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Enjoy Your Freedom.” “Hold the sign up. It’s beautiful — and troubling. The new documentary “Father Soldier Son” captures the toll—both physical and psychological—of the Afghanistan War on one military family plagued by tragedy. The result is a deeply intimate and revealing family portrait that proves admirable in its objectivity if occasionally frustrating in its sprawling sketchiness. With fly-on-the-wall camerawork that never unduly intrudes on the action it’s capturing, and with a chronological editorial structure that creates subtle echoes throughout, directors Einhorn and Davis convey a collection of problems, big and small, that are familiar to armed-forces families. Having grown up anxious about forever losing his dad, younger Joey responds by wanting to follow in Brian’s footsteps—both on the battlefield and, before that, on the wrestling mat, a venue where his failures to win are exacerbated by his dad’s embarrassment and disappointment at Joey’s lack of killer-instinct toughness. Initially slated for a Tribeca Film Festival premiere, the film begins streaming on Netflix on July 17. Pandemic Shifts the Map During College Football’s Roller Coaster Season: Data Viz, Add Privacy and a New Design Element To Your Space With a Barn Door Kit. That tragically turns out not to be the case when he comes home after suffering an injury that ultimately results in his leg being amputated below the knee. Eisch won full custody and very soon became Isaac and Joey’s entire world. Throughout his youth, Brian wrestled competitively. Some semblance of stability returns, albeit of a jagged sort; theirs is a makeshift existence wracked by day-to-day struggles as well as deeper-seated doubts, resentment and terror. Brian, Isaac and Joey all confess, at different moments, to fighting horrible thoughts while lying in bed late at night, and when Joey wonders aloud if he might have become a better wrestler had his dad not been shot—because Brian could have provided more hands-on training—Father Soldier Son touches upon the little ways that calamity irreparably alters familial dynamics, and how we think about ourselves, what we strive to be, and what we could have been. | Cookie Settings, Courtesy of Netflix/Marcus Yam/The New York Times. Despite surviving his final overseas campaign, Brian is a casualty of war—and so too are Isaac and Joey. Director of photography: Leslye Davis The documentary proves most effective in capturing the mindset of people who make the military their vocation. Nathan Halpern’s understated score and co-director-cinematographer Davis’s visual appreciation of the harsh then bountiful landscape of upstate New York and rural Wisconsin provide similar opportunities to ponder the big questions the Eisches face. Still, Joey has pure childlike faith in the fact that “My dad is in Afghanistan, trying to make this country how it is.”. And now, who am I?" Producers: Catrin Einhorn, Leslye Davis, Kathleen Lingo, Nancy Donaldson Gauss © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter Everyone’s path has been shifted by Brian’s combat injury, and is then altered again by an unthinkable tragedy that further decimates the Eischs—and for Isaac, compels him to once again reevaluate his plans for the future. It’s coming from that formerly can-do kid. Then he and 8-year-old brother Joey spy dad and leap into a long embrace. Not long after we see Brian and Maria get married, tragedy unexpectedly strikes. Isaac doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps, professing an intense desire to go to college and pursue a career in law enforcement. But the film soon becomes something much more complex. To Joey and his older brother Isaac Eisch, this is all they have beyond the sporadic two-week reprieve when Brian arrives back to their Washington home. The emotional toll that military service takes on families is palpable during Father Solider Son’s earlygoing, and Einhorn and Davis’ documentary is quickly complicated by catastrophe: Brian is injured in the line of duty while attempting to save an Afghanistan police officer, and suffers severe leg injuries that send him home, permanently and in considerable agony. That Isaac ultimately takes the military route, even though he admits he has no idea why exactly his country is fighting in Afghanistan, invests Father Soldier Son …

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