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Perhaps Robert Chambers’ trials are still not over as he ponders what will likely be the remainder of much of his life from inside a New York prison. The hard-partying life of the dashingly handsome Robert Chambers finally caught up to him. Probation for NYC 'Preppie Killer' sweetie. Every day I’m on trial.”. Phyllis worked hard to pay for Chambers’ prep schools, though he did often receive scholarship money. Levin (original Russian: Левин) is a surname with several word origins. Jennifer Levin is an American screenwriter and television producer. So-called "Preppie Killer" Robert Chambers -- who admitted to killing Jennifer Levin in Central Park in New York City 17 years ago in a plea bargain -- will be released from prison on Feb. 14 after serving the maximum 15 years for manslaughter. [3], Levin, herself a former competitive swimmer,[4] has set many of her novels in the world of competitive sport, receiving attention for her coverage of gender, power, and sexuality in that context. Elizabeth Angell is the Executive Editor, Digital for Town & Country, where she writes about the British Royal Family, the Kennedys, Ivy League shenanigans, superstars of interior design, and trends in style, beauty, and home. Robert Chambers’ family and friends at the bar made bail for him as he awaited trial, though he didn’t keep a low profile. [10] Her fifth published book, Love and Death and Other Disasters, collected stories written over a period between 1977 and 1995. Multiple people had seen Chambers and Levin leave the bar together and their friends knew the two of them had been seeing each other, casually, that summer. He’s had the opportunity in prison to detox and take college courses, to straighten out his life, but that clearly is of no interest to him. Corkery, Richard/NY Daily News via Getty Images, Todd Maisel/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images. On the cusp of adolescence, I had imagined all the ways that romance might be wonderful, just begun to hope that one day I might be with a tall and handsome boy. The film was shot mostly in Los Angeles, but some exterior shots took place in New York City. The Preppie Murder is a television film directed by John Herzfeld, written by Herzfeld and Irv Roud, and starring William Baldwin as Robert Chambers and Lara Flynn Boyle as Jennifer Levin. The film co-stars Danny Aiello, Joanna Kerns and William Devane. Chambers was reportedly upset because his then-girlfriend had arrived at the bar and gotten into an argument with him, presumably because Chambers was making moves on Levin. The victim of the 1986 murder in New York's Central Park that was dubbed The Preppie Murder by the press. It captured exactly the blend of menace and privilege that Chambers came to embody. Jennifer Levin with two of her girlfriends in Dorrian’s Red Hand Restaurant just hours before she was killed on Aug. 26, 1986. Detectives investigate the crime scene in Central Park where Jennifer Levin was found dead. Linki zewnętrzne. Yet, Chambers seemed to realize what he was facing after getting out of jail in 2003. That's nothing really, but at the time it seemed like a vast difference. The story of six-foot, five-inch Chambers being assaulted by 18-year-old Levin did not go over well with authorities. “I think [about] what Jennifer might be doing, what she would look like. This made it impossible not to imagine Chambers in a polo shirt and dock siders, perpetrating a bit of casual violence on his way to playing tennis. The trial lives with me. Preppie killer to be released from prison. The infamous Upper East Side murder has yet to fade from public memory. After three months of testimony and evidence, the jury spent nine days deliberating. Kermit Lynch's Adventures on the Wine Route. Levin and Chambers had left Dorrian's, a bar on the Upper East Side, a bit past 4 in the morning. Robert Chambers, confessed killer of Jennifer Levin in Central Park in New York City 17 years ago, will be released from prison later this month. He’s learned nothing in the last 20 years.”, Ellen Levin, of course, still grieves for her daughter. Every item on this page was chosen by a Town & Country editor. By then, Chambers was suspected of having used 10 to 12 bags of heroin a day. Thirty years ago today, on August 26, 1986, Jennifer Levin was strangled in Central Park by Robert Chambers. Chambers's mother talked the friend out of pressing charges, and promised Chambers would go rehab instead. Perhaps she felt wild and free and full of possibility. Getty ImagesJennifer Levin with two of her girlfriends in Dorrian’s Red Hand Restaurant just hours before she was killed on Aug. 26, 1986. This highlighted link will take you to Jennifer's IMDB page. Dan Godfrey/NY Daily News Archive via Getty ImagesDetectives investigate the crime scene in Central Park where Jennifer Levin was found dead. Chambers did not prosper in an environment in which many of his classmates were considerably better off than he, and had problems with poor grades and antisocial behavior, including stealing and drug abuse.

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