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At the 29th ceremony, held in 1957, the Best Foreign Language Film category, now known as Best International Feature Film, was introduced. 1971 verweigerte der Schauspieler George C. Scott die Annahme der Auszeichnung für die Hauptrolle in Patton – Rebell in Uniform und protestierte gegen die zunehmende „Fleischbeschau“ in der Filmindustrie. Membership eligibility may be achieved by a competitive nomination or a member may submit a name based on other significant contributions to the field of motion pictures. 33% of voting members are former nominees (14%) and winners (19%). He had to return to Europe before the ceremony, so the Academy agreed to give him the prize earlier; this made him the first Academy Award winner in history. Currently and nominally, AMPAS is responsible for most aspects of the telecast, including the choice of production staff and hosting, although ABC is allowed to have some input on their decisions. 1987 | Tom Hanks announced at the 2020 Oscar Ceremony, the opening of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on December 14, 2020. ", "Inside the Oscars Deal: What it Means for ABC and the Academy", "Academy's red carpet big stage for advertisers", "Oscars lack blockbuster to lure TV viewers", "Charts and Data: Top 100 TV Shows of All Time by ''Variety''", "Oscars amend a few rules but not for Netflix", "Oscars Won't Televise All Awards, Adds Popular Film Category", "Academy Reverses Decision, Will Air All Awards at the 2019 Oscars", "The Quick 10: 10 Bygone (or rejected) Academy Awards Categories", "Academy Postponing New Popular Oscar Category", "It's Time to Create an Oscar For Stunt Coordinators", "Academy Votes Against Creating Oscar Category for Stunt Coordinators", "One stunt they've been unable to pull off", "Oscar's Dirty Tricks: Inside the Whisper Campaign Machine (Analysis)", "In Hollywood, diversity tends to ignore the disabled", "Oscars diversity debate must include learning disability", "Oscars 2016: Lack of Diversity Has Historically Been a Problem", "This Chart Proves the Oscars Have a Serious Diversity Problem", "Casting White People in Asian Roles Goes Back Centuries", "11 Times The Oscars Honored White Actors For Playing People Of Color", "Academy Promises 'Historic' Changes to Diversify Membership", "What's the worst Best Actor choice of all time? Die Akademie stellt für jede Oscarverleihung neue Regeln auf und behält sich die Einführung neuer Kategorien bzw. [103][104][105] This criticism is based on the statistics from every Academy Awards since 1929, which shows us that only 6.4% of academy award nominees have been non-white and since 1991, 11.2% of nominees have been non-white, with the rate of winners being even more polarizing. [120], Nine films have been disqualified before an official award ceremony because they violated the regulations:[123]. The firm mails the ballots of eligible nominees to members of the Academy in December to reflect the previous eligible year with a due date sometime in January of the next year, then tabulates the votes in a process that takes thousands of hours.[40][41][42]. 1946 | Until 2010, winners returned their statuettes to the Academy and had to wait several weeks to have their names inscribed on their respective Oscars. [3][4] The Academy Awards ceremony was first broadcast by radio in 1930 and was televised for the first time in 1953. It is regarded as the most famous and prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. Bewerber sind dann verpflichtet, mindestens zwei Vielfältigkeits-Kriterien zu erfüllen. [60] For example, a producer of the 2009 Best Picture nominee The Hurt Locker was disqualified as a producer in the category when he contacted associates urging them to vote for his film and not another that was seen as the front-runner (The Hurt Locker eventually won). At the 45th Academy Awards ceremony, Brando sent actress and civil rights activist Sacheen Littlefeather to read a 15-page speech, detailing his criticisms, which was booed by the audience.[119][115]. In response, the Academy initiated "historic" changes in membership by the year 2020. Berman nannte einen Bezug auf das Jahr 1938, in dem Hope seine erste Rolle in einem abendfüllenden Spielfilm (The Big Broadcast of 1938) hatte.[20]. [27] Verweigert ein Gewinner dies, behält die Academy die Trophäe. [29] In the ceremonies that year, Walt Disney was the first to thank the Academy for his "Oscar" during his acceptance speech. Russell defended his action, saying, "I don't know why anybody would be critical. Bestes adaptiertes Drehbuch | Because of COVID-19, Academy president David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson announced that for the 2021 Oscar Ceremony, streaming movies not shown in theaters would be eligible, though at some point the requirement that movies be shown in theaters would return. 1992 | : Made in America, "Eight things every voter (and fan) should know about Oscar's decidedly unique nomination process", "Oscars: The wacky way the Academy counts votes, and the results of our 'If You Were an Oscar Voter' poll", "Preferential Voting Extended to Best Picture on Final Ballot for 2009 Oscars", "The Oscars' messed-up voting process, explained", "RangeVoting.org – Reweighted Range Voting – a PR voting method that feels like range voting", "What was the longest Oscars telecast ever? [109][110], Acting prizes in certain years have been criticized for not recognizing superior performances so much as being awarded for personal popularity,[111] to make up for a "snub" for a work that proved in time to be more popular or renowned than the one actually awarded, or presented as a "career honor" to recognize a distinguished nominee's entire body of work. [131], From 2006 onwards, results are Live+SD; all previous years are live viewing. George C. Scott became the second person to refuse his award (Best Actor in 1970 for Patton) at the 43rd Academy Awards ceremony. 1942 | Beatty war zuvor fälschlicherweise der Umschlag mit der Gewinnerin der Kategorie Beste Hauptdarstellerin, Emma Stone in La La Land, ausgehändigt worden. The 78th Academy Awards which awarded low-budget independent film Crash (with a pre-Oscar gross of US$53.4 million) generated an audience of 38.64 million with a household rating of 22.91%. The Oscars have been infamously known for selecting specific genres of movies to be awarded. 2017 | Especially since the 1980s, moneymaking "formula-made" blockbusters with glossy production values have often been crowd-pleasing titans (and Best Picture winners), but they haven't necessarily been great films with depth or critical acclaim by any measure. 1963 | [103][104][105] This criticism is based on the statistics from every Academy Awards since 1929, which shows us that only 6.4% of academy award nominees have been non-white and since 1991, 11.2% of nominees have been non-white, with the rate of winners being even more polarizing.

This has led, at times, to more specific criticisms that the Academy is disconnected from the audience, e.g., by favoring 'Oscar bait' over audience favorites, or favoring historical melodramas over critically acclaimed movies that depict current life issues.
. "[116][117][118], The third person to refuse the award was Marlon Brando, who refused his award (Best Actor for 1972's The Godfather), citing the film industry's discrimination and mistreatment of Native Americans. [19], Bei der Oscarverleihung 1962 gelang es dem New Yorker Taxifahrer Stan Berman, sich auf die Bühne zu schleichen und einen selbstgemachten „Oscar“ für Moderator Bob Hope zu präsentieren. 1993 | Der erste Schauspieler, der mit dem „Academy Award of Merit“ ausgezeichnet wurde, war der deutsche Schauspieler Emil Jannings. In a career spanning five decades, Bhanu Athaiya worked in over 100 films and most of them went on to be hits or cult films. Das Stück ist vom gleichnamigen Erfolgsalbum der kanadisch-amerikanischen Sängerin Alanis Morissette (46) inspiriert. Furthermore, a January ceremony on Sunday would clash with National Football League playoff games. In recent years, these gifts have also been extended to award nominees and winners. The 21st Academy Awards in 1949 were held at the Academy Award Theatre at what had been the Academy's headquarters on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.[87]. He had to return to Europe before the ceremony, so the Academy agreed to give him the prize earlier; this made him the first Academy Award winner in history. [16], Sculptor George Stanley (who also did the Muse Fountain at the Hollywood Bowl) sculpted Cedric Gibbons' design. Insgesamt wurden 26 Filme für diese Kategorie vorgeschlagen. Here Are 3 Estimates", "I'd Really Like to Thank My Pal at the Auction House", "Orson Welles' 'Citizen Kane' Oscar for sale", "Orson Welles' 'Citizen Kane' Oscar brings $861,000", "How Many Women Are Actually Voting for the Oscar Winners? Wegen der Zulassungsprozedur dominieren in den Siegerlisten in der Regel US-Produktionen. Der Oscar wird in einer gemeinsamen Zeremonie in derzeit über 30 verschiedenen Kategorien vergeben; die Preisträger erhalten eine Statuette, die einen Ritter mit einem Schwert auf einer Filmrolle darstellt.

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