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The Egyptians had a parallel of Pan in their own mythology, the God Bess. He will never walk on all fours. In the center at the top you see your own foot in comparative size to the plaster-casts. Thus, patience and imagination, together with their ANIMAL vitality, make them capable to contribute miracles of inventions in every sphere of interest. California where he went to live with his American wife. The too-loose pants the Russians used to wear when they came to get what they wanted from the gullible Anglomericans, were to disguise the odd angles of the always bent legs (do not, however, immediately think of the Russian ballet dancers, who have perfectly proportionate legs). Dilettante Press. But you can plainly see that this is a portrait of a local Sasquatch. Poland would be one of the elect of the new nations, the few who would stand against a new deluge and threat, maintaining and cherishing the true traditions of mankind. How do the Sasquatchians process all of these theories? Where, exactly, the idea of ancient aliens building the pyramids began — and why some academics think racism lies at the heart of many extraterrestrial theories. The teaching is similar to the anti-Semitic extremists who think Jews are descendants of Eve and Satan. If you’re curious about his theories, you can look up “Zermatism” and “Behold the Protong.”. From her face streams the dirt that thickened the waters of the globe when continents were submerging and other ones re-emerging. There were numerous plaster-casts made by various people who found Sasquatch foot-imprints in deep forests. Before him sits piously a bearded Human. Due to the combination of our parents’ physical and mental traits and our total CHANCE conception (each male orgasmic explosion releases some 14,000,000 spermatozoons, each bringing a different personality, one of which may enter the mother’s jelly-egg with its traits) you and I are the inheritors of a personality that may go back to millions of years ago and that could have been some almost divinity or the basest of criminals. Can you gauge the hatred behind those beady eyes? (I have one entire volume on Yetinsyny who have greatly contributed to mankind’s enlightenment and well-being. The most comprehensive dating of Neanderthal bones and tools ever carried out suggests that the two species lived side-by-side for up to 5,000 years. They are the nibelungs, the little pixies, the fairies of the legends of every country. The third gorilla has nostrils that lay flatly wrinkled on the muzzle and there is no split across the nose. While a man’s genitals are projecting from his lower abdomen, therefore in front of him, you may recall from your latest visit to the zoo that the genitals of the ape are placed further back, so that in the ape’s slight stoop they show in the rear, as in this drawing. A small baked pottery carving showing an Egyptian Bess with a tail, a crown of feathers on his head and the Dawngreeting Mirror in his hand. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. It waits till a small bird, like the meadow pippit, flies away seeking food, then descends on its nest and lays an egg. Szukalski then went on to the Fine Arts Academy in Krakow, where he studied This drawing of a most renowned fresco illustrates a Pan dressed in the skin of a slain stag, so as to get close enough to the doe unnoticed, for the purpose of raping her. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. A darling-of-a-doctor who poisoned many of his patients till apprehended and imprisoned, to poison some more after his release. Thus, we definitely know that this is a Pan (the Feared One) from Greek mythology. However!!! In the last several years the magazines featured a number of articles about the sightings in remote areas of Sas-quatches, Yetis, Abominable Snowmen, which press-gossip caused pooh-poohs from the less imaginative who, believing in the infallibility of science, denounce the “naive” and “unworldly” who “fall for such childish fantasies”. and Clarence Darrow. This is the acromegalic type of face. Notable among these are the Dobbsians, a Messianic, apocalyptic splinter of the Catholic Judeo-Erisian faith. I have discovered that language, naming it in Polish, MACIMOWA (Motherspeech), and in English, PROTONG.”, Stanislav Szukalski, “Open Letter to Pope John Paul II”. Thus, patience and imagination, together with their ANIMAL vitality, make them capable to contribute miracles of inventions in every sphere of interest. Through the remainder of his life, Szukalski would create tens of thousands of drawings and design sculpture in support of this new, universal science, a science he called Zermatism. But look at the drawing of the late King Faruk of Egypt. The human upper lip flows down from the point of the nose to the lower rim of the lip. Having returned to Southern California, Szukalski and his family lived a life of poverty, the artist unable to show his now lost works, and, increasingly, unable to do much more than irritate gallery owners with his bombastic pronouncements and criticisms of other artists. The expulsion of the nestlings, which are minuscule in comparison to the parasitic invader, is so gruesome and sickening a sight, that I barely was able to continue watching the documentaries in which this was shown. But if their hope for vengeance is sublimated into beneficial inventiveness, and from their frantic indus-triousness and total dedication to their skills they get the reward sincere gratitude, appreciation and fame, which is LOVE from mankind, they purr like kittens and become the best of friends of appreciative humanity that is ALWAYS NOBLE. Because babes are always shortlimbed. A striking oddity of this presentation is the tail. When a Human kills, he is a criminal and, under the human law, has to be punished according to the degree to which a nation has scaled Evil, depending on its sensitivity or callousness. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. An ancient pottery mask, excavated in Peru. For your comparison, here is a preroman Italian medallion with the mask of Medusa. His legs are inherited from his ape father, which heritage is further attested to by the overlong torso. Modern humans and Neanderthals co-existed in Europe 10 times longer than previously thought, a study suggests. Zermatism  :  is a form of Scientists are diggers and tabulators. Instead of ostracizing every Yetinsyn in every country, that they may not concoct from one of their political philosophers, Karl Marx, Mao tse Tung, Nietszche, Bakunin, Kropotkin, or other haters of humanity, encourage them to partake in the arts: creative Art, applied arts, literature, in medicine and all forms of engineering. Here you have an ancestor, the sire of our future empire-amassers. However, despite the horrors that seem to follow them, there is hope for the Yetinsyny, as there is hope for all, that the burden of biology can be overcome. Here you have a most magnificent portrait, scratched on a piece of slate by the Cro-Magnon Human. ( Log Out /  This is precisely the word that became the name for the females of the domesticated Eta “people” of Japan. It works overtime pounding on the pulpit of subversion, calling all the misfits of the world to unite against the hated Human. It’s starting to seem like we (humans) were doing the nasty with Neanderthals for millenia: Modern humans and Neanderthals co-existed in Europe 10 times longer than previously thought, a study suggests. His too-short arms do not even come to his genitals. The new threat came not in the form of massive planetary change, but as a great conflict— the new threat came from the Manapes, the Yeti, the Sasquatch, who had also survived the Deluge, and now came to ravage the nascent Human civilizations and pollute the pure Human bloodlines. They double up for warmth the same way the domesticated Yetas did, spreading sheepskins on the ground for their foreheads to lean on. When ancient Greece found a substitute for the petroglyphic Art of scratching on rocks and cave walls, we gained the Art of vase painting as a means of relating the old legends and myths to the nation. I made this drawing of a Socratic type of Yetinsyn finishing a sketch by David, the master painter of the Neo-Classical Period at the time of the French Revolution. In this portrait from that tiny photograph I have further added my imagined details so to make this Sasquatch seem nearer to you. Having seen just some of the evidence, it may seem to the reader that the availability of a comprehensive dictionary of the Protong is almost a criminal oversight, especially given the incredible value such a tool would have to students of history and linguistics. “Monument for the Mermaid of Warsaw (detail),” 1958, a conté and ink on paper by Stanislav Szukalski. Like a delayed newspaper report about life in ancient Greece, here is another story. It was not until 1935, to a climate of intensive cultural clashing in Europe, that he would return to Poland, forming a studio in Katowice, Silesia, under the patronage of voivode Michał Grażyński, to produce new artworks for local government and the esteemed Silesian Museum. The Serpent, as always, represents the Great Flood. When you imagine the face without the beard, you can readily recognize many subversive politicians and communists in it.

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