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1997 Chester Cup, Top Cees ridden by Jimmy Fortune. Expert travel planners, who help tailor and book your perfect holiday. 1994 Chester Cup, Doyce ridden by Gary Bardwell. 1847 Tradesmen’s Cup was won by St Lawrence owned by Mr Drinkald. Also The Knave, bay colt owned by Sir H Mainwaring The Vase was won by Old Vic ridden by Steve Cauthen The Vase was won by Bulandshar ridden by F.Fox. 1888 Tradesmen’s Cup was won by Kinsky owned by Mr J G R Homfray The Vase was won by Blue Rod ridden by D.Greening, 1955 Chester Cup, Prescription ridden by Bill Rickaby. The Vase was won by Swift and Sure ridden by R A Jones. The rare handbill shown below is provided courtesy of the Robert Shaw collection. 1935 Chester Cup, Damascus ridden by H.Foster. The Vase was won by Papal Bull ridden by Kieron Fallon, 2007 Chester Cup, Greenwich Meantime ridden by Paul Hanagan. 1889 Tradesmen’s Cup was won by Millstream owned by Mr Blundell Maple Badge issued by the Ludlow Club & Next time you visit, take a walk around the Parade Ring and you will read many interesting facts about Chester Racecourse, perhaps some for the first time. The Vase was won by Panama City ridden by John Reid, 1998 Chester Cup, Silence in Court ridden by Alan Mackay. By submitting this form you agree to us sending you e-mail communications and you have read and understood our. 4. 1913 Chester Cup, The Guller ridden by J Lesdon. Coordinates: 53°11′11″N 2°53′59″W / 53.18639°N 2.89972°W / 53.18639; -2.89972, For the Chester, Pennsylvania race track, see, The Roodee Chester, Liverpool Standard and General Commercial Advertiser, Friday 08 May 1840, p4 (citing an article from the Chester Gazette), A P Baggs, Ann J Kettle, S J Lander, A T Thacker and David Wardle, 'House of Benedictine nuns: The priory of Chester', in A History of the County of Chester: Volume 3, ed. With grateful thanks to Gerald 1866 Tradesmen’s Cup was won by Dalby owned by Mr W G Bennett The Vase was won by Buchan ridden by F Bullock. From holiday deals and great new resorts to all the latest news from the exciting world of travel, leave your details and I’ll make sure you’re always in the loop! The current name for Chester Racecourse of - The Roodee is a mixture of the Norse and Saxon languages and means The Island of the Cross. The Chester Cup was won by Heron Bridge, ridden by Tom Burns, while the Vase was won by Castle Rock ridden Doug Smith The course was taken over by the MOD during World War 2 and a prisoner of war camp erected. 1959 Chester Cup, Agreement owned by The Queen and ridden by W.H.Carr. Intrusive (100/7) owned by Lord Ellesmere and ridden by Whalley 1974 Chester Cup, Attivo ridden by Roger Wernham. Chester Racecourse is on the banks of the River Dee, which was originally a harbour, with legend stating that the cross on the ‘rood’ was to commemorate a former statue of the Virgin Mary that had been torn down. The Vase was won by Mr Combustible ridden by Michael Hills 1859 Tradesmen’s Cup was won by Leamington owned by Mr F Higgins 2019 Chester Cup, Making Miracles (16/1) ridden by Franny Norton. The Vase was won by King Babur ridden by P.Robinson Unnamed chestnut colt by Tityrus, owned by Sir W Wynn It is now used as a classic trial because Chester’s left handed turns mirror those experienced at Epsom. 1978 Chester Cup, Sea Pigeon ridden by Mark Birch. The Vase was won by Law Society ridden by Pat Eddery, 1986 Chester Cup, Western Dancer ridden by Paul Cook. If the legend is true, then this is the first recorded case of a jury being used in a court.[2]. Joe Chamberlain filly (100/7) owned by Mr J Whipp and ridden by Trigg The Vase was won by Sky High ridden by T Weston. 1995 Chester Cup, Top Cees ridden by Kieron Fallon. 1868 Tradesmen’s Cup was won by Paul Jones owned by Mr G Hodgman The Vase was won by Peshtigo ridden by Michael Hills The Vase was won by Treasure Beach ridden by Ryan Moore, 2012 Chester Cup, Ile de Re ridden by Jim Crowley. 1972 Chester Cup, Eric ridden by A.Cressy. A feature of Chester races, even to this day, is that racegoers and horses walk to the racecourse through the city. 1915 Chester Cup won by Hare Hill ridden by Steve Donoghue; the Vase was won by Esplandian ridden by C.Dickens The Vase was won by Jupiter Pluvius ridden by John Gorton The Vase was won by Gulf Pearl ridden by Jimmy Lindley, 1966 Chester Cup, Aegean Blue ridden by Lester Piggott. Horse racing at Chester dates back to the early sixteenth century, with 1539 cited as the year racing began. Belted Earl (100/7) owned by Mr Reid Walker and ridden by E Wheatley The main characteristic of the course is the very short straight (239 yards). Dee Stakes (£500) over 1 ½ miles 1960 Chester Cup, Trelawny ridden by Frankie Durr. In 1930 a tote was introduced at the course, and such was the appeal of the racecourse that in 1937 a grandstand was built. The Vase was won by Armiger ridden by Pat Eddery The Vase was won by Proverb ridden by Ernie Johnson The Vase was won by Silver Cloud ridden by Ron Hutchinson 1885 Tradesmen’s Cup was won by Merry Prince owned by Mr H B Craig The Vase was won by Twist & Turn ridden by Steve Cauthen, 1993 Chester Cup, Rodeo Star ridden by Nicky Carlisle. 1946 Chester Cup, Retsel ridden by C Richards. The Vase was won by Luso ridden by Mick Kinane, 1996 Chester Cup, Merit ridden by John Quinn. The Vase was won by Millenary ridden by Pat Eddery, 2001 Chester Cup, Rainbow High ridden by Richard Hughes. 1985 Chester Cup, Morgan’s Choice ridden by Willie Carson. The Vase was won by Supreme Court ridden by Rae Johnstone, 1952 Chester Cup, Le Tellier ridden by G.Littlewood. 1928 Chester Cup was won by St Mary's Kirk ridden by W Alford. 3. The first recorded date of a race taking place at Chester Racecourse is 1539. Tarporley Racecourse first witnessed racing on Tuesday 5th November 1776 when administered by the Tarporley Hunt Club which itself had been founded in 1762. 2000 Chester Cup, Bangalore ridden by Gary Bardwell. 1951 Chester Cup, Wood Leopard ridden by J.Egan. 1927 Chester Cup, Dark Japan ridden by Charlie Smirke. 2. 2014 Chester Cup, Suegioo ridden by Ryan Moore. 1863 Tradesmen’s Cup was won by Asteroid owned by Sir J Hawley Less fanciful is a report[3] from 1840 that the stone obelisk is the base of a cross that marked the boundary of the Benedictine Nunnery, the nunnery having been created in the mid 12th century, and dissolved in January 1540. Chester’s Roodee course is by far the oldest in England, with one of the earliest recorded meetings taking place on Shrove Tuesday while Henry VIII was still on the throne.

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