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Lele Pons - View Instagram Story photo - Oct 4, 2020 - StoryReaper.com And yes I know she’s fucking LATINA just as much as I know Lilly is a bisexual woman of color. Back in the days of video-sharing app Vine, you would’ve been hard-pressed to find a more popular creator. @lelepons. Full name: Eleonora Pons Maronese . Lele Pons (@lelepons) 2315 posts 41552635 followers 2854 following. ❤️LETS GOOOO "SE TE NOTA" llego a los charts mundiales ESTOY GRITANDOOOO OMG ... ¡¡Ni siquiera puedo expresar con palabras lo feliz que estoy ahora !! She later tried to explain away the situation. Many users seem finished with Pons’ staged humor—but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything besides signal-boosting her work. Which MLB player’s son landed a place in her heart as her first crush? “Thanks Twitter.”. I was so nervous but happy I got to do it next to @guaynaa !! About; Save; Celebrity; Top; Map; PRO; Login; lelepons Instagram stories LIVE. Lele Pons (@lelepons) added a video to their Instagram account: “Girls on stories vs off stories w/ @hannahstocking @adamw (tag a girl)” Database of celebrities and famous people, including all their latest social media posts on Instagram, Instagram stories, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, and more! Born in Venezuela Management: teamlele@shots.com WATCH MY NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO Advertising (remove all Ads): Load more stories … Mid-way through her performance, she appears to waver and tumbles backward, crashing through a nearby glass door. Thank you!!!! Lele Pons Instagram Stories 10.01.2018 — 11.01.2018 - YouTube Others brought up an embarrassing incident from 2017, in which Pons met Taehyung, one of the members of popular K-pop group BTS. Love all my supporters! Still learning how to do these TikToks dances (wait for it) pic.twitter.com/eAbAsWtYHa. STILL CANT BELIEVE IT, THIS THURSDAY!!! ImgInn > @lelepons > stories. @guaynaa, Happy 1 month to “SE TE NOTA” 65M views on YouTube, 25M streams on Spotify, 900k videos made on TikTok! Thank you everyone for listening to my song “Se Te Nota” with @guaynaa, HALLOWEEN MONTH IS BACK... throwback to last year (which was your favorite), “SE TE NOTA” hitting the worldwide charts IM SCREAMINGGGG OMG... can’t even put into words how happy I am right now !! “This the same girl who posted a picture holding extensions claiming she had cut her hair off to donate for cancer,” one person wrote. All images on ImgInn are from Instagram Api. Born in Venezuela Management: [email protected] WATCH “SE TE NOTA” MUSIC VIDEO PUBLICACIONES STORIES IGTV TAGGED. “Aside from the fact that she’s painfully unfunny and a HORRIBLE person in real life to people who can’t help her career.”. See Instagram stories, photos and videos of Lele Pons @lelepons. Since Vine’s demise, Pons has been hard at work bringing the same zany humor to her Instagram and now, TikTok. “Remember when lele pons asked for taehyung’s number and he threw a huge ass curveball and gave her his manager’s number instead,” one person wrote. “The Latinas are kindly passing her to the Caucasian’s.”, As a Latina we do not claim Lele pons. YouTuber Lele Pons shares her “first” everything! So grateful for this opportunity! ❤️VAMOSSSS, Don’t underestimate me WAIT FOR IT [email protected] @adamw (LINK IN BIO). “Y’all had to remind me Lele Pons exist,” one user wrote. Soon, tweets touting similar sentiments were all over the platform. Lele Pons maintains a strong following on Instagram, Twitter, and now TikTok. You can use our website to access all users and audiences you would like to see to stalk in stealth mode. View Full Profile. It is completely safe, fast and fun! ¡ Un Shoutout a @guaynaa por ser el mejor de los mejores y por creer en esta canción! You can freely use Stalkhub Instagram Viewer on your desktop and mobile devices to browse all kinds of content online. © 2019 Stalkhub.com. It appeared that Pons had used extensions to stretch the truth about her charitable contributions. A few people thoroughly enjoyed the stunt, but the vast majority of internet users expressed their overall distaste. Explore all kinds of users, hashtags and locations in ease with our Instagram Web Viewer stalkhub.com. 1.1m Likes, 10.5k Comments - Lele Pons (@lelepons) on Instagram: “COMING SOON... @netflix (Stories inspired by Black Mirror)” But the community on social media jokingly pushes back. Descargar. Nahila Bonfiglio reports on geek culture and gaming. All images on ImgInn are from Instagram Api. The tweet refers to a July 2017 scandal. ¡Gracias a mi increíble equipo @johnny @sammy @interscope y a todos mis seguidores por todo el amor! @guaynaa @shots @interscope, “SUCIO Y LENTO” out now on @mariahangeliq ‘s YouTube channel Thank you for making me a part of this song! It’s been “fuck Lele Pons” since then https://t.co/9ad22JhIDA. Love all my supporters! Watch user, hashtag and location stories without showing your actual username. Lele Pons snapchat, celebrity . 42.2m Followers, 2,975 Following, 2,329 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lele Pons (@lelepons) According to dozens of posts online, rather than outright refuse, Taehyung gave Pons his manager’s number instead. Nahila Bonfiglio reports on … She has more than 8 million followers on the platform and her page has earned 114.5 million likes. Does Lele remember her first Instagram post? But her latest video may have tipped the scales out of her favor after it urged Twitter on Tuesday to dredge up the many controversies the social media star has been involved in over the years. Descargar. This week in internet culture: People are really out here body-shaming a teen in 2020, Claudia Conway tells TikTok creeps to ‘stop sexualizing minors’, TikTok women are dramatically reading dudes’ cringeworthy Tinder bios, Batman in a robe has never been more relatable, https://twitter.com/sortasofi/status/1247395826474913800, https://twitter.com/VOGUEMlN/status/1247468596227276800, Viral balloon-popping artist injured himself with his famous knives, Grandma who went viral for accidentally inviting stranger to Thanksgiving has the coronavirus, Lele Pons’ Instagram Stories were the most-watched of 2017. 2.8m Likes, 10.3k Comments - Lele Pons (@lelepons) on Instagram: “... meet the person behind the pictures! I’ll keep sharing them so keep posting!! We update and add new amazing users to our user pool every day! lelepons SE TE NOTA ️. 2.4k following. The pushback made her a trending topic this morning. After her brief meeting with the South Korean star, Pons reportedly requested his number.

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