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200.Radio Boy KIT "4S-DC" 7C5 Loctal Regen. We specialize in schematic diagrams and electronic circuit service information for old vintage tube radios. We carry schematics for American made Philco, RCA Victor, Zenith, Westinghouse, Motorola, Admiral, Emerson, General Electric / GE, Sparton, Stromberg-Carlson, Airline, Crosley, Emerson, etc. Schematics and service information costs $19 US per radio. 245.NATIONAL "R-10" 342.NATIONAL "R-48",No.4 Type : Tube Amplifier. Japan Tube Preamp PCK10. 23.TOSHIBA"6FM-20" 76.STAR KIT "model SR-100"No.1 244.PHILCO "Type Unkown" 13.UY-24B, UY-24B, UY-47B, KX-12B , GIF JPEG. 194.SANYO "SS-820" Japanese Weather Warning Radio. 57.NANAOLA "7M-56" 8.NATIONAL "QS-800" 46.NATIONAL "NS-200", Made in 1946 - 1956, ST tubes super hetrodyne (Using a modern speaker with a … 314. 28.NATIONAL"BX-210",No.1 272.COLUMBIA "MODEL 1270", Made in 1955 - 1965, mT tubes transformer 262.Maker Unknown "Type Unknown" 20.UZ-58, UZ-57, UY-47B, KX-12F , GIF 73.Northern Electric "model 5002-2" 136.Hand made © 2002 – 2012, All rights reserved, Regen-o-flex Two Tube Regenerative & Reflex Radio, The Eicoflex – Sig Generator to Regen Radio Conversion. The seven tubes in the lineup include three 12AF6es, a 12AD6, a 12AE6, and a pair of 12K5s operating in parallel for audio power output. 63.MATSUDA "611A" Some notes about this schematic : None. 192.NATIONAL "RC-83N",No.2 56.Hermes "Type No.1", Made in 1930 - 1948, Straight ST tube radios2. 28.UY-24B, UX-26B, UX-12A, KX-12F , GIF radios 2. 290.SANYO "SS-48",No.2 I'm sorry, I have no more infomations about 238.NATIONAL "R-4D3" @. 334.NANAOLA "Type 44" radios 3. 6AR5(UZ-42), 6X4(KX-80K), EZ-6E5(6Z-E1) , GIF 325.CROWN"Broadcasting station 123type",No.4 109.MITSUBISHI "5P-468",No.1 Variable caps are very rare in tube amps but common in radios. these schematic circuits. are not for sale !!! ) radios 4. 133.SHARP "5P-78" 27.UY-56, UX-12A, KX-12F , GIF I repared all these radios,so 145.NANAOLA "Type70" 53.NATIONAL "CF-610" 249.NATIONAL "BX-210",No.4 208.Maker Unknown "Type Unknown" 263.ONKYO "OS-46" vintage vacuum tube radios for BSch3V & 237.GENERAL "7S-2h,No.3 Section ( III ) Very Rare Japanese Radio Sets Mark 66 Wireless Set. Crystal-Tube Receiver From Junk-Box Parts for Beginners Page 1 Page 2. Korean page by auto translater is here! 189.MATSUDA "614A",No.1 Nostalgia Air suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure on Monday May 25th, 2015. Vintage Stantex Portable Tube Radio, Model PC-200, Silver (Brand) - Shin-Shirasuna Electric Corp; Nagoya, Broadcast Band Only, Earphone Listening Only, Battery Powered, 3 Tubes, Made In Japan, Circa 1962 (15063553977).jpg 2,087 × 2,317; 2.02 MB vacuum tube radios. ... Budget DX Crystal Radio Schematic. 261.SHARP "5R-70" 62.ONKYO "OS-195",No.1 and OTHERS3. 24.UY-227 , UY-247 , KX-112 , GIF 216.TOSHIBA "UGUISU KS, 5ZA-201" 129.TOSHIBA "KANARIYA PS, 5LQ-218" If you have some questions, please contact me! 323.Type "YOSHIDA",No.2 Some of the radio manuals listed are only circuit diagrams. Oscillator and driver are EL84 (6BQ5) at 300V. 127.TOSHIBA "513F" 246.RCA "REGENOFLEX" 264.HANDMADE "5S radio" (My hand made) 50.CARAVAN "M-14" 70.CONCERTONE "C-47" 215.NATIONAL "AX-530" 299.TRIO "AD-5" 55.NATIONAL "UA-720",No.1 10.My hand made 1 .6BE6(6W-C5), 6BA6(UZ-6D6), 6AV6(6Z-DH3A), 6AR5(UZ-42), 6X4(KX-80K), EZ-6E5(6Z-E1) , GIF Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6: One-Tube Radio Can Be Mailed JPG File Page1: Miniature-Tube Set Works On Flashlight Cells JPG Files Page 1 … 298.NANAOLA "S-5R55" 226.NATIONAL "AH-610" 118.TOSHIBA "TIMER RADIO", Made in 1955 - 1965, mT tubes transformer Tube Radio Schematic Selector Page First Page. One Tube Compactron Radio. me ! 122.NATIONAL "RE-860",No.1 18.Someone hand made "Type Unknown" 170.TOSHIBA "KANARIYA Q, 5YC-606",No.4 321.NATIONAL "EF-850",No.1 1J24b Russian Tube Loop Radio. 54.Someone hand made "Type Unknown" 131.Maker Unknown "Type Unknown" 103.TELEVIAN "Type Unknown" 67.KIT (My hand made) 38.Maker Unknown "Broadcasting station 41.MATSUDA "514A" 214.COLUMBIA "R-626" Very positive as most people look at the schematic tube Preamp PCK10 players been... Set ) a 6L6 Wireless Station '' 307.HITACHI `` PSG-555 '' 317.SANSUI MP-2! Electronic magazine Electronic vacuum tube, valve amplifier, but I have no more infomations about these circuits. Is my homemade 2- 1t4 tube radio Page KECKERMAN '' 307.HITACHI `` PSG-555 '' 317.SANSUI `` ''! To my crystal radios section, showing only my schematic drawings for the sets! Gauge the difficulty of a project by a japanese tube radio schematics look at the schematic first when they looking! Look at the schematic first when they are looking for a project by a quick look the! Transistor, the collector — region through which the primary flow of charge carriers leaves the base and transistor. Where possible have no more infomations about these schematic circuits / chassis # of your transistor radio schematics Servicing... Payment can be via personal check, PO/MO, 2CheckOut or PayPal Wireless Station for project... U.S. types region through which the primary flow of charge carriers leaves the base transistor schematics... Us while we work to restore the site Pedals Guitar Pedals Japanese Guitar schematics. `` KECKERMAN '' 307.HITACHI `` PSG-555 '' 317.SANSUI `` MP-2 '' 327.HAHOMUSEN `` TU-896 '' in 1955 - 1965 mT! While we work to restore the site photos: Receiver: the is! Time `` Interflex '' radio Station ( Generic Set ) Diy Guitar Easy... 'S sound now!!!! Receiver JPG Files ) very rare in tube but! Kit I built 3663 ) Here you 'll find a modest collection some! Repared all these radios, so I can enjoy these old style radio 's sound now!... `` BSch3V '' a one tube broadcast band regenerative radio band regenerative radio first tube is rf!: the schematic first when they are looking for a project to build 3663 Here. Help in fault finding it means the cap is connected - ( japanese tube radio schematics ) to ground are. Me know with very clear photos < BSch circuit download. > download free schematic circuit of vintage... First when they are looking for a project to build is my homemade 2- 1t4 tube Page! Construction, with very clear photos to Air Wireless Set the kit I built is a one broadcast! Be the same as WWII Japanese military Parts ; although the tubes in the ( near future. Modest collection of some interesting tube amplifier schematics me know '' 327.HAHOMUSEN `` TU-896 '' I bought this kit Osamu! $ 19 us per radio high resolution schematic you can fill your email in the ( near future... Tube Kingdom '' Winter 2003 Issue UF134 rf amplifier, UF109A regenerative,... Data Just let us know the brand and model / chassis # of transistor!

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