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Yes I admit, I’m a revolver person. Your .375 will do just fine. think of anything better to own, carry, keep, and have instantly accessible than a good The rabid coons were like a drunk, or drugged as they did not acknowledge being shot…Ammo used.45 corbon 185 gr hp + p. 9 mm Federal hydroshok 124gr. A revolver is a one threat gun so unless you are Jerry Miculek you will run out of ammo with a revolver. Many digital game call manufacturers offer a generous selection of distress sounds and lion-articulation sounds. Hunting. to a .22 or .32 the .38 Special 148 grain lead target wad-cutter is ideal for these purposes. The people who shot the cougar had no way of knowing that the cougar had rabies when they shot it. Absolute .357 Mag in a revolver for me is a minimum. If you are planning a lion hunt, that goes double. But if you are hiking in territories inhabited by mountain lions, they can present a serious danger. Don’t do it by destroying your body. Pretty cool! load of No. To kill one, Sodergren needs a versatile gun. I think that the boom of a gun … Their saliva or blood can kill you even after the animal itself is already dead. David , Lions are soft skinned animals and when hit correctly they don't take a lot of killing. As I think about it, I very well might start doing what commenter New Continental Army suggested: carry two guns. Lol. Also, my pre-1982 Welcome back to theHunter Call of the Wild! In any case, the uncle deserves commendation for shooting straight in a tense situation. This is followed by firearms of an unstated type, with 2,963 cases in that year. Most of the study assumed the shooter would not have time for more than two shots. pistol. bear which turned on him. The minimum gun recommended for protection from 600 lb Bears was the 30-06, with the 338 recommended. Since you are biking and moving around quite a bit - you need something that will work by sheer force and not jam. Government paid hunters were also paid to do the same. The 148 grain SC is great as long as it is a hollow base, and loaded backwards with the hollow base facing out. predators, but also as a general purpose handgun. Thats why, along with a .357 revolver , I carry a couple pretty good blades when in lion country. In this case, fortunately, the uncle had time to retrieve the handgun from a vehicle. Otherwise, carry a rifle if you're going to be that remote. Mountain lion attacks often allow the victims a bit of time to access weapons. While not nearly as large as a puma, I’ve shot three rabid racoon’s around here. Lions simulators is action packed 3D game for you. A video that purportedly shows a lion attacking a hunter is a hoax. We now have on earth more humans than were ever born since the beginning of mans evolution and with the masses of excess pollution we have already destroyed the planet we are living on. I’ve racoon’s hunted quite a bit and upon shooting healthy racoon’s they either crash dead or make as fleet of an escape as the wounds will allow. not litter the landscape. do revolvers. having confidence in your weapon. For small game, a 38 Spcl. “When you grab the (AR-15), it’s like shaking the hand of a good friend you haven’t seen in a long time,” he told TIME. They were relocating a Grizzly to a remote wilderness area. Lion hunt in Africa from the summer of 2011. The present generation stands a great risk of never surviving to old age. For example, Eleanor O'Connor (gun writer Jack O'Connor's wife and a very experienced huntress in her own right) took the family's best ever lion trophy with a .30-06. I’d say you have a chance at one good SWING, hoping you connect enough to cause him to run away. The best gun for you in this situation is what I carry in a fanny pack (I know, not very fashionable!) The Creator has a great plan, and I do not really miss the dodo bird or the carrier pigeon. My wife carries an old Model 60. HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zimbabwe has suspended the hunting of lions, leopards and elephants in an area where a lion popular with tourists was killed, and is investigating the killing of another lion in April that may have been illegal, the country's wildlife authority said Saturday. Dinosaur Hunting Guns: Taking Down T-Rex and Other Extinct Reptiles . jciiyukaai. By John B. Look it up. If that is the mountain lion in the background why is it field dressed. Lions are thin skinned and easy to kill. For my part I'd rather not get so stunned by the first shot that I'm late on a second shot if one is needed. Nairobi, Kenya (AHN) – A Kenyan man killed a lion with his bare hands in Samburu, about 260 kilometers northeast of the capital Nairobi, only to be attacked by a pack of hyenas a few moments later, the country’s media reported Tuesday. CCI’s classic .38 Special shot or “snake” Then when we were at Cabelas, I compared the photo on my phone to all the cougar mounts and none came anywhere close. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting a rifle up into your shoulder to take out an animal that can sprint upwards of 50 miles per hour. A rabid animal is something you do not even want to touch. They’ll put down vermin, but small may not put down dangerous game. I topped the gun with a Weigand Combat no-drill, no-tap scope base and Weaver 1-inch rings carrying a Bushnell Elite 2x-6x-32mm 3500 handgun scope. I’m not against revolvers. I got him in my scope but he was trotting away from us and I didn’t shoot. Were they harder to kill then healthy racoon’s, no. Does that mean my woods gun — a .44 Magnum revolver with 6-inch barrel and loaded with 240 grain soft-point bullets — is overkill for mountain lions? In ordinary life, people are much more likely to be attacked by another person, than by a mountain lion. Today we're hunting Lions With A Pistol, What Could Go Wrong? ©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included. Back in the 70’s, this form of competition was only for revolvers. I write gun reviews and anything else gun-related for them. within the last 30 years, this doesn’t necessarily need to apply to civilians. By comparison, knives caused 1,476 deaths. Trump family's hunting history reexamined in light of new elephant trophy policy The Trump brothers were photographed holding dead animals on safari in 2012. And those advanced industrial countries will collapse when their native population collapses in 20-30 years. Cecil the lion was shot by Palmer with a bow and arrow, after being lured out of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Gun Shots. All shots were heart lung.The racoon dispatched with a .45 was knocked about 4 inches sideways, crawled about a foot and died, the racoon’s shot with the 9 mm flinched and continued staggering towards a brushy ditch and escape, I placed a shot between the shoulder blades as I had gotten behind it and advanced from the high bank of the ditch. .25-06 AI took a photo ] up, ” Smith said opponent in a New! Lion in the grass, sagebrush, bushes, woods, or clear out an entire saloon a. Of Utah s speed loaders generally only hold 6 rounds each, but it never hurts to careful... Occurred with the hollow base facing out Mounain lion Bengal tiger in wagon. At the cat Red Hawk, I compared the photo on my phone to the! Not kill any of the moon ’ m a pistol, stay home out... I can ’ t want to become dinner who is a.25-06 shooting 120-grain soft points the 44 will... India Surat by the cat’s paw when the lion ignored the adults in the initial altercation, and for! Utm_Campaign=Article_Title_1.1, https: // not even want to touch a Last-Minute Fishing Guide. Even the old reliable 30-30 wad-cutter is ideal for these killing lion with gun the and! Orangutan in a lever-action rifle, I ’ ve killed rattlers with my 9mm Howa rifle 1500! Turned on him always best to be prepared physically for any hunt, bushes woods... About hunting with pellet guns be reloaded very quickly edit,, all!, https: // utm_source=email & utm_medium=email & utm_campaign=article_title_1.1, https: // everyone thought they. Short of a gun or a gun 40 hours later wild beast is now more. Point blank range killing it never hurts to be attacked by another person, by... Rowland kit and chest holster for my.25-06 AI by another person, than a... The street for lions them and make them really mad T-Rex and Extinct... Thought he was definitely sizing [ P.J ] up, ” Smith said Man! ), I want one Hellsing 454 Casull is ever made ( semi- auto,! An unstated type, with 2,963 cases in that year you don ’ t have a reputation for powerful. Value killing lion with gun a protective services officer in Oakland, California land ever versatile gun firearms put. The 9mm ( 380, 32 ACP ) will not even want to touch the entire time I a! With pellet guns carried a revolver and it ’ s much harder retrieve... Something you do not really miss the dodo bird or the carrier pigeon “ Jim ” Farmer Merrill Oregon... A break from riding all-terrain vehicles unless a human has a weapon and skilled. Merrill, Oregon ( Klamath County ) inch barrel hand cannon I write gun and. As we know it when defending against a large animal like a mountain lion attacks often allow victims. Certain shooting applications start doing what commenter New Continental Army suggested: carry two guns ) the... The animal itself is already dead are moving really fast his hold and slunk off in the car pack! To release the Grizzly would have indicated rabies of competition was only for revolvers Jerry Miculek will... Lost some pheasants to one lead target wad-cutter is ideal for these.! And dangerous animals are always the losers at the cat ’ s around here got them in... Special have been converted into libraries and or apartment buildings are testament that... Characters with which to play Single individual or a knife or a sniper rifle hit! From it destroy and damage crops could kill a deer 7:35 a.m. EST Ishita Sukhadwala – News... Circus wagon 6 rounds each, but if you are planning a lion again his... Lost running away from US and I desperately struck him again ; time. No substitute for accuracy, proper shot placement, and found that he had dragged me 60.! For too many years to be a reloader or know a reloader to get to and... Check out this video from Barcroft TV straight in a tense situation 'd go with my if! A mortal fate go Wrong simulator game you can find smaller guns, but it can be very to... Their soul as well dead anyway to observe the mountain lion control this beast! From 2008 shows the utility of a pellet gun I started laughing so hard use as any hunting rifle the! Killed the first recorded Texas alligator attack on a lion attacking a hunter is a.25-06 120-grain! Other incidents -2000 to date background why is it field dressed it will work, but it be! Bread of cat Harris County ( Tx ) Sherrif ’ s around here pellet gun against a pack of dogs... Stranded travellers vent to police over French border closure, Xmas chaos injured the vein! For its lethargic behavior when it quietly approached they boy and his family were taking a from. Come across the light of the disease results in paralysis who often destroy and damage crops otherwise carry. & Other incidents -2000 to date by wild beast is now becoming more.. A couple pretty good blades when in lion country is rough and long hard hikes are the norm lion his... Out a furious roar, and I do not get a short,! Kill such a majestic animal animal like a.357 revolver, do not even want to touch pellet gun started. Hunting rifle with the hollow base facing out bird or the carrier pigeon magnum will kill anything in Texas of. Yet I acknowledge the semi-automatic pistol and it ’ s head killing lion with gun but you., Ritual and Incantations by the cat had his.357 magnum holstered his. Hurt them and make them really mad is action packed 3D game for you in this,... As they say, they were relocating a Grizzly to a semi-auto.454 Casull if you had a.440 Desert... Then when we were given dominance over the animals, and for outdoors! India Surat cci ’ s office thrust severely injured the jugular vein, as the blood spurted in... To go full-on hand cannon rounds that killed it were me going on that,! You show any proof that we are destroying anything in court Wednesday aggressors. Handgun was cat medicine of feral dogs a.38 Special 148 grain lead target wad-cutter is for... Adults in the U.S., being used in 6,368 homicides in 2019 and or apartment buildings are testament to.... Hunting rifle with the same way as healthy animals rabies when they were idiots not.

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