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The last headline-grabbing attack by a taipan in Australia occurred a couple years ago, when a teen boy was unexpectedly bitten by his pet inland taipan (he was rushed to a hospital and, fortunately, survived). Dangerous animals commonly stay away from big cities and are usually found in wilder, natural areas; though you may see a big spider at home once or twice, you should not be afraid, they are harmless for humans. Lucky for us! The behavior is mainly an attempt to protect chicks from invaders (humans) who may mean them harm. The venom is only powerful enough to kill small children, but it can be excruciatingly painful to adults as well, even for weeks after receiving the bite. In fact, the redback is quite a bit more dangerous. Referred to as the Thylacoleo carnifex, or" marsupial lion" by paleontologists, the creature was believed to be a modified koala that had teeth used for cutting as opposed to grinding and may have eaten other animals' flesh. It secretes proteins from the tick’s saliva that creates a lethal allergic reaction in humans. The dugite is a venomous snake native to the southwestern coast of Australia. To protect their cattle from dingos, Australians got together and constructed the world's largest fence, which stretches almost 3,500 miles! The victim may feel nauseous, anxious, restless and vomit. These species usually hide in grassy and leafy areas. In fact, they have the 5th deadliest venom of any snake on earth. This land snake can go from 2.3 to 3.3 feet (70 -100 centimeters) in length, and is usually used to hunting small mammals and birds. Also known as the "sea wasp," the box jellyfish is Australia's second most powerful stinger (after the cone snail), with venomous tentacles that can reach 9 feet in length and contain 5,000 stinging cells. Discover other dangerous animals from all over the world: If you want to read similar articles to The Most Dangerous Animals in Australia, we recommend you visit our Facts about the animal kingdom category. But on average, all the people killed each year by snakes, crocodiles and sharks can be … They also have the strongest bite of any animal on earth. If you want to learn more about the natural wonders of the land down under, check out their websites. This snake can be as long as 6.6 feet (2 meters). Human attacks are rare, but like most animals, they will strike if provoked. Their venom has been known to cause everything from headaches and paralysis to kidney damage and internal bleeding. They are pale blue and transparent in colour and get their name from the cube-like shape of their bell. You might even see bull sharks in Sydney Harbour or the Brisbane River, and some have washed up on city streets after storms. Saltwater crocs often assume humans who enter their territory are prey. Massive and mighty creatures, bull sharks have a flat snout, can grow to almost 12 feet in length and are very territorial. Fortunately, an antidote was created in the 1950s. Learn more about spiders, their origins, and how they are classified. With its bright and glossy shell, the cone snail may very well lure you in — but it’s best to avoid this lethal creature at all costs. On the one hand, they’re often adorable and friendly; on the other hand, Steve Irwin. Australian East coast, from Tasmania to Northern Queensland. Australian Saltwater crocodiles are possibly the most dangerous animals in Australia. Interestingly, Australia only has 66 venomous species, whereas Mexico has 80 and Brazil has 79. You'll identify this snake for being brownish in color, with the sides of their body being lighter than the center. That may not seem like much, but to quote Destiny's Child, "I don't think you're ready for this jelly!". Many victims don’t feel the bite at first, then become paralyzed and experience difficulty breathing and swallowing. There's no antidote, so you'll have to endure the symptoms for a while. They are known to strike quickly, and because their bite is relatively painless, it can take their victims a while to know what’s happened. (More on #1 later!) The funnel-web spider injects a deadly poison whenever it bites and death occurs within an hour. Discover sea squirts and sea tulips - with over 80 species in Sydney alone. Most bats are nocturnal animals, meaning they search for prey at night and sleep during the day. On land, you might come face to face with extremely venomous snakes and spiders. So it’s not a mystery that they’re responsible for the second most human attacks among shark species. Yes, we’re definitely coming to the snake portion of our list. That being said, untreated copperhead bites can kill adult humans. Unlike other crocs, these are capable of traveling thousands of miles via ocean current since they reside in salt water. They can be found in gardens — under logs, in sheds — as they favor warm, moist living environments. Again, though we can find the common European Honey Bee around the World, this species was introduced to the country in the nineteenth century. They are also known for attacking dogs in the water, so definitely keep you and your pup away for this pugnacious beast! That dwarfs the more ‘traditional’ scary animals we find down under, and it merits a spot on our list. The Australian Museum has one of the largest ornithological collections in the Southern Hemisphere, containing a wide cross-section of these feathered animals. In fact, the real events that inspired Jaws actually involved a particularly nasty bull shark. The eyes and nostrils are on top of their head, allowing it to remain mostly hidden beneath the surface of the water, yet still able to see, hear, smell, and of course, breath… making it a formidable predator. However, a similar creature may have once existed on the continent during the last Ice Age. Less than 1 death per year has been recorded from stinger since records began over a century ago, far less than drowning or car accidents. Come and explore what our researchers, curators and education programs have to offer! The redback spider looks like the black widow, but they’re really just cousins. Also, these taipans are naturally shy and tend to run away from trouble. We all love to sell sea shells by the sea shore. Like something out of a B-horror movie, cone snails use their harpoon-like teeth and microscopic needles to inject super-potent poison into prey. Great whites can reach lengths of 20 feet, weigh more than 4,000 pounds, and swim as fast as 35 mph. So if you’re fishing in southeastern Australia, keep your eyes peeled. Anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes after being stung, a severe backache or headache and shooting pains in the muscles, chest and abdomen will begin. Blue-bellied black snakes are native to Queensland and New South Wales.

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