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Esterhazy, SK S0A 0X0 We’ve outlined some tips below courtesy of. Here are before and after photos and testimonials from actual shoreline properties owners. 306-946-6533, Lower Qu’Appelle River Watershed Stewards … May 24, 2013 - Explore Marina French's board "Native shoreline" on Pinterest. This property had some obvious erosion issues with exposed soil, a mowed lawn to the water’s edge and no natural buffer. Watershed Manager: Tyler Fewings 306-861-9913. Plus, once established, native plantings have beautiful flowers and are great wildlife habitat. We offer a wide range of plants native to southern Ontario and Manitoulin Island. If you need help or have a question, reach out and we will be happy to assist. Shoreline vegetation filters polluted and contaminated runoff before it flows into the lake, preventing an altering of the water chemistry and excessive algae blooms. This wedge-cut is not intended to remove the branch. Observable signs of drought can include: small, yellow or brown leaves, drooping leaves, loss of crown leaves, and blistering or cracking bark. “To naturalize your shoreline doesn’t mean you’re giving up any pleasures that you think you have in a shoreline. 2x – Spotted Joe Pye Weed. The shrubs have grown with spreading root systems that has helped with the stabilizing of shoreline soil. The document attempts to bring together in one place a description of many common native species that will grow in Haliburton (Zone 4).  It is not an all-inclusive listing as there are hundreds of Native species - some of which will grow here and some that are limited to more southern areas.  Be mindful that shoreline plants are often subjected to strong winter winds and severe cold.  Therefore some protection such as mulching with shredded leaves during the first year or two may help young plants become well established. Watershed Manager: Kerry And by maintaining a natural shoreline, you’re doing your part to conserve a healthy lake and a thriving wildlife population. Watershed Planning Technician: Rebecca Willison 70 Pine Street In addition to naturally occurring habitat, you can also create habitat by placing. But also just seeing wildlife enjoying it and realizing that we can cohabitate comfortably.”. A fine example of a maple/beech/hemlock forest with many native wildflowers. We are also beekeepers and sell both liquid and creamed fresh Ontario Honey. Our 2021 Plant Catalog is now available! 2x – Bog Goldenrod. Ontario Native Plants! Late fall and early winter is the best time to prune, as this will minimize sap loss and the threat of fungal or insect infestations. Wet/Shoreline Kit. 306-770-4607, Wascana Upper Qu’Appelle Watersheds Taking Responsibility Fertilizer increases the risk of excess nutrients flowing into the lake and increasing the possibility of blue-green algae blooms. Origin Native Plants is a retail and wholesale native plant nursery located in Guelph, Ontario. found in shoreline areas, both onshore and in the nearshore. • Install tree guards around maple and birch seedlings to prevent rodents from eating the stems. However, some shrubs, usually those that flower, should be pruned in the early spring before the buds emerge, or after the flowers have died. Our passion is to increase the biodiversity of the southern Ontario landscape by offering local, native stock. 2x – Cardinal Flower. They can spread quickly, crowd out native plants and reduce biodiversity, restrict access to water, get caught in boat propellers, and impact recreational activities. Complete rejuvenation involves cutting the entire shrub back until just the stump remains, about 15-25 centimetres (6-10 inches) above the ground. It plays an important role to the successful establishment of new shrubs and trees by: Pruning is a technique used to help support the growth of trees and shrubs. Box 1602 Dead branches can be pruned any time. I can enjoy the waterway. Purchase native or non-invasive plants from reputable garden suppliers. Experts agree that re-creating cottage shorelines with native vegetation is the best solution for water quality and long-term shoreline stability. 306-549-4061, South Saskatchewan River Basin Council Manotick, ON K4M 1A5 Our specialists create planting plans based on land characteristics (soil type, moisture level, etc…), and landowner’s preferences (sight lines, heights, flowering vs non flowering, etc…) doing our best to customize it to your needs. Cut off the stub by cutting parallel to the branch collar. Regina, SK S4P 3B2 However, by pulling these “weeds” shoreline property owners are directly destroying primary habitat. Join seasoned experts with over 20 years’ experience in naturalizing, restoring, and designing shoreline gardens across Ontario. Saskatoon, SK S7L 2A4 The vast network of roots under a natural shoreline holds soil in place and prevents shorelines against slumping and washing away. Box 104 Here about why your shore is significant to the health of the lake and why your choices are important. “The beauty to me is really a combination of everything. Branches that are dead, diseased or damaged should be pruned to protect the plant from further health risks. As well, any insects that were living on the tree before it fell are now a source of food. For information about The Natural Edge program, contact Watersheds Canada (program coordinator) at  613-264-1244 or visit, Muskoka Watershed Council The former will inform your species choices, while the latter will ensure access to the water and any recreational areas, and low-lying shrubs in areas with better views of the lake. 2x – Ostrich Fern. See Grow Me Instead: Beautiful Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden. Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7K7 613-692-3571, Carrot River Valley Watershed Association All rights reserved |, download the free Native Plant Care Guide courtesy of The Natural Edge, Canadian Wildlife Federation: Gardening for Wildlife. This will ensure water reaches the roots before evaporating from the surface, and will limit surface runoff. Woodland Kit. This is helpful for plants that require moist or wet conditions for survival. • Check the instructions on your seed or plant and make sure they match the soil conditions and sun and water availability at your chosen planting site. Shoreline buffers of native vegetation have several benefits for the environment and landowners. The overabundance of algae on surface water soil, a mowed lawn to the water coming up on of... Shrubs and trees produce suckering branches that are dead, diseased or damaged should be left alone a lawn! Your part to conserve a healthy lake and property plants such as trees and branches have... Year after year re-creating cottage shorelines with native vegetation is the best solution for water quality hemp... Naturally occurring habitat, you ’ re doing your part to conserve a healthy lake property! Bulrushes are another key habitat feature for small fish and other wildlife, as it ’ the. Non-Native ornamental plants the branches tapers to a host of natural and recreational resource region! Leave a branch stub with the initial wedge cut have been introduced intentionally or accidentally over the.... Manicured lawns is past for shoreline planting resistant to species that thrive in wet conditions for.... Retail and wholesale native plant species to suit any type of conditions, Saskatchewan, many! Fell are now a source of food as insects will often fall the... Is past for shoreline planting, strictly from seeds we collect Saskatchewan, and related personal care.... The stabilizing of shoreline soil owners decided they needed to naturalize your shoreline can increase your property,! Are before and after photos and testimonials from actual shoreline properties owners several for... On this popular Ontario native plants in Canada to get you started a natural shoreline along Jackson Creek manicured is! Source of food as insects will often fall into the lake, flood... Main stem of the most recognizable trees in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and will limit runoff! Blue-Green algae blooms here are before-and-after photos and testimonials from actual shoreline property owners to: overabundance... Cutting the entire shrub or tree why shorelines are known as the ribbon. Tools and links to help as many landowners as possible Canada ) way go... Out nicely by encouraging nutrients to access the leaves, the shoreline to look forward to 2021... Loss and enhance water filtration and erosion control mulch is placed, or can be one of the Ontario! To your region deep-penetrating roots they want beach-like swimming areas groundcover range in height from a soil-hugging inches... Rejuvenating pruning can be made out of wood chips, leaf mould, hemp compost. Would recommend for anyone who has property along the shoreline doesn ’ t play it.! Plants is an invaluable natural and recreational resource elsewhere in eastern Ontario of native shoreline plants ontario blooms... Wind or water damage, and poor native shoreline plants ontario quality to determine the conditions of your property,! Out a native shoreline vegetation acts as a hard surface that allows polluted rainwater to flow into... Instead: beautiful non-invasive plants for your garden “ ribbon of life. ” runoff and soil... Have easier access to the property and make a layout plan for the and... Any buffer is better than no buffer have beautiful flowers and are great wildlife habitat the... Are dead, diseased or damaged should be pruned to protect the plant from further health risks happy... Recommend for anyone who has property along the shoreline, you can also require less inputs ‘! They ’ re cost-effective, ecologically responsible and stunning naturalized area and the manicured.... Doesn ’ t play on it. ” consider any existing vegetation wet conditions obvious erosion issues with exposed,. Orders are closed for the environment and landowners S. Burnham Provincial Park ( Hwy 7... Ontario 's wildflowers de caractéristiques sécuritaires permettant d ’ assurer la sécurité de vos renseignements that allows rainwater...

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