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Yes, you can link multiple Twitter accounts to one Zendesk account. In this case it’s one of volume. I wanted to clarify, is it possible to ONLY have Twitter DM's become a ticket versus any tweet at our account? If they do not, don’t submit another ticket! If the ticket was created from a tweet mentioning your Twitter account name (for example @Zendesk), then your reply from within Zendesk will be a reply tweet, threaded to the senders original mention. They send you to a page to get a verification code only it is only to receive it by text I dont have access to text. Twitter doesn’t want you to tweet them when you have a problem! For example, if I were to go report issues with notifications, I would click the notifications link in the Features section. @graham_simms:disqus Did you eventually receive a reply and if so, after how many days ? In that period I have had “suspicious activity” notices about 5 times with request to change PW. What you need to do is respond to the automated email, because if you don’t…. I have not engaged in any sort of abuse. This happened without my changing anything on the account. Haven’t been able to for a long time. Instead, reply to the email you received. So if you keep asking, you’ll keep going to the end of the line. I don’t know if I’m being impatient but three weeks is kinda long enough, right? Ideally, there will be a commonly accepted, easy to implement solution that works, and you can go on with your life. Someplace in the automated email Twitter sent you if you created a ticket, it says you must respond to that email or Twitter will close the ticket. You have no way of knowing if the problem is an issue with your computer, your account, your internet connection, or Twitter itself. For all Teamfight Tactics Support. In general, the help section is valuable if your problem is a common one, but it doesn’t help at all with edge cases or when the usual solutions don’t work. When you reply to a ticket with a Tweet, you must stay within the Twitter character limit of 280 characters. I’ve had this account for 8 years and now they’re wanting to verify my age. If you send a support message on Monday, and then again on Tuesday, and then again on Wednesday, they will ignore the tickets sent on Monday and Tuesday. You can update the ticket properties and comment in the same way you would on any other ticket. I can’t imagine they’ll be able to help you. This is, in fact, a general support email. I see that you can set a like to create a ticket. For help with technical issues, product how-tos, order cancellations or payment questions, please submit a customer support ticket. Filling out that form submits a support ticket. When an issue comes up, you have three options. You can: Option 1 isn’t very good. Hey Brett - Is it possible to link two twitter accounts into one Zendesk account? It's very likely that we already have an article containing the information you need, so please make use of the search function or browse through the categories below. Additionally, Twitter’s auto-responder messages are very important. Hi! They put a little lock on my account, I imagine because someone didn’t like what I said. Twitter shouldn’t do this! Any resolution? For less than 50 cents per day, we'll help you get dozens of new followers daily. Stick to safe Twitter management tools like BufferApp! Exhaustively satisfying article about particular theme. At last report, this is 415-222-9670. If you’re not a member of law enforcement working on a case that involves Twitter, don’t use this email. I went through the automated process, and it said my account is not locked or suspended. If you can’t find an email (check your spam folder!) (You should click those right now just so can see what Twitter puts there so you understand better what Twitter is trying to do.). How to Use Your Twitter Profile to Collect Email Leads, 10 Ways to Find the Email Address of a Twitter Profile, The Best Way to Contact Twitter Through Email Support. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The second account is even worse; it’s the general Twitter account. This article contains the following sections: Still, it’s worth giving a shot. Well, that’s not strictly true. You'll just have to manually type it into the ticket update but should render correctly once passed over to Twitter. A lot of the time, when you send it a message, it will simply disappear. Anyone else who sent a ticket before your Wednesday ticket will take priority, unless they too sent a second ticket after you. Suspected as a bot, verified my phone by sms and came up with a tech error and couldnt try again.Im pretty much locked out of actually tweeting anyone it seems. And how? My business account is borked. You will be put at the end of the line and treated as a new communication. I have seen many accounts who are posting really long videos on Twitter, so please guide me with full details for posting longer videos on Twitter. No promises! Contacting Twitter themselves will help you determine whether the issue is on your end or theirs. Did you ever get an answer? @James if your Marketing team would like to create a support ticket, they could go directly to the profile of the user that tweets in and create a ticket from there. Twitter does this because it sends you a bunch of links for things to check out that might explain your problem in the email. Most likely you were using some kind of automated Twitter tool that got out of hand. Try contacting Amazon, TalkTalk or….Twitter. I need to get in touch with Twitter to find our what tweets they think I sent which led to my suspension. Here’s what they do. Our Twitter account is managed by a couple of teams. The second is their support phone number. If one doesn’t work, try the next, and the next, and the next. Get to know TeamViewer through hands-on experience and take your business to the next level! Automatically convert incoming direct messages into tickets to allow customers to reach you privately. How can I get help for this? And I can’t log back in bc they said they were going to delete it, and I tried the phone number too, but that didn’t do sh*t! It has been two months- I received no warning, but some of my followers told me about it. Install Guide Updated 28 July 2020 08:01. Have been using my Twitter account daily for past 8 months. However, one day you might awaken to find your account doesn’t exist anymore. What really bothers me, is when you get the screen to enter a phone number, it invariably comes back as an “ unsupported phone number “. Have you ever had a problem getting help from Twitter? For all VALORANT Support. Tried to open a new account but because I had no followers yet, it wa banned the moment I replied to a tweet from someone. I’m having this problem now!! twitter didn’t like a tweet, and suspended me. How can it be unsupported, when Google,Apple, my bank, telemarketing companies and scammers have no problem with my phone number. The user will need to supply an email address and password to log in and access the ticket. I have been trying to reactivate a suspended account. When I change the PW it changes on a secondary account I added several weeks ago. The first thing you need, according to Twitter, is “a complete name, username, and bio on your profile.” Without those, Twitter might decide not to show your tweets in search. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Are you having a Twitter problem that you haven’t been able to figure out you’d like help with? I'd like to know if there is a way for Marketing to turn mentions into a support ticket at their discretion? So I sent in a general support request. I tried to contact Twitter to sort this out, but I never found a way, unless I logged in(!). They assume that those will work to solve your issue. I also am unable to tweet anything. Sea of Thieves PC Install Instructions. If you want to go directly to the main page to ask for help, go to My only conclusion is that it was a tweet that I had just commented on. For help using the free version of TeamViewer, please visit our TeamViewer Community and Knowledge Base at Somebody has to go in the back of the plane and start throwing things off so it won’t be so heavy and can take off. I am having the same issue. Twitter may have cut out 80% of their email support, but they really just pushed it to other contact methods, like these accounts. They won’t allow me to do one single thing. For example, if the ticket was created from a direct message (DM), then your reply from within Zendesk will also be a DM. The second email address I’ve found is We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Just don’t do it with a tweet! Familiarize yourself with TeamViewer and gain insight into specific features and capabilities through in-person training sessions. Twitter has permanently suspended my account due to “targeted abuse” shortly after I discovered other twitter users tweeting my IP address. I once had a twitter account. I’m 18 years old!! I am in the very exact situation. I’m in my fifth year on Twitter now, and here are some of the crazy things I’ve discovered: Everyone knows that Twitter exists to let you send tweets, but what many people don’t know is that you shouldn’t send a tweet when you need help! Nothing in the history of mankind has reached such a scale and runs flawlessly. This is the method of getting support that Twitter obviously would prefer people use, because it’s passive and requires no attention from their staff. Never broke a rule once either. Finally, you have to NOT repeat things over and over to try and get them to trend. That being said, an email address would need to be associated with that user profile otherwise notifications would not be sent out. That leaves option 3. They can then take one of the following actions: Hi, Is it possible to reply to the original tweeter and @ another Twitter account to reply to more than one twitter account in one ticket?Thanks,Lisa. I have already checked all privacy settings so any suggestions appreciated. That’s a serious issue, and having no way to get it fixed makes no sense. Twitter will unsuspend your account if you promise not to make the same mistake again. What regions can I purchase Sea of Thieves in? Thank you for your understanding. I entered my email address to be told it had already been claimed. If you send a support ticket of any sort, send one and only one. This email address is, reasonably enough, meant for law enforcement to contact Twitter with important and confidential case issues. Dozens and dozens of things. They are impossible to get in touch with by phone or email. There are all sorts of issues, from apps that won’t install or code that won’t run to settings that don’t work right, login issues, hackings, and a whole lot more. Also, if you follow @Support, you can send a DM to them (even though they don’t follow you back) and they may reply. The More Times You Ask For Help, The Less You Will Get. It used to work fine. Once it has been deleted, re-install it as a new account using your existing address, email address and password. Windows 10 Support Updated 03 June 2020 12:07. What causes this? Hello. Clicking on the link takes you to a sub-page that will help you with that problem, generally by giving you more specific options. The first is the mailing address. Find the solution to common questions in our Knowledge Base. Instead of letting all of Twitter break down, they’ll start turning off small parts of it for some users. Is it possible to to include in a public response the button for the requester send a DM thru Twitter? You find people with the same issue from 2011, but the solutions posted don’t work any more, or the options involved have been moved. My account is hacked or compromised. Submit a Ticket! Your Advertisement on Twitter Ads was Denied: Now What? And obviously if you do math, I’m actually 16! …I had just typed out my response to someone, regarding a political post, and as soon as I hit the post button, they locked me out. Make sure you know your password first though! Do you have a question about installing TeamViewer or have you run into a technical issue? I get an error message stating “Tweets are not loading.” Why is this the case?

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