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As thought-creatures, the restraint will ultimately destroy them if it is not disabled. [13], Ellen Cheeseman-Meyer reviewed the novel for Tor.com, in 2012, saying the women aboard Enterprise sexually desiring Spock (Spock One) was "unsettling". Les deux Spock argumentent tous deux de façon logique, mais commencent à présenter des observations quelque peu différentes voire opposées. Spock must die! Spock must die! The Enterprise continues on its five-year mission of exploration. L' Enterprise se retrouve actuellement isolé de la Fédération et de ses 17 bases stellaires par la totalité de l'Empire Klingon et par le centre de Shapley (le cœur de la Galaxie). The landing party discover that the Organians are not dead, but imprisoned. For the first original Star Trek novel for adults, Blish wanted to surprise readers by killing a popular character. Spock Must Die! Blish discussed his premise with his wife, J.A. Spock Must Die! Le blindage devant la console cachait ce qui s'est passé lors du processus. Spock Must Die! by Blish, James. Although several adaptations preceded Spock Must Die!, this work was the first original Star Trek prose publication by Bantam Books, and the second overall following Mission to Horatius, which was a young adult novel. Realizing the danger to Kirk and Scotty, via their psychic link, Spock Two transports to the planet and kills his duplicate. was "worth reading as a celebration of the world Star Trek envisioned, however strange that could sometimes be". Upon arriving at Organia, the crew are affected by a powerful mental disturbance centered on the planet. Spock is chosen, but a permanent duplicate is created unexpectedly upon transport, as something at or on Organia has functioned as a perfect, impenetrable, mirror for the tachyon transporter beam. En effet, il déclare qu'il ne se sent plus le même depuis qu'il a posé le pied sur un plot de téléportation pour la première fois, il y a 20 ans. When a transporter experiment goes horribly awry suddenly there are two Mr Spocks One is the true First Officer of the Enterprise The other is his complete opposite a traitor whose very existence poses a grave threat to the crew the ship and the Federation itself One of the Spocks must die But which one ? The second collection, Star Trek 2 (February 1968),[6] included an adaptation of the episode "Errand of Mercy", which the novel directly references in the second chapter.[7]:8. est le premier roman original publié par Bantam Books et le second roman original de la franchise. Sulu, appuyé par Spock, propose de traverser l'Empire pour attaquer aléatoirement l'arrière de ses forces avec des techniques de guérilla, mais Kirk refuse de prendre un tel risque pour le bâtiment et son équipage de plus de 400 hommes, sans ordres de la Fédération.

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