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Australian/NZ Races: if the selected runner is scratched or declared a non runner after the wager is confirmed, that portion of the wager will be transferred to the substitute favourite as declared by S-TAB for races featured in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia, and New Zealand, or the substitute favourite declared by NSW TAB for races featured in NSW and ACT. For details on how to bet live refer to Bet on Sport Live FAQs. 1, 1a, 1b.) 35. Payout limits apply to all Mystery Bets - refer to the Maximum Win Limits of Horse Racing Betting Rules. Each-way doubles and trebles etc. If you use any of Sportsbet banking specific options (POLi/BPay/EFT/CASH or Cheque) you accept that Sportsbet may request a certified or non-certified bank statement to verify where funds have originated from prior to any withdrawal being approved. See rule 17.1 for the relevant deductions. If the total Sportsbet payout on any bet type exceeds the largest relevant tote pool, Sportsbet reserves the right to limit the total payout to members to the amount of the largest tote pool on that particular bet type.Notwithstanding any of the above maximum win limits, the total payout by Sportsbet to any individual member(s) across all bets in any 24 hour period is limited to a total of $1,000,000. 1.10.13. My Account is currently organised into the follow areas for easy access: Responsible Gambling If your Same Race Multi is placed into a Multi, the Same Race Multi leg will be voided and the odds will be revised to take into account the voided leg. In the event of a race being reduced to 4 or less runners all bets are void. If one of the selected runners in a First Four bet is declared a 'non-runner' or is scratched after the wager is confirmed, wagers will be refunded on every combination which includes the scratched runner and the wager will be re-calculated without the scratched runner. )21.1.1 The winning jockey for the meeting is decided under a 3, 2, 1 points scoring system - The first placed jockey will receive 3 points, second will receive 2 points and third will receive 1 point for each race of the meeting.21.2 All bets placed must be placed prior to the commencement of Race 1 of the race meeting for wagers to stand.21.3 The jockey who accumulates the most points throughout the meeting is deemed the winner. See all your pending & resulted bets in 'My Bets', Updating your Promotion & BlackBook Notifications, Changing your Personal Details & Password, Setting Betting Preferences such as Quick Bet/Default Stakes, Click on 'Settings' from the Left Hand Side Menu or, Tap on 'Settings' from the Left Hand Side Menu or, Tap on 'More' and then Tap on Settings or. Payments to agents or affiliates are unrelated to the odds or prize money offered to Members by Sportsbet. When does Sportsbet put up Thoroughbred Racing Markets? Error identified PRIOR to the commencement of the event:If an error is identified prior to the commencement of the event and notified bySportsbet to the most recent contact number or email address supplied by the member, those wagers on that event will be made void and the member refunded.If the wager is part of a multibet, the wager will then be re-calculated excludingthe event to which the error relates.31. 37.1 'Place Cards' are available on the internet only and for thoroughbred racing only. knowingly exploits, or intentionally seeks, to exploit a market or a Rule (including by deception); seeks to manipulate the outcome of a market (whether or not for personal gain); receives an unjust advantage from information which is not known to the public; or. Deductions apply (see 17.). 1.2.2. The second favourite is the horse quoted at the next shortest odds. All the information you want to know about your account can be found here, from hopefully a stellar betting career to a healthy account balance. 7. Any bonus for forecast doubles or trebles is added to the calculated total return, i.e. The minimum bet for 'live' betting sporting events on an Account is $5 per bet. STAY IN CONTROL. If any of the final three races are abandoned or declared a no race, Sportsbet pays the dividend declared by S-TAB for races featured in Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, WA, QLD, SA, & NT. 31. If special odds were not available, the stake will be divided equally as singles at the prices available at the time the bet was placed. Bank, eWallet), Sportsbet may temporarily suspend your Account, without notice, pending an investigation by us relating to the transaction. 5. Dividend: A dividend is declared at the track for the winner and the place horses. In races with five to seven runners the place part of an each way bet is settled to the place pool. 1.10.2. Notwithstanding any of the above maximum win limits, Sportsbet reserves the right to limit the total payout to any individual member(s) on any bet type on any single event. Unless otherwise agreed with Sportsbet the maximum payout is AUD$100,000. When a bet is made by a Member via the telephone, it will be repeated to the Member. Deductions apply (see 17.). If you bet on a horse that is coupled with one or more horses, your bet includes all horses under the said number (e.g. Deductions apply (see 17.) 4. Place only bets, conditional bets and forecast bets are not accepted ante-post. Enter your Email Address and Date of Birth, then click “Next". 'Starting Price' (SP) bets are the odds of a specified runner at the end of betting. The Act provides for Australian Government standards of identification for proof of name, age and residential address, with which Sportsbet is required to comply for the purposes of considering an application to open an Account. 1.4. The terms of our Bonus Bet promotions can be accessed by clicking on this link: 3. Incorrect Betting and General Information32.1 If Sportsbet publishes, posts or quotes any incorrect betting information for any thoroughbred, harness or greyhound racing event, such as posting wrong odds or lines, then regardless of the cause of source of such error Sportsbet has the right to void each members bet.32.2All internet betting (excluding live betting) is subject to a 1 minute cut off before the official start time.32.3 Sportsbet reserves the right to close and or restrict a Member's Betting Account and refund the balance of his/her Betting Account, without further explanation (but not for the purpose of avoiding the operation of the NSW bet requirements in Rule 8. Or want to change your password? 4. I have an old account, can I still access it? betting on the outcome of an AFL football match at half time). Sportsbet may, in its absolute discretion, offer the ‘Cash Out feature’ for selected products or bet types. For an Each Way Racing MultiBet, the cumulative stake amount for each leg is halved in each instance to allow for an equal stake for a Win and a Place for that leg. To calculate the place odds; The odds for the player to place, in this case, is $3. 1.3. For example, if the score is…, Apply the handicap value of one of the players to their respective total score, in this instance we will apply Federer -3.5, giving a handicap score of…. Should the NSW TAB and/or S-TAB and/or UNiTAB initiate a multi-venue Super 6 event, Sportsbet pays the dividend declared by the S-TAB. For the purpose of settlement, each-way accumulative bets are settled win-to-win and place-to-place.In a dead heat, the stake money on a selection is divided by the number of runners involved in the dead heat. 5. How do I get Verified with Certified Documents? 5.1 Eligibility: Bets are available on selected events only. Races which are declared void.6.) Any bets placed AFTER September 8th, 2020 11:59PM AEST will be settled according to Sportsbet’s General Rules, Sports & Novelties Rules, and Terms & Conditions. Members who are entitled to claim winnings in respect of jackpotted Super 6 bet events may request confirmation from N.T Racing & Gaming as to the number of units held by Sportsbet on the jackpotted event. The Flexi Bet option may be selected for Super 6 wagers subject to the minimum amount that may be invested in a single bet set-out as the minimum investment by Sportbet. 5.3. The total games played in the match is 40. At the login screen, select “Forgot login details”, Enter your Email Address and Date of Birth, then click “Next”, Once you receive the Security Code, enter it in the space provided. 9. In the event of a Dead Heat combination in the first four place getters, there will be as many dividends as there are correct order combinations as declared Super TAB. Gambling Guidelines & Usage of Credit Cards with certain Financial Institutions. Apple Pay currently is support across all iPhone models with Face ID and Touch ID (except the iPhone 5s). 1.6.17. 1.12.1. Such information will only be provided to assist in a legitimate inquiry conducted by an Australian governing sporting body to maintain the integrity of the sport. 8. 22.1 'Runner/s v Field' bets are available on selected events. If any of the selected horses are non-runners all bets are void unless the maximum quote has already been attained. Dead Heat rules apply (see 15. In particular, if you are a resident of a country where online or telephone betting is prohibited, you must not register with us, attempt to use our services or use your payment card or other payment method to bet with us. No personal financial information of a Member is passed between Veda (or other third party ID verification providers) and Sportsbet. I have an old account, can I still access it? 9. 1.3.1. 29. 1.8.4. In the event of a dead heat, the Dead Heat Rule applies (see 15.) 1.6.7. Licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. For the purposes of 1.12, and in any of the above circumstances: i. If Sportsbet successfully identifies third party transactions on an Account, Sportsbet reserves the right to remedy the situation in its absolute discretion. You also accept that Sportsbet may decide to return these funds at its discretion and void bets should it deem the funds may be unauthorized. If the Member's address is not on the front or back of one of the types of photographic identification referred to in Rule 1.4.7, the Member must provide proof of current address acceptable to Sportsbet. If minors have access to a laptop or computer that a Member uses to log into their Account, Sportsbet strongly recommends that a child protection software package is installed onto that equipment. All bets placed on Betting in Running markets will be settled on a Rules of Racing basis only.9.) Top Fluctuation betting is available for Win Only bets on most Metropolitan race meetings (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and Perth). Sportsbet may refuse such request for access at its discretion. Sportsbet "Best of Everything" guarantees that you receive: Harness & Greyhound Win Bets: Top ToteThoroughbred Win Bets: The higher of Top Fluctuation from the time the bet is struck or Top Tote Plus. 'Distance specials' which are settled on a Rules of Racing basis only.4.) These rules applies to Greyhound Racing only. Coupled horses: When a horse is coupled it is so for all bets, not just win bets. will refund all wagers on American Racing that are declared a “no-contest” by the US host track. The nominated favourite must start the race or all bets are refunded. intentionally abuses an inadvertent error in the description of a market (whether before or after Sportsbet corrects the relevant descriptor). Sportsbet may in its discretion reject certified documents for any reason. 1.6.6. With the exception of ante-post bets, the below each-way terms for horse and greyhound racing events are settled on the actual number of runners which are deemed to have run in the race and not the number of initial declared runners:1) Handicaps of more than 16 runners - 1/4 odds on first four places.2) Handicaps of 12-15 runners - 1/4 odds on first three places.3) All other races of more than 8 runners - 1/5 odds on first three places.4) All races of 5-7 runners - 1/4 odds on first two places.5) All races of less than 5 runners - Place money goes on to win.Please note that win-only betting may only be available on selected races.

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