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The insane pace was kept throughout the drama, with the writer tossing our bits and pieces of clues, each more alarming then the next, leading us to our 'suspect'. So, to cap off 2017 and to start 2018 I ended up watching “Stranger” or “Forest of Secrets”, which was a refreshingly surprising one, full of mystery and intrigue, and without the usual trappings of what you would expect in a typical Korean drama. It also received Best Screenplay and Best Main Actor from the Baeksang Awards. The script is one of the reasons why I love the drama so much. Based on the premise, this drama was also […], […] 6 to August 25, 2019 on OCN. So you can watch it there. ( Log Out /  Intense & interesting w/solid writing, great sound design, great writing & solid direction. The New York Times even placed in tenth for the Best TV Shows Of 2017 which is no small feat. Di tengah kekalutan itu, Jong-Woo juga turut menerima penindasan di kantornya, dan pacarnya, Min Ji-Eun … Totally loved Stranger. Learn more about: cookie policy. And I am so glad that there were interesting twists and turns that weren’t too complicated to follow or too over the top, but complicated enough that it still all made sense in the end. […], […] Hye Sun delivered a great performance in “Stranger/Forest of Secrets”, but knocked it out of the park here as Woo Seo Ri. - The Best of Korean Music, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Top 5 Police K-Dramas - M.E.A.L. It’s adorable. > K-Drama Review: Stranger. Episode 16-| Review Score – 4.5/5 . This week I want to feature the Korean drama ‘Stranger’. In fact, in the end, even if Si Mok did give him a second chance, he didn’t change a bit. Mesmerizing. © 2019–2020 . He actually said a lot with just his eyes, and I found it interesting that we were able to look into his thought processes as it was narrated at times as compared to Yeo Jin who verbalized it during the series. Netflix bought the series for reportedly $200 000 per episode. So, to cap off 2017 and to start 2018 I ended up watching “Stranger” or “Forest of Secrets”, which was a refreshingly surprising one, full of mystery and intrigue, and without the usual trappings of what you would expect in a typical Korean drama. tvN’s “Forest of Secrets/Stranger” was definitely one of those kinds of dramas; and from 2016, alongside KBS’ “Descendants […], […] see Lee Joon Hyuk getting bigger roles. It’s a dark series since we’re basically diving into political intrigue and seedy deals, but it’s also well balanced. Get our latest news straight into your inbox. Your email address will not be published. However, in the end, even though he did try to do good, as Si Mok says, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that he did have people murdered in the name of justice. Also, the cinematography and the production value of “Stranger” was some of the best I have seen to date! From the opening seconds till the very last scene you’re gripped by the fast pace, tight writing and flawless acting. He rather reluctantly teams up with Han Yeo-jin, a police detective played by Bae Doo-na. Secret Forest) is a South Korean crime thriller drama television series.Produced by Signal Entertainment and IOK Media, it was created by Studio Dragon writer Lee Soo-yeon and broadcast on tvN from June 10, 2017. All Rights Reserved, Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. It truly was something else, as this was a story full of morally ambiguous and grey areas, which allowed the audience to see different layers and shades to our villains, and even with our protagonists. To find the murderer means that they can prove who exactly was being bribed. Ooooh, that would be interesting, especially as they did leave it open for a season 2…I heard rumors of a possible season 2, but nothing as of late. Entertainment Korean Dramas K-Drama Review: Stranger. However, Si Mok also says that Chang Jun is very much a product of their time. Stranger 2 Review: Episode 1. Also, in terms of Korean dramas, this one is a near perfect masterpiece. And I also like the fact that they showed that not everyone changes even if they promise to be better people in the future. Yeo-jin balances out Shi-mok’s character because he’s emotionless due to a partial lobotomy in his youth and rather ruthless in his questioning. Captivating. (Spoilers!) The story revolves around an unbiased prosecutor named Hwang Si Mok (Jo Seung Woo), who doesn’t show emotions due to a childhood surgery; and a fearless cop named Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doona), who end up teaming up together after a murder connected to an investigation that Si Mok was conducting happens. It’s amazing how invested you get in what seems a simple conversation until two episodes in, you realize that there’s layers under layers under layers of meaning. Aside from this, it is a good mystery thriller, as it keeps you guessing and double guessing things, clues, and even the characters themselves all the way until the end. A writer with a slight coffee addiction and a tendency to find K-Indie gems in the YouTube rabbit hole. There’s a lot of talking. It’s incredible. ‘Stranger’ or ‘Secret Forest’ as it is also known, was written by Lee Soo-Yeon. Last month, as I was looking over the list of things I’ve reviewed and watched in the past year, I realized that I hadn’t watched as much Korean dramas as I wanted to, despite the fact that Netflix has been distributing a lot of them as of late. His main goal is to uncover the truth and he’s clueless in how to deal with people sometimes. November 5, 2019 Posted by Ilse Van Den Heede. The JTBC drama just ended, written by the same writer as Stranger, and it also has three of the actors from Stranger- Cho Seung Woo, Yoo Jae Myung, and Lee Kyu Hyung. Drama korea Strangers from Hell (2019) mengisahkan Yoon Jong-Woo (diperankan Im Si-Wan), pemuda 20-an yang tinggal di kosan misterius bernama Eden.Para penghuni kosan yang misterius perlahan menganggu kehidupan sehari-harinya, dari hal-hal remeh hingga mengancam nyawanya. ( Log Out /  Get the latest news, update and special offers delivered directly in your inbox. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Please accept the terms of our newsletter. With a mix of romance and funny backdrops, these dramas never fail to touch the lives of their viewers and fans in many countries. The victim used to bribe a lot of police officers and prosecutors, but he was going to give a list of all the names to Shi-mok because he wanted to come clean. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Also, yes because the actor of Prosecutor Seo, Lee Joon Hyuk is getting a lot of love in kdramaland this year as well. However, this is one of the more realistic ones that does showcase the rampant corruption going on not only in Korea, but in many other countries as well, and how hard it is to truly uproot it in an effort to try and change the system for the better. As I mentioned earlier, I loved that the show was able to subvert a lot of the usual stereotypes found in Korean dramas, and that it wasn’t afraid to show the grey areas of our villains and our protagonists, which, in turn made them more realistic. She keeps drawing, but she’s not exactly talented. I did notice there has been a resurgence in dramas that deal with corruption as of late, due to the current political climate in Korea, but despite that, “Stranger” is one of the stand out ones. Nail-biting. But wait, there's more! – The Kats Cafe, TV Review: Thirty but Seventeen (Spoilers!) – The Kats Cafe, TV Review: Life (Spoilers!) “Stranger” or “Forest of Secrets” ran from June to July 2017, and was shown on tvN, and was distributed worldwide by Netflix. I started watching it because Bae Doo-na was in it and I had been blown away by her performance in ‘Sense8’. Want exclusive content? K-Drama Review: Live - M.E.A.L. But wait, there's more! Perfect casting and great acting by all cast members. He’s still the opportunistic prosecutor that he always will be, and you just know that no matter what, he will survive. […] Netflix. Indoor Enthusiast August 20, 2020 It has been the longest three-year wait, but 2017’s iconic thriller Stranger is back on tvN with a second season. Lee Chang Jun’s (Yoo Jae Myung) character is another example. No wonder  the New York Times listed it in their list of “Best TV Shows of 2017”! 찬란, What A K-Drama! I also love the fact that even though his character did not show a lot of emotions, he managed to put everything into his acting, and not once did it seem phoned in.

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