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advice and instruction on wiki or through Citizen email. The Citizendium community encourages subject matter experts to play a special role in assuring that the site’s contents meet the highest quality standards. The Citizendium is devoted to transparent and fair governance at a minimum of bureaucracy. All Authors are entitled to vote on the adoption or modification of this charter. Summary: Matthew Innis's birthday is 10/24/1970 and is 49 years old. Ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty launches U.S. Senate bid", "Dr. Manny Sethi says running statewide health care program inspired run for U.S. Senate", "DSCC Endorses James Mackler in Tennessee Senate Race", "John Cornyn says he's supporting Ted Cruz for re-election in 2018", "Poll: Trump, Biden still close in Texas; Cornyn ahead of Hegar", "Sen. Mark Warner posts $1.8M second-quarter fundraising haul", "GADE ENTERS 2020 VIRGINIA U.S. SENATE RACE",, "Woodbridge Army officer launches bid for U.S. Senate", "Conservative Challenging Shelley Moore Capito For Senate", "What Are The Knock Down The House Candidates Doing In 2019? I am D. Matt Innis (call me 'Matt'). ", "With just $9.72 in the bank, Democratic lawmaker from Naperville officially ends long-shot primary challenge to Sen. Dick Durbin", "Casey For Senate 2020 - Casey Chlebek Kazimierz For Senate Congress", "Former candidate for Governor Robert Marshall Challenging Durbin For U.S. senator", "Candidate for the Illinois Republican Primary for U.S. Senate", "Dr Memar is a conservative vying for Illinois' U.S. Senate 2020 GOP seat", "Convicted skin-scam doctor fights back in court, on ABC7", "Tarter, of Springfield, enters U.S. Senate race", "Iowa's Ernst will run for reelection in 2020", "Iowa Democrat tops Ernst in early fundraising report", "Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach announces US Senate bid", "Former Kansas City Chiefs player joins 2020 Senate campaign in Kansas", "Steve Roberts files for U.S. Senate to replace Pat Roberts", "Brian Matlock for Senate – Republican Socialist", "Kansas Republicans LaTurner, Marshall work to escape Pompeo's 'shadow' in Senate race", "Kansas Treasurer Jake LaTurner shifts from Senate bid to take on Rep. Steve Watkins", "Pompeo: Running for Senate 'not something I want to do, "Mike Pompeo Is Said to Decide Against Running for Senate in Kansas", "Johnson County lawmaker who fled GOP meets with Schumer on 2020 U.S. Senate run", "Kansas author Sarah Smarsh met with Schumer about possible U.S. Senate run in 2020", "Former federal prosecutor hopes to break Kansas Dems' losing streak in Senate races", "Kansas Democrat would be first Hindu in U.S. Senate if she wins 2020 race", "Boyda's back. Editors may exercise their editorial rights only on articles within their workgroup. The Management Committee may, within the financial rules, consult with professionals such as attorneys and accountants. Terči teroristických akcí jsou většinou civilisté. This Charter shall be open to amendment at any time subsequent to its ratification. The official language of the Citizendium shall be English. Citizendium membership is open to anyone. ", "WV SOS - Elections - Candidate - Online Data Services". The Citizendium's administration handles the legal, financial and technical operations necessary for the project to fulfill its mission. "Roy Moore 'seriously considering' run for U.S. Senate", "Former televangelist Stanley Adair joins 2020 Senate race", "GOP's Byrne to challenge Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama in 2020", "Rep. Arnold Mooney of Shelby County enters U.S. Senate race", "Tommy Tuberville running for U.S. Senate", "Democrats leave Doug Jones hanging as Senate map takes shape", "Trump endorses Sullivan re-election as US senator for Alaska",, "John McCain, 'maverick' of the Senate and former POW, dies at 81", "Arizona governor names former Sen. Jon Kyl as McCain's replacement", "Arizona Governor to Appoint Martha McSally to Senate", "Former astronaut Mark Kelly launches Arizona Senate run", "NASA astronaut Mark Kelly launches Senate campaign", "New poll shows Sen. Martha McSally losing ground to Mark Kelly and that's not even the bad news", "Sen. Cotton says he's running for reelection in 2020", "Josh Mahony files organizational papers for challenge of Tom Cotton", "Two hours after filing period ends, Democrat Josh Mahony drops out of U.S. Senate race", "Dan Whitfield Suspends US Senate Race After Not Getting on the Ballot", "Harrington to challenge Cotton in 2020 election", "The most vulnerable Republican senator in 2020", "Donald Trump's Colorado troubles are evident in his poll numbers, new analysis shows", "Democratic Candidates Dominating In Colorado, New Poll Shows", "Who could challenge Sen. David Perdue in 2020", "Former Columbus mayor running for Georgia U.S. Senate seat", "Amico enters Georgia race for Senate after her company's bankruptcy", "Jon Ossoff became an unlikely Democratic star in Georgia. Constables shall not act on matters of content. Editors may abdicate their editorial rights at any time. The Editor in Chief may appoint Task Managers to fulfill duties that are under his purview. Members of the Editorial Council will be elected by secret ballot vote of eligible Citizens, with two-year terms renewable once consecutively. He is not charismatic at all. "Already off and running. to recommend approval of high quality articles that meet their expectations for the article's subject. The content of the Citizendium will always be free to use, reuse, and redistribute. Raphael Warnock enters US Senate race in Georgia", "Joe Lieberman's son running for Senate in Georgia", "The Jolt: The movie version of Georgia's 2018 election has arrived", "Ex-US Attorney plans to enter Senate race against Loeffler", "UGA Prof Richard Dien Winfield Launches Senate Campaign", "US Sen. Jim Risch announces re-election campaign in Idaho", "Sen Durbin: I'm running for reelection in 2020", "Thanks for reaching out! Citizendium - a community developing a quality, comprehensive compendium of knowledge, online and free,, Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. The Citizendium will be owned and controlled by the Citizendium Foundation, a non-profit organization. The Citizendium invites collaboration with non-Citizen partners on any matters relevant to the project's mission, provided that such collaboration does not conflict with this Charter. I am also a practicing chiropractor in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. ", "Lindsey Graham won't vote for Trump or Clinton in 2016", "Scyller Borglum, Republican legislator from Rapid City, announces U.S. Senate candidacy", "Dan Ahlers, former Democratic legislator from Dell Rapids, announces his candidacy for U.S. Senate", "Lamar Alexander to exit polarized Senate: 'I just wish it were easier, "As Bill Hagerty touts support from Trump in Tennessee Senate bid, GOP primary rival Manny Sethi says he can win", "Former U.S. All entries at Citizendium should engage their subjects comprehensively, neutrally and objectively to the greatest degree possible. All members register and contribute to the project under their real names. Branches in other languages require approval by the Management Committee and shall have the same legal status as the English language Citizendium (see. There is one interview on YouTube. A Task Manager is answerable to the committee, council, or official that appointed them. As far as possible, special needs of visually or otherwise impaired users and of responsibly exercized automated access will be taken into account. Integration of the Citizendium with teaching and research is encouraged as long as it adheres to the principles of this charter. Branch language Editorial Councils, including the English language Citizendium Editorial Council, shall be empowered to develop policy regarding non-native language content on their native language Citizendiums. to ensure day-to-day smooth functioning of the Citizendium; to facilitate the practical implementation of the Citizendium editorial policy as defined by its governing institutions; to make interim editorial decisions (in the absence of editors); and. I helped establish and later became scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 198 where I learned more from the boys than they did from me. Previous to Matthew's current city of Crete, NE, Matthew Innis lived in Lincoln NE. Decisions of constables may be appealed through the Ombudsman to the Management Committee. A Task Manager cannot work outside the purview of the official or body that appointed them. All user pages shall be in the native language for that version of Citizendium. removal of offensive text, and warning and banning of users according to written guidelines. For future amendments, a certifying official or officials shall be agreed upon by the joint Management Committee and Editorial Council. us! It is created by volunteers — henceforth Citizens — who contribute under their real names and agree to a social covenant centered around trust. The remaining four seats are reserved for Authors that are not Editors. But more importantly, he is unknown. All Citizens of Citizendium shall be Authors and some shall be also designated as Editors. This draft document is Matt's condensation of previous work and input from Citizens across the globe. Unnecessarily complicated presentation should be avoided. The Constabulary shall be charged with enforcing the Citizendium's rules of behavior as determined by community policy. ", "Anne Stava-Murray, a Michael Madigan critic who will be sworn in next week, eyeing 2020 run for U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin's seat", "While our campaign to unseat Dick Durbin has come to an end, the work of our grassroots movement of economic, political, racial, and environmental justice is never over. If this Charter has been ratified by two thirds or more of the votes validly cast in a referendum for this purpose, it shall be certified by the Editor-in-Chief within a week after the closing of the referendum. The Editor in Chief is responsible for facilitating coordinated efforts for the day to day operations of Citizendium. Experts guide the development of Citizendium entries in a transparent manner.

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