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Website admin will know that you reported it. “To think of the Hall of Fame never crossed my mind.’’. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Well, now he joins Jackson, and will be part of perhaps the most celebrated induction ceremony in history, joining Canadian outfielder Larry Walker. Their just two different parts of the puzzle. — +3 DRS en route to 6.6 WAR, the league’s sixth-highest total. He represented baseball as well as anyone who wore the uniform. Jeter was the MVP of the World Series, that after earning All-Star Game MVP honors as well; to date, he’s the only player to collect both honors in the same season. Jeter slipped to the Yankees at number six, after Paul Shuey (Cleveland), B.J. I thought I was completely overmatched and thinking I made a mistake signing a professional contract. The non-trade paid off several times over, obviously. He remembers being so overwhelmed after signing with the Yankees out of high school in 1992 that he sat on his hotel balcony every night and sobbed. He was unstoppable in that year’s Division Series against the Tigers (.500/.529/.938), but for the second year in a streak that would run to three straight, the Yankees failed to get out of the first round.

But in terms of overall value they’re pretty comparable. After the 2010 season, his 10-year contract expired, and negotiations with Cashman turned contentious enough that that the exec told ESPN New York that Jeter should test the market to “see if there’s something he would prefer other than this.” Ultimately, he secured a three-year, $51 million deal, but Ian O’Connor’s book The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter characterized the relationship as seriously or even irreparably damaged, and to be fair, it was jarring to see the Yankees take negotiations public in a way that Jeter never did. Meanwhile, Jay seemed to struggle to find footage for Rolen’s write up. “This means a little more to me,’’ Jeter said. Still, the idea that someone purposely left Jeter off their ballot, or perhaps turned in a blank ballot, won’t suddenly be forgotten. Jeter, just like Griffey, was an icon of his sport. All UZR (ultimate zone rating) calculations are provided courtesy of Mitchel Lichtman.

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Hall of Fame officials are anticipating record crowds, exceeding the 82,000 in 2007 that saw Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. feted. “Mostly my point is the hof has always had a bias towards people in NY”.

Those type of highlights? Agreed that longevity shouldn’t be overvalued, but when you’re this similar from a rate standpoint in nearly 50% more PAs, then longevity certainly matters.

While still sure-handed enough to average only 14 errors per year in the latter stretch, his range deteriorated drastically. “I don’t even think about it,’’ Griffey told USA TODAY Sports. blah, this is the most boring HoF candidacy ever.

It’s closer to 40% if you lop off Jeter’s -16.9 Off in his final season.

Both in terms of offense and overall value, Jeter’s best season during this stretch came in 2006, when he hit .343/.417/.483 for a 132 OPS+ and 5.6 WAR, his best numbers since 1999; he fell four points shy of the AL batting title, losing out to Joe Mauer, and ranked seventh in WAR. “No one is worth $1 million,” he told scouting director Dan O’Brien, “But if one kid is worth that, it’s this kid.”. I was fortunate to play 20 years in New York with a lot of thanks to the [George] Steinbrenner family. People are certainly happy to shit on Jeter though I’ve noticed. Overall, they should be similarly viewed. With voters apparently blinded by his aura, Jeter won three straight Gold Gloves from 2004-06 despite being a combined 56 runs below average, with a low of -27 in 2005. They proceeded to sweep the Twins, off the Angels, and then dethrone the defending champion Phillies in the World Series for the fifth championship of Jeter’s career. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. Play-by-play data prior to 2002 was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted It’s just that Jeter was a great-hitting shortstop who played on one team and won a bunch of rings and Rolen was a great-fielding third baseman who played on several teams and didn’t get the “champion” label affixed to him. Yeah, it’s a bit like people comparing Jeter and Larkin’s rate stats to discount the fact that Jeter has better counting stats because was a good player for two years longer than Larkin, and always healthier. People make a mockery of the hof when they only vote for Jeter. “This means a little more to me,’’ Jeter said.

MLB Yes, those are some that I was referencing. With his fellow Core Four pals rebounding and now accompanied by free agent acquisitions A.J. While not regarded as his position’s best the way that Rivera was among closers, Jeter did what he did nine innings a day for more or less 20 years, and did it while remaining an exceptional player and a great ambassador for the sport. A 1992 first-round pick out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, the 6-foot-3 shortstop seemed not only to be built for stardom but engineered to withstand the spotlight’s glare.

Jeter won’t touch it. Jeter was, and he’ll get recognized for it.

That’s a full-blown Hall of Famer. That season marked the final one in the old Yankee Stadium and in the odd, postseason-free void, it was left to Jeter to deliver a farewell speech to “The House that Ruth Built.”. After hitting for just a 102 OPS+ in 2008, his age-34 season, Jeter rebounded to a 125 mark in 2009 (.334/.406/.465) with 18 homers, 30 steals, and — holy cow! With the precedent of non-unanimity finally broken, the primary suspense of this cycle is whether he’ll match Rivera by receiving the full 100% from the writers.

From a Hall of Fame standpoint, Jeter’s case is open and shut.

Limited by his defense somewhat, his 42.4 peak WAR is 15th, 0.6 below the standard, about one run a year.

Yes, he had his teammates’ help to reach October perennially, but once there, he put together the equivalent of a prime Jeter season, and against top competition to boot. He climbed to fourth in 1995 on the strength of a sizzling .344/.410/.463 showing with 11 triples and 50 stolen bases, done while rocketing through three levels; he cut his error total to 25 as well. Pinching pennies, the Astros opted for Phil Nevin at number one. by Retrosheet.

So I don’t necessarily agree – I think longevity matters, but not nearly enough to make OFF runs a good metric to use.

Such accommodations played a major role in the Yankees missing the playoffs by four games while getting just 0.2 WAR from the 40-year-old Jeter. In the wake of that triumph, Jeter began to show his age, hitting for a career-worst 90 OPS+ in 2010, and 100 the following year, with a total of just 3.1 WAR for the two seasons. After he hit .508 with four homers as a senior, Baseball America named him its top high school player in the country. Off the field, the latter stretch was punctuated by contract negotiations that in February 2001 produced a 10-year, $189 million extension, at the time the sport’s second-largest contract behind Rodriguez’s 10-year, $252 million free agent deal. All Rights Reserved.

“I had a great relationship with Reggie [Jackson], and he would constantly remind (me) when I came to the park, 'You’re not a Hall of Famer yet.’ ’’. But you of the smarts to know that, right? It takes a lot of votes to get elected into the Hall of Fame. “I grew up a Yankee fan. Thank goodness. Why, even with everyone telling him he was a slam-dunk, telling him years ago he better start preparing his speech, he refused to listen. Wallace (Montreal), Jeffrey Hammonds (Baltimore), and Chad Mottola (Cincinnati) came off the board as well.

Who left Derek Jeter off their Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, making sure he didn’t join New York Yankees teammate Mariano Rivera as baseball’s only unanimous electees?

While he claimed to be “100 percent healed” as of March, he suffered a new crack in the bone while rehabbing, didn’t make his season debut until July 11, and played just 17 games due to subsequent strains of his right quad and calf. “I’m just extremely excited and honored to be elected.’’.

WFAN's Jason Keidel explains why it would have meant so much for New Yorkers and baseball fans to still see Derek Jeter give his Hall of Fame speech this summer. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. It happened on a big stage.

Still, it was not 100%. In reality he is probably among the most underrated players of all time since the constant narrative throughout Jeter’s career has always been that he is overrated. Jeter’s own play would take a step back as well, mainly due to defense.

He underwent surgery to implant a metal plate and screws, and spent much of the winter riding a motorized scooter around his mansion. After he hit .557 with seven homers as a high school junior, he was named a “Super-25 Player” by USA Today and offered a scholarship to University of Michigan to play under 11-time All-Star catcher Bill Freehan.

His father, Charles Jeter, played shortstop at Fisk University in Tennessee (and later claimed defensive superiority compared to his son! “I think the game is going to move on obviously, and it’s going to be in a better place for it.’’, OPINION: Time running out for Bonds, Clemens, HALL OF FAME: How the USA TODAY Network voted, 'GRATEFUL AS CAN BE': Larry Walker completes long climb into Hall. And if anyone is looking for a role model, look no further than Jeter, who played the game the way it was meant to be, overcoming early struggles to become one of the greatest shortstops in history. “He’s got 12 minutes to make a speech,’’ Griffey said, “and then we’ll start throwing stuff at him. Famously instilled with a level-headedness by his parents, who during his childhood made him sign code-of-conduct contracts, he pulled off the remarkable feat of simultaneously exuding a cocky charisma and an off-the-charts baseball IQ while remaining completely enigmatic even in the country’s largest media market.

He hit .349/.438/.552 with an AL-high 219 hits and 24 homers, carrying a batting average above .370 into late July, but ultimately slipping behind Garciaparra, who finished at .357; Jeter finished third in on-base percentage and fourth in OPS+ (153) as well.

While he scuffled during the 2001 ALCS and World Series by going a combined 6-for-44, he helped the Yankees get by the A’s in the Division Series with his heads-up flip play — redirecting an errant heave from right fielder Shane Spencer to catcher Jorge Posada — to nab Jeremy Giambi at the plate and preserve a 1-0 lead in Game 3. During A-Rod’s three years in Texas, he had been average at shortstop according to Total Zone, and eight runs above average via DRS in 2003, the year the latter metric was introduced, but to pave the way for the deal, he agreed to move to the hot corner. Thanks to better defense (-3 runs via Total Zone, compared to -14 the year before), Jeter improved to 5.0 WAR despite similar offense (103 OPS+) in 1997, but he really took off the following season while helping the Yankees, who had been bounced in the 1997 Division Series by the Indians, steamroll their way to 114 regular season wins and another championship, this time via a sweep of the Padres. “Look, there are situations the sport has gone through throughout its history,’’ Jeter said, “and at times it can seem pretty ugly.

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