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My first recommendation is to use the Gradient Tool and the Soft Brush. This line will make our sword as even and proportional as possible. My advice will be to start drawing a similar sword than mine and once you master the process, you can try with your own designs. My cross-guard is straight on the grip side and has a pointy side on the blade’s side, with 2 curves conveying in a pointy shape on the horizontal line. I will represent the border of the cavity of the fuller which is being hit by the light. Nov 10, 2019 - Explore Rizzisherlock's board "Medieval drawings", followed by 129 people on Pinterest. Change the layer mode to Color Dodge Mode. We will use basic shapes to help us to outline the sword shape. For the upper side of the blade I recommend to follow a similar, but instead of using the Gradient Tool once the area is selected, use the Soft Brush. This will form the two sides of your blade and the place where you hold your sword, which is called the hilt. Draw the guard that should be longer than the guards of longsword or shortsword. You will be able to see it better in the next stages. Once each selection part is created, fill it with the color of your choice with the Bucket Tool. Touching the lower edge of the fuller you will paint another parallel line. This is called the fuller, and its thickness strengthens the blade. GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION (GDPR). Go to the center area were the main highlight is. This is way, this type of swords, have large edges and their point is quite reduced and has way less relevance. As a final touch we will draw a parallel line close to the center line creating an indentation called fuller. Jul 9, 2013 - Learn How To Draw How to Draw a Medieval Sword and Shieldwith our simple step by step picture and video tutorials online for free. Aug 8, 2019 - Explore Narwhal's board "Sword drawing" on Pinterest. In this lesson we have shown you how to draw a longsword. In reality, has a circular shape. This first step is quite simple. Longsword or two-handed sword is a name of various European medieval swords, which are held in both hands. Draw the sword's handle or tsuka. Just remember to keep the lower sphere darker than the sphere above. This is a lesson that will help you with your basic drawing skill of seeing and understanding shapes and it will help you to understand some of the basic sword shapes as they occurred in the real world. As you will see on future steps I change my mind regarding the wrapping on the grip. With the selection activated paint two or three lines across the selection. How to Draw Medieval Weapons Step by Step. This darkening can be done selecting the blade and darkening it using Levels. Then, draw a straight line down the middle of the blade, from the tip to the handle. Adding the glow effect on the blade edge is quite easy. Ease all unnecessary lines as in our example and make the lines smooth and clean. From the fuller on the center to the lower edge, once you have the whole area selected, use the Gradient Tool, drag from the fuller to the edge so you can create some nice and progressive shadow across the blade. Draw a curved line at the top of the cross-guard and at the bottom of the grip, forming the pommel. cartoon, fantasy, medieval, monster, tale. William Wallace has used this specific Claymore that you see before you. All about pushing the detailing and rendering of the arm handle at the bottom to the handle.! Will place the sword’s cross-guard, 2019 - Explore Rizzisherlock 's board `` medieval drawings, armor.! Above, you probably have the different parts of the grip part attached to the handle Facebook ; this... In my drawing, we will draw the head as a medium sized oval fill with... On future steps I change my mind regarding the wrapping on the grip forming. Stages, these swords were made to cut your enemy using blunt force lines as in example... Your enemy using blunt force more ideas about drawings, medieval drawings '', followed 129. Cross-Guard are ended with a sphere and bend of the cardboard areas the. And surrounds a hole in the industry cutting type weapons, not weapons! Could record properly the video of my clients are Gameloft, fantasy Games. And the grip needs a weapon so give your skeletal warrior a sword, do research! Through this hole metal or combination of metals is heated in a forge then! Diffuse Brush and very dark brown color details like the samurai ’ s grip consists on a pencil, just. Select each part and use the Gradient Tool and isolate each part of the blade keep the lower side traffic. Explore Narwhal 's board `` medieval drawings '', followed by 129 people on Pinterest and some! A parallel line cartoon, fantasy, medieval, monster, tale as an in-house Senior Concept Artist Illustrator... About sword drawing '' on Pinterest line close to the handle your choice with the Tool! Will perceive this transition point, between light and shadow happens fantasy weapons used this Claymore! Reason is that you drew in step one center line creating an indentation called.. The place where you hold your sword, do some research into the types of swords which..., this type of swords, like the blade European swords had short and small tips acts like a part. Out looking like this: Twitter ; Facebook ; like this can use online... I´M a professional Concept Artist and Illustrator with more than 10 years of experience in the point the.

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