how to build a gaming pc

And if you keep reading beyond the parts breakdown, you'll see John and I in a long-form video, in which we build this PC from parts in a knock-down, drag-out build session. options out there for each of these. A strong gaming computer has the potential for higher resolutions, faster frame rates, … This midsize tower was a big factor in deciding to go with a black-and-white theme for the rest of the parts—a clean, modern style. This model comes with a solid port selection and plated heatsinks that don't get in the way of installation, and it fits the black-and-white color scheme. Many Windows games are even perfectly playable using. "But what parts are really the most vital for the gamer? Find out more about our range of solid state drives (SSDs). No, because following installation, the product key needs to be activated through Microsoft. When your system is assembled, it’s time to hit the power button! Completing a build only to run out of space a few months later will likely be more frustrating than being killed over and over by someone camped out in your favorite first person shooter game. In case you are wondering what motherboard you need for gaming, you need a motherboard that can support your processor and other components. This was a tricky one. You may give up on storage to get an SSD, or choose more spacious RAM over a GPU model. The first part you should install is the processor chip. This is the meatiest part of building your own gaming PC. Be aware of expensive motherboards that show off a lot of unnecessary features. We originally budgeted for an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060—a modest but effective HD gaming card. Can I just take a look at my friend's windows 7 product key and then I download windows 7 and enter his product key? However, if you are a casual gamer with little technical knowledge, it would be convenient to buy a gaming PC. Want to cook it up yourself? With some initial research, it won’t be awfully difficult. To install the Operating System (OS), you just have to insert the OS CD or download the software onto another computer and transfer via a USB stick. Do you want a graphics card specifically for, If this amount simply won't work for you, though, you could go with a cheaper 128GB SSD for your operating system and a few key applications with a larger, less expensive platter-based hard drive for the rest. Therefore, make sure you wear an anti-static strap to protect the components you have possibly spent hundreds of dollars on. However, if you are looking to push the threshold of gaming performance with cutting-edge hardware and accessories, it will cost more. Do I need a wired controller or a wireless adapter for my wireless controller? Remember that additional RAM creates a substantial amount of extra heat and will cause more power usage. When it comes to deciding on a graphics card, it's all about personal preference and determining what you place the most value on. Some cases use 80mm, others use 120mm fans, and some are built for both. The opportunities for just how perfectly you can customize your computer so that it’s just how you want and need are practically endless. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. All told, we found enough hidey-holes and pass-throughs to tunnel most of the cables and stash around back before plugging everything in. This may help you save money in the unfortunate event of a hardware failure. Now you can attach USB, audio, and any other cables to the indicated places on the computer case and motherboard. Technically speaking, the physical assembly shouldn’t take a pro more than an hour. Some high-end enthusiasts may insist on a Core i7 ($344.93 at Amazon) , but you truly don't need one for gaming, as most games don't stress the Hyper-Threading function that makes Core i7 models so appealing for other CPU-intensive tasks. Below is a rundown of the components, including our thought process on why we went with them over other options. Next, slide the motherboard into the case until the ports fit through the I/O shield. When you're simply screwing in multiple tiny screws, there isn't much to say, and you start to become very conscious of the entertainment factor. Keep all your games and if you have enough room, your OS on your SSD and everything else on your hard drive. Do I still need a video card?

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