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And then she blurts out the truth about the phone call. (7.5) Raw Deal (1948) - Dennis O'Keefe/Claire Trevor/Marsha Hunt/Raymond Burr/John Ireland/Regis Toomey/Whit Bissell/Chili Williams/Curt Conway/Cliff Clark. etc) and focuses on the fascinating triangle between the fugitive, his fiercely loyal girlfriend (Claire Trevor) and the goody-goody legal messenger (Marsha Hunt) whom the pair take hostage when she threatens to squeal. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. |, April 26, 2010 Next time you come up here don't wear that perfume. It doesn't help a guy's good behavior. It seemed too contrived as the killer’s comment to them was, “I killed her but I don’t know why; I deserve to die.”. (This, by the way, five full years before Fritz Lang arranged for Gloria Grahame to get a kisserful of scalding coffee in The Big Heat.) Informed film criticism, against the grain –since 1984. Raw Deal is a 1948 American film noir crime film directed by Anthony Mann and shot by cinematographer John Alton.The film features Dennis O'Keefe, Claire Trevor, Marsha Hunt, John Ireland, Raymond Burr. Movies, Reviews,Trailers,Interviews and News, A monthly event... LAFeedbackFilmFestival.com, "Find what you love and let it kill you." You're almost there! O'Keefe uses two women he knows, his floozy Trevor and the good-girl counselor he really loves (she's cast in light and draws him like a moth) as cover. Classic Film Review: “Raw Deal” (1948) is as “noir” as Film Noir Gets Posted on September 2, 2020 by rogerinorlando I dropped in on the third act of this one on Movies ! 0 Comment Report abuse nick gaetano. The phone rings, Pat picks it up, and Spider tells her that Rick has Ann, and that he will do some very bad things to her if Joe doesn't show up. Can't hold a man like this! Raw Deal (1948) External Reviews. Colorless “BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky,” and don’t have much to say, Movie Preview: Bocce-playing Grandpa knows best when it comes “Team Marco”, Movie Review: The “Painter” should beware the patron who puts the “fanatic” back in “fan”, Netflixable? “Raw Deal” is one of the best kept noir secrets, rarely mentioned when the great noir films are discussed by aficionados of the genre. | Rating: A- Raw Deal (1948) is simply a great noir. This one is worth anyone's time, particularly if you love the genre. | Rating: 4.5/5 It is that innocence he had as a child that he lost, that Miss Ann Martin (Hunt) feels could be replenished. Check it out...very creepy. When, displeased with some news he's just heard, a party girl splashes him with some of her drink, he reacts with lightning-quick instinct, hurling a chafing dish of flaming Cherries Jubilee into her face - and, not so incidentally, ours. She is the film’s narrator which is a role-reversal, as the man usually gets to do this narration in noir films. Trevor (“Key Largo,” “Stagecoach,” “Murder My Sweet”) is a screen legend. Secondly, let's note the unusual commentary/narration by Academy Award winner(she won the award that same year for her role in "Key Largo"), Claire Trevor. All rights reserved. When a girl who fancies him (Chili "polka dot girl" Williams) accidentally spills her drink on his threads, he throws a fiery desert into her face. Credits: Directed by Anthony Mann, script by John C. Higgins, Leopold Atlas. It's interesting how none of the three lead characters in this picture are redeemable. Good, tough stuff from director Anthony Mann and a real film noir to use that battered term. What sets this and other Mann movies apart are the interesting camera angles and black and white photography from cinematographer John Alton. “What do you know about anything? Bullets! When it looks like Joe is going to be killed, Ann picks up Joe's gun and shoots Fantail. Copyright © Fandango. This is a film about a man who cannot seem to escape the system that he is stuck in. He climbs through her bedroom window, awakening the sleeping Ann with a kiss. an underseen but brilliant work of anthony mann and john alton. Joe does not believe in a common future with Ann, and he sends her home…but near a gas station she is captured by Fantail, who actually did survive. But Joe's fallen in love with a sympathetic caseworker (Marsha Hunt) and forces her to accompany him and Pat as they flee. Then she runs down the beach, sobbing. "If he gets through this dragnet, he's as slippery as a nail in a barrelful of oil. Joe goes with Ann, leaving Pat, who sprained her ankle (probably deliberately, so Joe will carry her in his arms) back. Though their gas tank is riddled with bullets and they have to abandon the car, Joe is still determined to see Rick in Crescent City and get his money. It is an excellent film, very well made, and easy to get involved in. Italian mom fights evildoers who apply "The Binding (Il Legame)" to her little girl, Netflixable? He’s a small time crook, doing prison time for a rap he took for a racketeer named Rick (Burr). This Noir Has Something No Other Movie Has Ever Had: Solid thriller with punchy pace and tough edge. He struggles with both Grimshaw and Fantail, and they use the the taxidermist's props: knives, metal rods, even a deer's antlers, in their fight. | Rating: 3/5, January 1, 2000 It is filmed in black and white amidst the dark shadows and special lighting that characterized these films and in this case, most of the story takes place at night. Back in Rick’s San Francisco headquarters he is gloating to his gang members, Spider (Conway) and Fantail (Ireland), telling them he is going to double-cross Joe; that he arranged for him to get past the first few prison doors, but there is little chance that he can go over the wall and escape. Usually, if there is cheating in a movie of this era, regardless of the genre, one of the participants does not know, and does not find out about the unfaithfulness of their partner until two-thirds of the way into the story. In one of Anthony Mann's great films, Raw Deal has the added jolt for what could be a basic B-movie thriller by having an underlying current being romantic jealousy, envy, and the tug of war between right and wrong, as well as possession. Burr was a good heavy long before Hitchcock’s “Rear Window,” before “Godzilla” and before he was the “Perry Mason” generations remembered before HBO went all prequel on the lawyer’s lawyer. – Charles Bukowski. Safe on first, second, third, and home.“, “Keep your eye on “Miss Law and Order” here.

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