The Less I Know the Better

I get the Mr Briggs believes that even though the students are on a school trip they should still behave in an orderly fashion and that they should be learning at the same time as behaving themselves. She looses it with briggs and never with the kids. Willy Russell has cleverly used stage directions in this scene, to buildup tension.He has used stage directions a great deal; so more tension is given off in this emotional part of the play. The children are less interested in learning and more interested in enjoying their day out much to the dislike of Mr Briggs. is frantic and frustrated. Get Essay. London WC1R 4HQ. Willy Russell was born in 1947 near Liverpool, he has also At the zoo, Briggs is happiest so far because he knows alot about the animals and sees the oppitunity to teach the children. “I don’t like your attitude one bit.” “I ain’t said nuffin yet have i?” He threatens her “Count yourself lucky your not a lad.” This would mean he would thumb her one but the reader wouldn’t be able to tell whether he means it or not. He tells them how he goes there on the weekend to take pictures but Digga tells him that his dad works there and hates it. The play, "Our Day Out" was written by Willy Russell in 1976, set in In the play Our Day Out, we come to see two very different personalities, as the teachers clash on a school outing to Conway. Mrs Kay wants the children to stretch their legs where as Mr Briggs wouldnt have bothered. Square Conditions. , this affected Briggs by him realizing his mistake in misunderstanding them so much and thinking that they (the progress class kids) know absolutely nothing. Throughout the whole play Mr Briggs has given the impression that he has been changing and developing into a better person but I do not think that these changes to Mr Briggs are permanent. They also believe differently about the education of the children and the reality of their situation. The story is about a school trip for a progress class visiting an old castle wreck in Wales however, the progress visits more than the old ruins. Both him and Mrs Kay are very different. About this resource. Get Your Custom Essay However, not all children had the right to be taught as effectively as was available in the 70s, through no fault of their own. He misunderstands the students in many ways because he doesn’t try or even want to understand them or their backgrounds.When Briggs is on the coach in conversation with a couple of the kids he asks them about their parents and he doesn’t seem to fully comprehend and relate the replies to what they’re like i. e. what they’re deprived of, he says to one of the children ‘I thought you meant he was away a lot’ after he asks him where’s his dad, then Briggs automatically assumes that the boys ‘father goes out to sea’ not that his fathers no good, and when Mr Briggs has taken the boys reply of ‘he just comes round every now an’ then. Updated: Sep 7, 2014. doc, 31 KB. His speech id After four decades of school integration America has given up, and the question is "Why? " What would you do? The reason for him changing his ‘fun’ appearance back to his strict one is obviously because he don’t want to stay that way or be seen like that, this trip was a one-off time for him. ‘, he said this because all the other teachers (Mrs Kay, Colin and Susan) hadn’t behaved how he did/how he wanted them to. Learn the basics with our essay writing guide. Hi there, would you like to get such an essay? View US version . The location is south of the river Thames and crowds of people are gathered. Mr Briggs has much more stricter views and ideas on how a school trips should be conducted. When was it made? here’s nothing for them to do’, thus Mrs Kay quit trying to educate them due to the fact that she knows nobody (including the kids themselves) cares, and that the kids will definitely get nowhere in life so she doesn’t want to waste or ruin there time as well as hers while doing something that won’t be worthwhile to anyone. ‘ so she knows what she can and can’t achieve in life; she’s intelligent enough not to listen to anything anyone tells her just to cheer her up, enliven and encourage her. The play, called "Our Day Out", written by Willy Russell, was about a progress class going on a day out to Conwy Castle, in Wales. ga('create', 'UA-90324623-5', 'auto'); described, How Willy Russell Makes Scenes 5 And 35 Effective In Our Day Out This is shown through, in particular, the way in which Mrs Wan dresses. In the book 'Our Day Out', Willy Russell interests us in the characters of Carol and Briggs by showing us the contrast of personalities and the difference in lifestyle between the two. Most of this is probably caused by his constant day dreamingthroughout this trip into town and not concentrating too hard on what he'sdoing. In addition to him learning better teaching related techniques, he has also come into the world of reality – by having more knowledge of why the kids are like what they’re like. NAME_SITE = ''; var Analytics = {}; Loading... Save for later. Works Cited Missing An example of where she illustrates this is when she says to Briggs, ‘stop fooling yourself… teach them what? “I said get to the front!” Briggs stays at the back of the bus and sits between the 2 boys to make them behave. social and cultural background. living atmosphere to a noisy coach trip until then end of the Her first appearance in the play is with her looking out for a child’s safety; ‘Come away from that road will you? started to work hard now an' learned how to read...Well, d' y' think I'd be able t' live in one of them nice places?' When we first meet Briggs in the play driving along the poor Liverpool streets, the lollipop man Les refurs to him as a ‘arigant git’ which shows hes not respected by people, even people who dont know him as a person. the aim of the day. In the play Our Day Out, we come to see two very different personalities, as the teachers clash on a school outing to Conway. At the beginning of ‘Our Day Out’ the character of Mr. Briggs is told to ‘keep an eye on things. He would have let them sit on the bus until they got to Wales. playwright-William Russell skilfully created a strict old fashioned, ‘, therefore both the bear and Carol would not be able to survive in the wild or in Wales because they don’t know how to and also because they’ve not been taught or experienced life out of the pit/Liverpool.This scene made Mr Briggs realize that these children are not as dim as he’d previously thought and that they are realistic and not gullible at all. Scholars He reluctantly goes but would have been happy to go to the childrens zoo with the children. Not the one? r.src=t+h._hjSettings.hjid+j+h._hjSettings.hjsv; Text 23 is taken from ‘our day out’ by Willy Russel.In the text it describes of a school trip where a class of students are taken on a day out.Two of the main teachers in the text Mr Briggs and Mrs Kay have conflicting ideas on the purpose of the trip.

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