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TBH, much weirder things have happened, even just in this episode. Or Clifford and Claudius Blossom. But one of the episode’s biggest bombs was dropped much more subtly, and it involves Cheryl Blossom, her twin brother Jason, and Nana Rose. Juniper and Dagwood could have a third sibling. Or, in an even twistier twist, if there really is a triplet, who’s to say Jason isn’t still alive, and it was the other brother who was killed way back at the start of all this? Betty defused a bomb with a bobby pin. It's Julia," and points at the creepy doll propped up at the table with them. These Riverdale season 4 triplet theories about Cheryl Blossom are really * out there*, but then again this is Riverdale we’re talking about. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Same, What to Know About the 'Emily in Paris' Cast, 20 Successful ‘Bachelor’ & ‘Bachelorette’ Couples, All the Celebs Who’ve Endured ‘The Masked Singer’, Clare Crawley's Ex Won't Watch Her Fantasy Suites, All You Need to Know About ‘The Masked Singer’ S4, These Serpent 'Masked Singer' Theories Are Wild, Let's Discuss the True Identity of the Crocodile. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Netflix's 'Grand Army' Controversy, Explained. As Digital Spy pointed out, there's also reason to believe that Cheryl may have absorbed a triplet in the womb. Now in Episode 3, she’s also taking on the issues of strange noises in her family’s old manor, and the ravings of her grandma, who is — and I cannot stress this enough — creepier than ever. I thought I saw the triplets burning in the fire.”. It’s not like the baby can waddle into a scene like, “Sup, bitches? After Toni Topaz finally discovers her girlfriend Cheryl Blossom chillin’ with her dead brother—who literally has rats coming out of his body at this point—the Blossom situation somehow gets even more stressful. Honestly, the only thing that I feel genuinely needs to be discussed at length is the Nana Rose of it all. Instead, Archie has started beating people up again and stole $40,000 from folks who are definitely going to want it back. Instead, I could see a world where the body from season 1 was Clarence, and Clifford murdered him to fake his own death. This is my personal fave option. [Warning: Spoilers for Riverdale season 4, episode 3, “Dog Day Afternoon,” ahead.]. Fans will just have to stick around to find out exactly which triplets Nara Rose was talking about. What can I say about last night’s Riverdale that hasn’t already been said: a wholesome car wash gave way to violence, bomb threats, and Chad Michael Murray in an Evil Knievel lewk. Um, Did ‘Riverdale’ Really Kill Jughead?! If you want to be even more convinced Julian is one of the triplets Nana was talking about, look no further than the Riverdale Season 4 NYCC trailer. Rose is the mother of late Claudius and Clifford Blossom, both of whom were killed by her daughter-in-law, Penelope, with poison. In the Archie Horror miniseries Blossoms 666, it's revealed that Cheryl and Jason actually shared the womb with a third sibling named Julian, who was taken away by a cult and later killed by his own brother and sister. Let’s just say that the Riverdale writers completely ran out of f*cks to give when they wrote this episode. Even if this triplet theory is true, it's unclear whether Julian would be alive or dead in this scenario. Nana Rose was referring to a different set of siblings entirely. It’s possible that Polly actually had a third baby, but that would be kind of random and boring. If a Cheryl and Jason had a secret third brother, Trevor won’t have to wear all that gross special-effects makeup for much longer and Cheryl might be able to start grieving Jason in a more healthy way...provided brother #2 doesn’t turn out to be evil or something. Cheryl assumed Nana meant the twins, Juniper and Dagwood, and corrected her as such, but this little moment was almost definitely more than a slip-up made by an elderly woman: Either Juniper and Dagwood secretly have another brother or sister, or Nana Rose was referring to a different set of siblings entirely. Yep. Warning: Spoilers for Season 4 Episode 3 of Riverdale, “Dog Day Afternoon” ahead. Nana rose channeling her inner rose from titanic #Riverdale Who Even Wants a Show Like 'Social Distance'? This is likely the case for many after the show’s Oct. 23 episode, in which something Nana Rose let slip has fans doing a double (or, cough, triple) take and wondering: Are Cheryl and Jason triplets on Riverdale? Emily is the entertainment editor at Cosmopolitan, which is a nice way of saying she watches way too much TV and constantly wants to tell you about it. For anyone super familiar with the Archieverse (or those who simply know their way around Reddit), the answer might be pretty obvious. I thought I saw the triplets burning in the fire." This content is imported from {embed-name}. There's a Huge Fenty Beauty Sale Right Now, Princess Beatrice Opened Up About Her Wedding, Your Fine-Hair Probz Are About to Be Solved, These Black-Owned Plant Companies Are a Dream. Did she just say triplets?! Anything goes! Guess we’ll have to wait to find out! However, there are also other fan theories about the whole triplet situation that don’t involve Cheryl. One of the most notable plot twists introduced a mystery about a set of triplets that has fans coming up with some seriously convincing theories. She is the grandmother of Clifford's two children, Cheryl and Jason, the latter also being deceased. At the beginning of Season 4, Nana Rose dropped the bombshell that Cheryl actually had a triplet … This comic-book spinoff is in an alternate reality from the main Archie Comics, but that doesn’t mean Riverdale couldn’t bring this character into its reality. She is portrayed by Barbara Wallace. So does Clifford Blossom have another long-lost brother or does Cheryl? I’m not exaggerating when I say this might have been the most bonkers episode of Riverdale yet...and we’ve seen Jughead get initiated into a gang, the Pussycats beat the sh*t out of some kid, and Archie have a breakdown, all while Josie and Veronica sing “Out Tonight” from Rent in the background. We all know the Blossoms have the twin gene in their blood, but it looks like someone popped out a third baby we never knew about, and I have theories. Nana responds: "Antoinette's right. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Riverdale Season 4, Episode 6, "Hereditary." Record scratch! ET on the CW. Thank heavens. Considering all the stretches Riverdale makes on a regular basis, Nana could actually be referring to the third Blossom sibling, whose name is only one letter away from the doll's. This content is imported from Twitter. After Cheryl awoke to a scream and found Nana Rose by a crackling fire, Nana seemed to confuse Cheryl for her mother, calling her Penelope and saying, "There you are. Wondering if ‘The Bachelorette’ Is Scripted? Meanwhile, Alice shot Edgar Evernever dead after he attempted to take off on a *checks notes* rocket. Honestly, the possibilities are endless here. But do they have a third brother out there somewhere? It was a lot.

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