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[106][107] Norman Nield, Mountbatten's driver from 1942–43, told the tabloid New Zealand Truth that he transported young boys aged 8 to 12 and was paid to keep quiet. [7][8] Come già per il quarto nome del padre (William Arthur Philip Louis), e il terzo del fratello maggiore (George Alexander Louis), il nome del principe Louis è da pronunciarsi /ˈluːi/ senza la "s". Lady Louise Alexandra Marie Irene Mountbatten, previously Princess Louise of Battenberg, was Queen of Sweden from the accession of her husband, Gustaf VI Adolf, in 1950 until her death. [11], He was posted to the battlecruiser HMS Renown in March 1920 and accompanied Edward, Prince of Wales, on a royal tour of Australia in her. la Principessa Charlotte di Cambridge, James Mountbatten-Windsor, Visconte Severn, S.A.R. Ha raccolto candele e altre fonti di luce non elettriche per i bisognosi durante la campagna "Vinterljus" (inglese: luci invernali). Nel 1923 il principe ereditario Gustavo Adolfo di Svezia, rimasto vedovo tre anni prima della cugina della madre di Luisa, visitò Londra e, con sorpresa di Louise, iniziò a corteggiarla. He successfully conducted the campaign against Japan that led to the recapture of Burma (Myanmar). He from time to time strongly upbraided the Prince for showing tendencies towards the idle pleasure-seeking dilettantism of his predecessor as Prince of Wales, King Edward VIII, whom Mountbatten had known well in their youth. [53][54], Mountbatten was fond of Congress leader Jawaharlal Nehru and his liberal outlook for the country. The British–Indian forces destined for Burma meanwhile constituted the 14th Army, under Lieutenant…. Mountbatten left with his tail between his legs. His advice was not taken. Nel 1962, abolì le presentazioni a corte sostituendoli con "pranzi democratici per donne", alle quali invitò donne in carriera, un'usanza che doveva continuare sotto la principessa Sibilla dopo la sua morte. The British people give thanks for his life and grieve at his passing.[136]. [125][126] In 1978, the IRA had allegedly attempted to shoot Mountbatten as he was aboard his boat, but poor weather had prevented the sniper taking his shot. Her mother, the Countess of … In childhood he visited the Imperial Court of Russia at St Petersburg and became intimate with the Russian Imperial Family, harbouring romantic feelings towards his maternal first cousin Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna, whose photograph he kept at his bedside for the rest of his life.[6]. Barratt has denied Mountbatten was a homosexual, claiming it would be impossible for such a fact to be hidden from him. Immaginando che i suoi genitori sarebbero rimasti delusi dalla sua scelta, Luisa tenne segreto il loro fidanzamento. The documentary alleged that a coup was planned to overthrow Wilson and replace him with Mountbatten using the private armies and sympathisers in the military and MI5. Queen Louise, formerly Lady Louise Mountbatten, was born as Princess Louise Alexandra Marie Irene of Battenberg in Germany in 1889, but grew up in England. [28] Coward was a personal friend of Mountbatten and copied some of his speeches into the film. Critics said he was too ready to overlook their faults, and especially their subordination to communist control. 蒙巴頓 (zh); Louise Mountbatten (da); Louise Mountbatten (tr); ルイーズ・マウントバッテン (ja); Louise Mountbatten (sv); Louise Mountbatten (oc); 루이즈 마운트배튼 (ko); Luisa Mountbattenová (cs); Luisa Mountbatten (it); Louise Mountbatten (fr); Lady Louise Mountbatten (pt); לואיז, נסיכת באטנברג (he); Λουίζα Μαουντμπάττεν (el); Louise Mountbatten (sl); Луиза Маунтбатън (bg); Луїза Маунтбеттен (uk); Louise Mountbatten (sco); ลูอีสแห่งแบ็ตเทนเบิร์ก สมเด็จพระราชินีแห่งสวีเดน (th); Ludwika Mountbatten (pl); Louise Mountbatten (nb); Louise Mountbatten (nl); Louise Mountbatten (fi); Lluïsa Mountbatten (ca); Louise Mountbatten (ro); Louise Mountbatten (id); Louise Mountbatten (en); لويزا مونتباتن (ar); Louise Mountbatten (br); ლუიზა მონბატენი (ka) Reina consorte de Suecia (es); drottning av Sverige 1950–1965, gemål till kung Gustaf VI Adolf (sv); reina británica (1889–1965) (ast); королева Швеции (ru); britisch-deutsche Adlige, durch Heirat Königin von Schweden (de); Ruotsin kuningatar (fi); Queen of Sweden (en); Rainha consorte da Suécia (pt); Zweeds Koningin (1889-1965) (nl); Dronning af Sverige 1950–1965 (da) Lady Louise Mountbatten (ro); לואיז, נסיכת בטנברג, לואיז מאונטבאטן (he); Луиза Баттенберг, Маунтбеттен, Луиза (ru); Louise Alexandra Marie Irene Mountbatten, Lady Luísa Mountbatten, Louise Mountbatten, Luísa mountbatten (pt); Louise von Schweden, Louise von Battenberg, Louise Alexandra Marie Irene von Battenberg (de); 레이디 루이즈 마운트배튼 (ko); Louise of Battenberg (en); Lluïsa Mountbatten, reina de Suècia (ca); Luisa Mountbatten (cs); Louise af Battenberg (da), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, George Mountbatten, 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven, Grand Cross 1st class of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, Grand Star of the Decoration for Services to the Republic of Austria, Library of Congress authority ID: nr2003001645, Bibliothèque nationale de France ID: 16997582n, Nationale Thesaurus voor Auteurs ID: 074456083, Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden and Queen Louise, State visit by King Gustaf VI Adolf to the Netherlands, 1955, Moutbatten vitória, luísa, alice e luís.jpg, Excursion of the Grand Ducal Family of Hesse and the Imperial Family of Russia to Münzenberg.jpg, Bundesarchiv Bild 102-00145A, Louise von Schweden.jpg, Inhuldiging koningin Juliana.

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