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La forme ronde et fermée du stade était typique des enceintes omnisports des années 1960 et 1970. New Florence RedWolves ballpark. Braves Exit From Atlanta Means Death For Turner Field, http://www.davidtan.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/atlanta-usa-olympics-logo-1996.jpg, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/12/turner-field-demolition-braves-stadium-2017_n_4260763.html, http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01802/atlanta2_reu_1802663i.jpg. Démolition. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 2 août 2020 à 18:10. College graduate with a degree in Journalism. (http://olympics.ballparks.com/), http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01802/atlanta2_reu_1802663i.jpg 1966-68 & 1974-96 Left field: 330 pieds (ft.) Left-Center: 385 ft. Center Field: 402 ft. Right-Center: 385 ft. New Gastonia (NC) ballpark Nach dem Umzug der Atlanta Braves erwarb die Georgia State University das Stadion und baute es anschließend in ein American Football-Stadion um. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the sports industry. Reaction to the news that Turner Field would be torn down in 2017 came in two forms: goodbye to a mediocre ballpark, versus disbelief that such a young facility is doomed. So how long is a ballpark relevant before it, too, should be replaced? Louisiana Tech baseball facility Share your news with the baseball community. Most cities that have hosted games still have their stadium. Tointon Family Stadium renovations (Kansas State) The Pros and Cons of a new stadium. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 29. Le stade a été longtemps célèbre pour la mauvaise qualité de sa pelouse jusqu'au début des années 1990. De 1966 à 1996 il fut le domicile d'une équipe de baseball MLB évoluant dans la division Est de la Ligue nationale, les Braves d'Atlanta puis aussi des Falcons d'Atlanta de la NFL entre 1966 et 1991. New Marshall University ballpark Oktober 2016 traten die Braves gegen die Am 2. Warren Moon Was Asked The Question. Le Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium a été démoli par implosion le 2 août 1997. It has always been a little dangerous around the area where the current Turner Field is located. It replaced the Kingdome, itself a marvel and a wonder in the initial days of the inaugural Mariners in 1977. All rights reserved. The Braves could not be plainer with their own motivations. The new site will undoubtedly benefit the Braves — but it feels short, doesn’t it? modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata. Im August 1996 startete der Rückbau auf rund 50.000 Plätze. your username. In his announcement, Schuerholz said of the new site, placed at the intersection of I-75 and I-285, “It will make it far greater for our fans, with a far more enjoyable experience.”, It was not, then, that Turner Field was out of date. Une décision judiciaire retarda d’une année l’arrivée de l’équipe à Atlanta. Turner Field is the modified version of the 1996 Olympic Stadium, this was the 100th Olympiad. Artificial turf’s maximum is a decade of use, trending closer to eight years. Dans le même temps, la NFL accorde à Atlanta une franchise d’expansion, les Falcons, qui joueront leur premier match dans l'enceinte le 27 août 1966. Démolition: 2002 (premier stade) Utilisation; Clubs résidents: Varsity Blues (1898- ) Propriétaire: Université de Toronto. The Braves left Turner Field on Dec. 31 after a 20-year lease. Atrium Health Ballpark (Kannapolis Cannon Ballers) Recent Posts. Sports has been my passion since childhood, this blog is where I go in depth about all sports. Le premier match de saison régulière des Braves au Atlanta Stadium fut joué le 12 avril 1966 contre Pittsburgh, la foule vit les Braves perdre 3-2. Le Coliseum était l'ancien domicile des Hawks d'Atlanta de la NBA et des Flames d'Atlanta de la LNH. Oktober 2016 traten die Braves gegen die Detroit Tigers (1:0) zum letzten MLB-Spiel im Turner Field an. The overriding main cause concerning lack of attendance is location and neighborhood, perhaps even more than facilities. En 1981, les Chiefs disparaissent du championnat de football et les Falcons jouent leur dernier match dans ce stade le 15 décembre 1991 puis déménagent pour le Georgia Dome. Log into your account. Sa capacité était de 52 007 places pour le baseball et de 60 606 places pour le football américain. Copyright 2020 August Publications. Follow Ballpark Digest on Google + and add us to your circles! Well, on one hand it is a very positive move to get the stadium out of downtown Atlanta. Juli 2019 um 00:11 Uhr bearbeitet. This has left a lot of Braves fans sad for the upcoming demise and demolition of the stadium. Renderings of the 68-acre design by developers Carter and Oakwood Development show towering glass structures with pedestrian thoroughfares connecting retail and office space. A drop in attendance, especially over a prolonged period of time, provokes concern. You can sign up for a free subscription at the Newsletter Signup Page. Binghamton University Baseball Complex In new details released Tuesday, the project includes the acquisition of about four acres of land along Georgia Avenue for retail space, including dining and shopping locations. Modern computers have a lifespan of about three to five years. Le 21 juillet, le frappeur désigné cubain Orestes Kindelan envoie la balle à 159 mètres, établissant le record de distance pour un coup de circuit dans le stade[1]. (Photo Credit to davidtan.org), Now that the Atlanta Braves are moving to Cobb County, the cities politicians are going to demolish Turner Field.(http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/12/turner-field-demolition-braves-stadium-2017_n_4260763.html). Has Drew Brees Lost His Arm Strength? The Kingdome lost its allure in the 1990s, not helped by falling roof tiles. Twenty seasons at Turner Field. L’équipe de baseball des Atlanta Crackers (International League) occupa le stade pendant la saison 1965 avant de partir pour Richmond en Virginie. Avant l'arrivée d'une franchise MLB à Denver au Colorado en 1993, l'enceinte d'Atlanta était la plus haute du baseball majeur (460 mètres d'altitude). NBT Bank Stadium renovations (Syracuse Mets) Here, then, seems to be a slightly better lifespan comparison for the closing Turner Field, but the feel is different. I've been worked for Missouri Digital News from September 2013-December 2014. Some of this — field quality, for instance — is for the players. but basically a monument. Last week, Braves general manager John Schuerholz announced that the ball club would be changing homes again come the 2017 season. Les Braves sont alors la seule équipe résidente. Le 8 avril 1974, devant 53 775 spectateurs, Hank Aaron frappe son 715e coup de circuit en carrière, battant le record de Babe Ruth datant de 1935. It has always been a little dangerous around the area where the current Turner Field is … Ted Turner rachète la franchise des Braves en 1976 et le stade est renommé Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. A cell phone, we are told by the service providers, can be upgraded every two years — although they’d certainly like us to upgrade even more often than that. His first previous ball field, League Park, had gone up in flames. Polar Park (Worcester) This article originally appeared in the weekly Ballpark Digest newsletter. Crosley (1911-1970) was one of a number of stadia, including St. Louis’s Sportsman’s Park (1902-1966) and Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field (1909-1970), that spanned the generations from the dead ball era through integration. The Turner Field deal that sent the Braves to Cobb County and opened the way for the Georgia State Panthers to play football at the stadium in the fall was sealed days ago, to much fanfare from city officials. Heery & Heery and Finch, Alexander, Barnes, Rothschild & Paschal, Match des étoiles de la Ligue majeure de baseball 1972, Rapport officiel des Jeux olympiques du Centenaire, vol. Then they were all replaced at once by cookie-cutter artificial turf fields. RELATED STORIES: Braves to pay $372M toward new ballpark, Cobb County $300M; Turner Field to be torn down in 2017; Braves to leave Turner Field, will build new Cobb County ballpark. Smallblackjournalist is your news, entertainment, music website. The Rays have done their best to spruce up Tropicana Field (opened in 1990), but the team’s outstanding television ratings have not led to increased fan presence. It was a sensation when it first opened, but it closed down only a decade later in 1911, replaced by Crosley Field. Un parking pour le Turner Field est construit au même endroit, avec un tracé des limites de l’ancien terrain et surtout une plaque marquant le point de chute du 715e coup de circuit historique frappé par Hank Aaron le 8 avril 1974. A 2021 preview, perhaps, A’s close on partial purchase of Coliseum property, Wolff: Angels land deal makes economic sense, Freund joins MLB in MiLB reorganization push, Royals add Northwest Arkansas exhibition game, Braves to pay $372M toward new ballpark, Cobb County $300M, Braves to leave Turner Field, will build new Cobb County ballpark, View all posts by Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, Medicine Hat Mavericks home in line for updates, Atrium Health Ballpark (Kannapolis Cannon Ballers), Bailey-Brayton Field Renovation (Washington State), Florida Ballpark at Alfred A. McKethan Field (University of Florida), NBT Bank Stadium renovations (Syracuse Mets), Tointon Family Stadium renovations (Kansas State). Are you a subscriber? One of the first great ballparks for spectators was Cincinnati’s Palace of the Fans (above), opened in 1901 by owner John T. Brush with a specific purpose in mind: fireproofing. Gone too soon, or good riddance? Drag Racing, Cruising, And Doughnuts In Downtown St. Louis, Sorry Lebron Fans, Russell Westbrook is The MVP, Relocation Rumors Begin to Circle Buffalo. The project would entail acquiring about eight existing structures on the street. Former 920 am Inside St. Louis intern with Frank Cusumano in 2015.

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