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Bitcoin, "More Proof That The Good Wife Is the Best Technology Show on TV", "Familiar Drama Shines Among Guts and Gore", "Inspired by cheating pols like Eliot Spitzer, 'The Good Wife' makes best of a sad situation", "The Top 10 Everything of 2010 – The Good Wife", "The Top 10 Everything of 2011 – The Good Wife", "Top 10 TV: 'Friday Night Light's' the top show in a year of zombies, TV families and cliffhangers", "100 Most Memorable Female TV Characters", "The Good Wife has proven itself a worthy successor to, "The Good Wife is the best drama on TV right now | Television & radio", "Goodbye to The Good Wife, a miracle of the small screen", "Weekend TV: 'Wonderful Life,' 'Apocalypse,' 'Good Wife, "The Good Wife: The Best Show on Television Right Now", "In The Good Wife's Explosive 'Hitting the Fan,' That's Exactly What Happens", "TV Guide Magazine's 60 Best Series of All Time", "The Good Wife Series Finale Review: Will You Feel Anything At All? Season 4 ends with Peter Florrick winning the race as Governor of Illinois and Alicia deciding to quit Lockhart Gardner and join Cary Agos in forming a new firm. It also deals with injunctions of taking down a defamatory web page on "Scabbit" but having another similar web page pop up soon after. She is given an office on the 29th floor, the only third year litigator with an office on that floor. They got the idea after they observed prominent American scandals of this nature, such as those involving President Bill Clinton and North Carolina Senator John Edwards. Alle Serien auf - Seit über 15 Jahren! During Cary's cross examination, he takes a plea deal of four years. "[65] It was named the Favorite Current TV Show by the Harris Poll. The Good Wife has been adapted or remade in various countries: 2009 American legal drama television series, David W. Rintels for "A Continual Roar of Musketry" (1970), Herb Bermann & Thomas Y. Drake & Jerrold Freedman & Bo May for "Par for the Course" (1971), Jim Byrnes for "Thirty a Month and Found" (1974), Georgia Jeffries for "An Unusual Occurrence" /, Georgia Jeffries for "Turn, Turn, Turn" / Debra Frank &, Racelle Rosett Schaefer for "Photo Opportunity" (1991), List of The Good Wife and The Good Fight characters, List of awards and nominations received by The Good Wife, TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Drama, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series, Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries, or Television Film, Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, sharing the same name (Korean Translation: 굿 와이프), sharing the same name (Japanese Translation: グッドワイフ), "Why 'The Good Wife' Might Be Network TV's Last Great Drama", "Why the 'Good Wife' is network TV's last great drama", "CBS Confirms 'Good Wife's' Final Season With Super Bowl Promo", "A New Twist to Wives' Playbook for Sex Scandals", "Pain of Eliot Spitzer scandal for ex-governor's wife Silda recalled in new CBS show 'The Good Wife, "The Good Wife: Non-lawyers behind that lawyer show", "Wife's Discomfort Fits Comfortably in CBS's Lineup", "Reputation manager uses N.J. experience to advise hit series 'The Good Wife, "Patriarchal Masculinity's Seductive Valorization and Attraction : Post Second-Wave Gender Politics Renegotiated on Scandal (ABC, 2011-) and The Good Wife (CBS, 2009-2016)", "Archie Panjabi heats up CBS drama 'The Good Wife, "Archie Panjabi: 'I love roles that transform me, "The Good Wife Episode Guide 2010 Season 2", "Reveling in the past and future of the addictive 'Good Wife, "TVLine Items: Good Wife Ups Goode, Neighbors Star Books Pilot, Clinton Visits Kimmel and More", "Listings – – The Web's Best Television Resource", "Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins The Cast Of "The Good Wife" As A Series Regular For Season Seven", "Vanessa Williams on Miss America apology, "The Good Wife, "Final 2009–10 Broadcast Primetime Show Average Viewership", "2010–11 Season Broadcast Primetime Show Viewership Averages", "2011–12 Season Broadcast Primetime Show Viewership Averages", "Full 2012–2013 TV Season Series Rankings", "Full 2013–2014 TV Season Series Rankings", "Full 2014-2015 TV Season Series Rankings", "The price of a Bitcoin is rising but is anyone noticing? Season 4 focuses on Lockhart & Gardner's efforts to come out from bankruptcy after rival lawyers Louis Canning and Patti Nyholm team up to take them down. Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügenSerienjunkies als Suchmaschine, Impressum & Nutzungsbedingungen | Datenschutz | Kontakt | Schnäppchen | FAQ | Mediadaten | Jobs | Wikipedia | #staythefuckhome | PayPalMe, © 2003-2020 Serienjunkies GmbH & Co.KG, Kopernikusstr. [67], Rolling Stone described seasons six and seven as a "study in sprawl, with dozens of stranded characters and dead-end storylines: Alicia spent the show's sixth season running for political office only to end up right back where she started." [101], Michelle and Robert King stated in February 2016 that there was a possibility for a spin-off series. Andrew Wiley investigates the state's attorney's Brady violation against Cary and discovers Kalinda's fake evidence. Salon stated that season six "fell apart, seemingly overnight in the latter part of the season. "This is an off-network model for a unique serialized show in today's television ecosystem," said Leslie Moonves, President and CEO, CBS Corporation. The finale drew controversy in its last scene when Diane Lockhart slaps Alicia Florrick for having betrayed her in court to save Peter from jail. Von The Good Wife zu... Wenn Dir The Good Wife gefällt, dann sollten Du vielleicht einmal The Hot Zone schauen. The Good Wife Riffs on Satoshi With 'Mr. Cary is let out on bail, but when he goes to a college reunion out of state, the terms of his bail are revised, and he is not allowed within 30 feet of Kalinda. She begins to find her true identity. A trustee, Clarke Hayden, is appointed to watch over the firm, but Will and Diane are not happy once he starts getting in their way. Zucker. [2] The pair had produced the short-lived legal drama In Justice that aired as a mid-season replacement in early 2006. His credits included Judging Amy, The Pillars of the Earth, and Law Dogs. [14], The series was created by Michelle and Robert King, who serve as executive producers and show runners. As Alicia throws a house party for Peter's mother, Jackie Florrick, Mike drops out, leaving Diane to represent Peter in his trial. Bye! Menu. The weekly legal cases — the show was resolutely procedural almost to the end — were still intelligently devised and briskly dispatched, but they felt familiar and not very urgent, and more than ever seemed to be lecturing viewers about current events," which was further "pummeled by cast defections and bad decisions. The image of a wife standing silently beside her husband as he publicly admits to his sexual or political misconduct had become cliché, according to Robert King. marginalized to irrelevance with a lack of compelling storylines, in favor of promoting new characters like Lucca Quinn and Jason Crouse. [111][112] Paul Guilfoyle and Bernadette Peters were cast as Maia's parents. position: relative; ", "Bitcoin on TV! Der Networksender CBS hat Bedarf nach neuem Stoff der Schöpfer von The Good Wife. [111][112] Paul Guilfoyle and Bernadette Peters were cast as Maia's parents. Während Peter Prostituiertenbesuche zugab, bestritt er vehement die Korruptionsvorwürfe, die ihn zunächst ins Gefängnis brachten. [2] The pair had produced the short-lived legal drama In Justice that aired as a mid-season replacement in early 2006. Also like Men, this show cares as much about silence as words, or that which isn't said (also a form of eloquence)." "[49] The New York Daily News report, in a review of the lead character's performance said, "Margulies puts a powerful combination of cold fury, bewilderment and tenacity into Alicia Florrick, the wife of a disgraced Chicago politician in a new series that readily admits it ripped itself from the headlines"[50] while The Baltimore Sun predicted that "With all four [actors] bringing their 'A' games to the pilot, it looks as if CBS could have another winning 10 o'clock drama." That’s right! Season 2 begins where season 1 left off with Will confessing his affection for Alicia and Alicia asking if he has a plan. The firm's top litigator and other partner, Diane Lockhart, likes Alicia's work and her connections, so she and Will award her with a full-time associate position following a trial period. Eli is once again leading his campaign, although things get complicated when he finds out he is being investigated. Da fällt es ihr im Traum nicht ein, eine zweifache Mutter zu bevorteilen, wenn andere Anwälte für ihre Kanzlei produktiver sind. Scandalous! [21] Ted Humphrey served as a supervising producer and writer and then as co-executive producer and writer. Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) arbeitet als private Ermittlerin. [21] Ted Humphrey served as a supervising producer and writer and then as co-executive producer and writer. Though his childhood crush Oh Soo-ah (Kwon Nara), who works for his competitor, may get in the way. Trying to gain money, the firm offers partnership to some associates, because they need their initial payment. Datum der Serienpremiere im Herkunftsland: Letzte ausgestrahlte Episode im Herkunftsland: Die Serie wurde nach der Produktion von 156 Episoden bei sieben Staffeln beendet. Oh Ji-soo (Kim Dong-hee) is a quiet, straight-A student whose only goal is to be able to go to college. [5] The show has especially received wide acclaim for its insight on social media and the internet in society, politics, and law. [22], Although the series is set in Chicago, it is filmed in New York. Ihr ganzes Leben lang hat Alicia Florrick an der Karriere ihres Ehemannes Peter (Chris Noth) mitgearbeitet. Is Alicia a villain or an anti-hero? Season 5 takes place after Alicia joins Cary in opening a new firm. She is given an office on the 29th floor, the only third year litigator with an office on that floor. Serienjunkies GmbH & Co.KG, Kopernikusstr. In season 5 episode 11, "Goliath and David," the story is based around a TV show Drama Camp who stole an indie band's cover of a rap song and deals with the legality of copyright infringement. She discovers that they had a connection in Will's old law firm in Baltimore. When Diane tries lobbying to become the State's Attorney's Civil Defender, she begins to suspect an affair between Will and Alicia. Variety noted that in season seven that "there were notably more of subplots and segues that were, at best, time-fillers and at worst, eyeroll-inducing" and said it "was obvious that it was time for the show to go. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. They were further intrigued by the fact that many of the wives were lawyers who had halted their personal careers for the sake of their husbands' professional ambitions. Because of her success, her father considers her as the top contender to take over his own company instead of her two older half-brothers (hell yes). Der Schauspieler Graham Phillips spielte die Rolle von Zach Florrick in der Serie The Good Wife von 2009 bis 2014. By all reports, and understand we aren’t Korean, it wasn’t very good. Based on BBC One's Doctor Foster, this drama follows the story of family doctor Ji Sun-Woo (Kim Hee-Ae) and her husband Lee Tae-Oh (Park Hae-Joon). } [106] By May, CBS was in final negotiations to set up a spin-off, featuring Christine Baranski reprising her role as Diane Lockhart, that would air on streaming service CBS All Access instead of the network,[107] and it was officially ordered to series on May 18 with Cush Jumbo returning as well.

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