway and Scotland. Rovaniemi, Finland is the home of Santa (no, seriously) and is also one of the most popular places for Northern Light hunters. Marquette: Marquette is the largest city in the U.P. She decided to start the site after realizing how many friends and family had never seen the Milky Way, and that space tourism was going to unlock the next great travel destination: space! ), 35 best Motorhome mugs (for every occasion), Get far away from cities and other light pollution, including roads, Allow about 30 minutes of darkness for your eye to adjust to the night, Try and find a location with an open view towards the North- the Aurora tends to show over the North Pole, Mountains and/ or lakes are perfect backdrops for AMAZING photos, After Twilight or just before dawn are common times for the Aurora to show. The second time was in Iceland. However, it’s important to note that the phenomena of the northern lights are affected by the shape of the earth (a sphere), the magnetic field around our planet, the magnetic poles (north and south), and earth’s axial tilt. It was a great trip (years before I … Both times we've been has been March, but we know many people who've seen them in other months- it really is luck of the draw. Wherever you are and they are at the same time! Our first trip was a Hurtigruten cruise from Tromso up the Norwegian coast. Base yourself in Ballinskelligs for the weekend, and make your way to the west-or north-facing coastline to try and spot the aurora low on the horizon. I see you are very lucky to see the Northern Lights even after breaking rule no.2. Want to save this post for later? October to end of March. It's also one of the first places in Europe that the Aurora tends to be visible- sometimes as early as mid-August! Occasionally the Aurora Borealis is so strong that it will reach all the way south and you can see the Northern Lights in Switzerland. If you’re new to the blog (welcome! Don't expect huge snowdrifts- but the lack of snow clouds is one of the reasons you get such high viewing stats in Iceland. The short (and somewhat surprising answer!) is yes. (Need a place to stay in Dublin before or after aurora chasing in county Kerry? Best time to see the Northern Lights in Sweden? The clear skies and pristine landscape of the national park provide a gorgeous setting for observing aurora borealis. 21 best European cities to visit in Winter, Grab your FREE wild camping checklist now, ◊ Gift ideas for motorhome & campervanners, Best place to see Northern Lights in Europe. If you heard that the northern lights are going to be visible over Ireland soon and want to know where to go, this post will help you. During the summer, the sun never sets in Svalbard, and during the winter (November to February), there is NO daylight. Aurora Service has great tools for seeing the aurora forecast for the whole northern hemisphere, including Ireland. In fact, Scotland has quite some lovely places for finding a dark sky at northerly latitudes. We've been lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on 7 separate nights. If you do not want to travel a lot to see Northern Lights, then one of the well-known places to see Northern Lights is Scotland. There are direct flights to Rovaniemi airport (Santa's airport!) Thank you. This is an area of 2,000-3,000km from the magnetic pole, or at a latitude of 66 to 69 degrees north. I hate to start this post off with some frustrating news, but there is NO best place in Europe (or anywhere!) This certified dark sky park is one of the darkest, least light-polluted places in Ireland. (Here are some ideas for other great places to see in Europe in October). While it doesn’t make every list for where to see the aurora in Ireland, County Mayo has a few spots worth considering. Being 10 mi (16 km) long and surrounded by high peaks, this lake is an awe-inspiring spot to watch the Northern Lights and their dancing reflections on the water. As their name suggests, the northern lights or aurora borealis are visible in the northern hemisphere only. Valerie is the founder and editor of Space Tourism Guide. Having said that, we've broken these ‘rules' every time we've seen the Aurora! The Shetlands are the best place in the British Isles to see the Northern Lights. So pick somewhere where there is something else awesome to do! With a basic sense of geography, it might seem easy to guess where the northern lights are visible. NOTE: You WILL need a passport or other Government-issued ID to get to Svalbard. Autumn and Spring are considered the best times. know when the northern lights might be visible. 7 AMAZING locations. Tromso is the largest city in Northern Norway. You can generally see the northern lights (and their sibling, the southern lights) at locations within a few degrees of latitude of the Arctic or Antarctic Circle.

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