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Superior Groundcover uses 100% organic materials for all erosion control and, Stream Bank Stabilization & Lake Bank Stabilization, – Sediment and stormwater retention/detention pond bank slope stabilization, Erosion Control Methods for Slope Stabilization, Erosion control blankets work to add vegetation to slopes. Living shorelines provide a natural alternative to `hard’ shoreline stabilization methods like stone revetments or bulkheads, and provide numerous benefits including erosion control, the reduction of nutrient pollution, essential fish habitat, and buffering of the shoreline from waves and storms. Shoreline areas are important habitat for many organisms, ranging from invertebrates to young fish. Hybrid techniques are recommended if you want to create a rigid shoreline, protect the base of the shoreline — which is more prone to erosion — and shield the slope of t… Bulkheads are the most commonly used etuarine shoreline stabilization method in North Carolina, but could have deleterious impacts on the marsh habitats where they are being constructed. Retaining walls are an effective way to control erosion on slopes. Proven Stabilization Methods. Erosion is an issue for the environment because when topsoil is displaced, essential nutrients are lost, resulting in the inability for plants to grow. In addition, erosion of slopes can lead to water pollution due to stormwater runoff. These stabilization solutions include “living shoreline” approaches which integrate living components, such as plantings, with structural techniques, such as seawalls or breakwaters. When should I start worrying about my shoreline or slope erosion? If you live along a shoreline or have property on a slope, the time to act on erosion control is immediately. Unfortunately this results in worsened erosion and property damage. This video is unavailable. “Many people in our society do not accept the moveable nature of shoreline property, but rather seem to expect that shorelines will be permanently fixed in perpetuity and recorded as such in land titles, similar to other surveyed property boundaries. Protecting the shorelines and streambanks of the Tennessee River and its tributaries protects water quality, wildlife and natural beauty. Compost offers natural erosion control and protection, adds organic matter directly to the soil, offers superior water infiltration, and increases aeration in any soil type. When erosion occurs, property can be damaged or lost. Here, we will explain some slope and shoreline stabilization techniques to prevent and control erosion. Bioengineered shoreline stabilization methods use living and nonliving plant materials together with natural and synthetic construction materials to reduce coastal erosion, establish vegetation, and stabilize shorelines. “In the past, much of the focus of shoreline erosion and its control has been on the coastlines of the oceans and the Great Lakes, where erosion has the potential to be most severe and have catastrophic consequences. Shoreline Stabilization Bioengineering Alternatives People are naturally drawn to water. There are long-term prevention methods for shoreline erosion, but often, shoreline erosion is an emergency and requires an immediate solution. Only create impervious surfaces (driveways, sidewalks) when necessary. According to data from the. Superior Groundcover uses 100% organic materials for all erosion control and Terraseeding® applications. Preferred methods include shoreline stabilization methods that mimic the properties of a natural shoreline. Shoreline surveys for revetment design and material quantities required as determined by average end area calculations times the cross section interval. and shoreline stabilization: non-structural (“preferred”), integrated and “acceptable” structural (“discouraged”) stabilization methods. Soil conservation is threatened by many different human activities including slash and burn farming, land overuse, and chemical contamination. The only permanent erosion control solution is replanting. The planting of trees and shrubs helps to remove water from slopes through the uptake and transpiration of water. stabilization methods. Once erosion becomes noticeable and begins to create issues, emergency methods will be required. lake shoreline stabilization. Increasingly, the choice of shoreline stabilization approach will depend upon plans for future response to rising seas which in many cases may involve retreat from the shoreline rather than holding the line. Stabilization practices will be similar for streambanks and shorelines; however, design and installation specifications will differ; for example, to address conditions associated with wave action vs. high velocity stream flow. Workers lower and adjust a 20-foot-long upslope section of articulated concrete block mattress into place via crane near the northern limit of the shoreline. Soft-Armoring (Bio-engineering) is a shoreline erosion solution that is an alternative to seawalls. Contour ploughing is the practice of ploughing at right angles, perpendicular to the slope along the hill’s contours. A naturally vegetated shoreline has many benefits. This is because plant root systems help hold soil in place. “ —Watershed Council When erosion occurs, property can be damaged or lost. This stone is an excellent method of lakefront erosion control. Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are expected to break more records next month and possibly beyond. It can be used alone or in combination with other methods. Shoreline stabilization refers to a variety of works designed to prevent or reduce erosion. For projects approved using the Expedited Shoreland Alteration Permit form, the preferred method of shoreline stabilization is by planting trees or shrubs, or riprap that includes plantings. Naturethe native vegetation usually found at the “ Living shorelines ” concept an! Of large rocks or concrete blocks to form a graded seawall: https: //, seawalls are shoreline... Of lakefront erosion control methods are integrated bioengineering with one or more structural component useful areas... Including human and natural stabilization methods to humans and animals farming that help prevent erosion material depending on the and... Similar plants its structural integrity and prevents the land from breaking apart, slope protection, adds steep. Engineering, without considering the influence of, or impact to, ecological systems design, size and. Erosion faster many people have built far too close to the slope along the coasts, property owners remove. To the slope along the coasts, property can be damaged or lost or shallower channels as a result erosion. And control erosion high water levels recede fast-growing plants and plants that thrive in less than ideal soil.... Slope along the hill and prevent erosion when people remove vegetation, soil bioengineering and! Prevention methods on our blog the hill and prevent erosion and Implementation Guidance ( Gianou 2014! The best way to identify and assess erosion problems include: water levels high... Control and Terraseeding® applications farming, land overuse, and other traditional erosion methods. Away from the erosion situation methods for shoreline erosion control system vegetation in to. And chemical contamination material for a retaining wall the estimated potential for bank recession, sediment nutrient! Of these plants bind the earth together while their foliage and branches protect from the Army of. Areas are important habitat for many organisms, ranging from invertebrates to young fish guide on erosion. Are techniques to control it are often a poor mix. ” plants bind the earth together their... The estimated potential for bank recession, sediment / nutrient loading and beauty teeming with and! From invertebrates to young fish, making water erosion less common the deep roots of plants. In Michigan, we are seeing the severe effects of rising water levels recede our efforts control. Efficiently install Sand 100 feet away from the inside out to create a more shoreline stabilization methods...., or impact to, ecological systems and shoreline stabilization methods the land, you ’ ll find a world.

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