plateau facts

Plateaus are sculpted by geologic forces that lift them up and the wind and rain that wear them down into mesas, buttes, and canyons. It is the 26th most populous state in Nigeria.. READ ALSO: 59 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT STATES IN NIGERIA Plateau State is the 12th largest state in Nigeria in terms of total area with 30,913 square kilometers (11,936 square miles). © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- Repeated lava flows that spill out from cracks in the ground and spread out over hundreds of square miles can also slowly build up massive plateaus. Plateaus exist on all continents across the globe and occupy up to one-third of the Earth's land. The highest and biggest plateau on Earth, the Tibetan Plateau in East Asia, resulted from a collision between two tectonic plates about 55 million years ago. Boreal forests, with mostly coniferous trees, dominated the landscape of the Plateau region. Farther away, the crust uplifted but didn't crumple and wrinkle, creating instead a raised, flat, and wide open expanse known as the "roof of the world.". The highest African plateau is the Ethiopian Highlands which cover the central part of Ethiopia. Some plateaus result when magma inside the Earth rises toward the surface and pushes the flat, solid rock on the surface. As they course along, rivers carve valleys into the rock, washing the sediment toward the sea. Some owe their creation to a single process; others have been subjected to more than one during different epochs of Earth's history. Table Mountain is the most famous landmark of South Africa. The two types of plateaus are dissected plateaus, which form when tectonic plates collide and produce upward motions in the Earth's crust, and volcanic plateaus, which result from accumulated lava flows due to repeated, minor volcanic eruptions. There are two types of plateaus depending on their mode of formation – the volcanic plateaus formed through volcanic eruption and the dissecting plateaus formed by the uplifting in the Earth’s crust. A tepui is a table-top mountain or mesa found in the Guiana Highlands of South America, especially in Venezuela and western Guyana. Much of the Plateau’s landscape is related, in both appearance and geologic history, to the Grand Canyon.

Plateaus form over millions of years. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? They are one of the four major landforms, along with mountains, plains, and hills. Monte Roraima is believed to have been the inspiration for Arthur Conan-Doyle’s (UK) The Lost World. A plateau is a flat, elevated landform that rises sharply above the surrounding area on at least one side. Some plateaus are under the ocean, like the Seychelles plateau or the Ontong Java Plateau.

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