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Note: This article contains references to dating violence and images that may recall sexual assault. dropping kpop translation lyrics like it's hot. They are attractive and glamorously dressed in black—the signature colour of femmes fatales—but they do not take on the active femme fatale role of seduction; it is the man making most of the advances in each scenario. Our eyes are meeting Where “Décalcomanie” goes wrong is not just in presenting acts of male violence against women without questioning them. gogaereul kkeudeok kkeudeok sum swil suga eomne An orange picture, I feel good Knock Knock 낯선 너의 등장이 평소답지 않은 눈빛이 뭔가 느낌이 좀 수상해 지금은 12시10분전 점점 분위기에 취하고 눈빛은 서로를 비추고 흐르는 침묵도 끈적해 터질 것만 같은 우리 사이 너와나 입을 맞춰 I feel good 너에게 나를 맡겨 I feel good 이건 좀 위험해 위험해 위험해 나 선을 넘을 것만 같아 너와나 같이 그린 I feel good 오렌지 빛깔 그림 I feel good 조금은 위험해 위험해 위험해도 멈출 수가 없어 나 I feel good Kncok Knock 그때 예상했었지 여잔 촉이 정말 빠르지 이미 물은 엎질러졌어 우린 몰래 새벽을 맞네 At that time Knock Kno… We made it together, we put it on each other Nagai yoru wa korekara. [Wheein/Hwasa]u [Wheein]rin mollae saebyeogeul manne, 2nd chorus: Oh cell phones off Solar‘s scene is the most explicitly violent one: the man grabs her wrist and pushes her against the wall of the lift. While there are variations of the technique, its basics consist of pressing two surfaces together by hand to transfer ink or paint, resulting in a fractal, symmetrical pattern. 흐르는 침묵도 끈적해 Oh haendeuponeun Off chimyeongjeogin hoheub So much more can be said about this debacle, but I will just put in these last words. neoye sonjit tto momjit (I feel good) By couching them in the guise of romantic attraction, these acts are offered up as images of thrill and beauty, as something to be desired rather than denounced. This is not the first time that Mamamoo’s MVs have raised eyebrows for instances of sexual assault, but this is by far the most troubling episode. Throw your hands up, Clap your hands. I can’t control myself Like decalcomanie, I feel good, Korean: The burning rose and shattering wine glass sequences interspersed with the kiss scenes add to the repertoire. I’m trusting myself with you, I feel you The track certainly delivers musically, continuing to put a modern spin on Mamamoo’s funky retro style to further their signature sound. Mon amour gimme your tenderness. Oh 핸드폰은 Off 치명적인 호흡 [Hwasa]Knock Knock / Nasseon neoye deungjangi / Pyeongsodapji aneun nunbichi Pyeongsodabji anheun nunbichi 04. Throw your hands up high Mamamoo Decalcomanie Lyrics. 조금은 위험해 위험해 위험해도 Color coded Lyrics “Décalcomanie” is the French word from which decalcomania, the term for an art technique, is derived. Clap your hands” before the last chorus is ALL. Before getting down to this bone of contention, it may be useful to consider the title of the track to understand what it is trying to achieve. A film noir story typically develops around a cynical male detective character who encounters a beautiful but seductive, double-dealing woman. 눈빛은 서로를 비추고 Mwonga neukkimi jom susanghae 05. Like a girl going through puberty The shots end up feeling exploitative instead of evocative. It isn’t an “angle” or an “interpretation”. Even the flowing silence is sticky igeon jom wiheomhae wiheomhae wiheomhae na Following the climax of the kiss scenes, part of the choreography has the members mimicking the action of shooting, and it cuts to Hwasa setting off an explosion of some kind. 내 공간에 와준 널 환영해, Knock Knock Knock Knock [Solar]orenji bitkkal geurim [Solar/Wheein]I feel good Lirik Decalcomanie oleh MAMAMOO. Furthermore, the persona is aware that there is something “dangerous” going on, but still proclaims, “I’m trusting myself with you”. I think I’ll cross a line, You and I, same picture, I feel good 이건 좀 위험해 위험해 위험해 나 I want you. You’re so chigau manazashi. Nachseon neoui deungjangi 03. You made me dream of a romance 멈출 수가 없어 나 popgasa Mamamoo Decalcomanie, english, kpop, lirik lagu, lyrics, mamamoo, translation 5 Comments. Throw your hands up, clap your hands, You and I, same picture, I feel good info:, They performed at their showcase, and there are a few things that need to be fixed :), [Wheein] Knock Knock geuttae yesanghaesseotji [Wheein]neowana gachi geurin I feel good neowa danduri majeun achimi (I feel good) 터질 것만 같은 우리 사이, 너와 나 입을 맞춰 I feel good I feel good, Knock Knock Last chorus: Fatal breathing Jeomjeom bunwigie chwihago 07. [Solar] neowa danduri majeun achimi (I feel good) Knock Knock. Rom: choppywaves Your unusual look [Solar/Moonbyul] du soneul meoriwiro seoroga mandeureo naen seoroga muchyeojin Your gestures, your body (I feel good) Nunbicheun seololeul bichugo rain bogo shipeo baekheogeukkaji neo uh During the media showcase for Memory, Solar remarks that they had “failed to take into account that different angles may lead to different interpretations”. Dapatkan lirik lagu lain oleh MAMAMOO di I feel good good good good, heongkeureojin meori heolkeu gateun badi This is a little dangerous dangerous dangerous I wanna see your line, give me a back hug It’s about to explode between us, You and I, we kiss, I feel good teojil geonman gateun uri sai, neowa na ibeul matchweo I feel good Jigeumeun 12si10bunjeon 06. Chinmoku sae It’s OK. Sakerarenai unmei. For what it’s worth, the idea of decalcomania and other visual motifs had the real potential to express female sexuality and passion creatively yet strikingly. I feel good good good good, 헝클어진 머리 헐크 같은 바디 [Solar/Moonbyul] Clap your hands, in the second chorus the Mamamoo Lyrics "Decalcomanie (데칼코마니)" [Romanized:] Knock Knock Nasseon neoye deungjangi Pyeongsodapji aneun nunbichi Mweonga neukkimi jom susanghae Jigeumeun yeodulshishibunjeon Jeomjeom bunwigie chwihago Nunbicheun seororeul bichugo It’s ten minutes before twelve, You and I, we kiss, I feel good It’s an oppressive, traumatising, lived reality that is daily being trivialised and twisted into an illusion of normality and beauty, not by the media and popular culture—as though these mediums run themselves—but by the very people, people like them, behind these mediums. The group Mamamoo harmonizes in both audio and live performances so I feel it a great injustice to color coded it as “the main person singing.”. The melody line retains the rhythm and energy of swing, coupled with Mamamoo’s power vocals, while the bass incorporates a medium-tempo drum beat that injects the song with a different vibe from their previous title tracks. seoneul neomeul geonman gata, neowa na gachi geurin I feel good I feel good good good good, Your tangled hair, your body like Hulk 손을 머리위로 Clap your hands, 너와 나 같이 그린 I feel good #jungkook It isn’t a “concept” or  something to introduce “diversity”. She uses her sexual attractiveness and cunning to manipulate him, often bringing both of them to a downfall. Knock Knock Knock Knock Eng: pop!gasa SHIMME... #bts 오렌지 빛깔 그림 I feel good I can’t control myself Your unfamiliar appearance. Do you know who I am?Or how do I look now? I want, I want you +. Even though Wheein sings in their live performances, Hwasa still sings it in the actual audio. (MAMAMOO is Come and tell me so much, Beautiful heart. urin mollae saebyeogeul manne, At that time neoege nareul matgyeo I feel good I want to be your decalcomania. The decalcomania trope recurs in the MV, such as in a top shot of Moonbyul dancing in a suit, and in other images of symmetry, like the mirror sequences. #jimin [W/H] 여잔 촉이 정말 빠르지 We made it together, we put it on each other Knock Knock These actions may not appear to be outright assaults, but they cannot be divorced from the social context which renders them as symptoms of male violence and sexual aggression at large. [All] soneul meoriwiro 너의 손짓 또 몸짓 (I feel good) Arinomama Kissing I feel good. In “Décalcomanie”, every member except Moonbyul has been subject to the all-too-familiar, yet no less insidious wrist grab. But the potential of these forms of expression were marred by the preceding gestures of violence. Knock Knock 02. [W/H] yeojan chogi jeongmal ppareuji coming back for you) Copyright © 2018 KLY KapanLagi Youniverse All Right Reserved, igeon jom wiheomhae wiheomhae wiheomhae na, jogeumeun wiheomhae wiheomhae wiheomhaedo, Oh haendeuponeun Off chimyeongjeogin hoheub, nareul kkaeuneun neoye soksagim (I feel good), neowa danduri majeun achimi (I feel good), gogaereul kkeudeok kkeudeok sum swil suga eomne, seoroga mandeureo naen seoroga muchyeojin. Silakan. Throw your hands up high A secret party, lay out the red carpet RBW Entertainment, Mamamoo, and the creative team of “Décalcomanie” need to get this straight: Sexual violence against women is not beautiful. ), MONSTA X (Kihyun & Jooheon) – Attracted Woman (끌리는 여자). MAMAMOO - Décalcomanie (데칼코마니) Lyrics KOREAN Romanization, Korean, Translation. Knock Knock Your unexpected entrance Your unusual look Something feels suspicious It’s … This is not at all to say that similar instances in the MVs of girl groups who do not have such an image should be condoned. jigeumeun yeodulshishibunjeon. pyeongsodapji aneun nunbichi. Welcome to my space, Knock Knock Knock Knock Jigeumeun 12si10bunjeon 06. Clap your hands, 나를 깨우는 너의 속삭임 (I feel good) I’m nodding, I can’t breathe 꿈꾸게 만들었어 로맨스 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST - My Love (내 사랑) by Lee Hi neul meolliseo jikyeomanbwassjyo I always saw you from afar. jogeumeun wiheomhae wiheomhae wiheomhaedo Clap your hands, Your whispers wake me up (I feel good) [Wheein]seoroga mandeureo naen [Wheein/Solar/Hwasa]seoroga [Wheein]muchyeojin I predicted right then In a close-up of her hand that is chillingly reminiscent of the shower murder scene in Psycho, we see her struggling against his grasp before succumbing, presumably because of the kiss that is not pictured on-screen. Above all, RBW Entertainment and Mamamoo not only fail to address the root of the problem, but wilfully deny it. In every live performance thus far the “I feel good” at the end of the second chorus has gone to Wheein, as well as all my other corrections tanding true. How peculiar, because the only people I see being pushed around in the MV are women, not men. 비밀스런 파티 깔아 레드 카펫 This is a little dangerous dangerous dangerous Beyond these actions, the situations in which the encounters take place are also disturbingly similar to settings where sexual assault often occur: at night, in lifts or elevators, in a car, in the deserted hallway of a hotel.

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