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Nothing worse than fake wokes pulling up important issues in stupid twitter fights. I could fully kit someone out with essentials that we no longer need - towels, muslins, sheets, blankets, sleeping bags and I’ve even got a changing mat (new) and table (not new).

Since then I’ve realised a lot including TR is definitely a state asset and a Zionist. @TeamCavuto @FoxNews The NYPost twitter account is still locked down. I keep following accounts I unfollowed few days earlier and I keep unfollowing accounts I followed earlier.

Sorry about the communication issues, @couchwarmer247 I had to make a whole Twitter acc to contact you !! Does your Twitter actually glitch and stop working sometimes or it's just me? Knock it off! Twitter went down for many users on Thursday, leaving people around the world unable to load or post new tweets.

Every morning before logging onto twitter. @Infosys_GSTN Just login and make payment of Rs1 from all browsers , namely mozilla, Chrome and internet explorer and u will come to know the issue all are facing. @rebecccapauline i don't need my own country explained to me by random americans on twitter. Takes minutes to load a tweet. My cards been blocked I can’t access my money. @cheetaspeed72 @TinPotDickTator They can still print their rag, but they have no “right” to be on twitter-no more than you or I when we violate the Terms Of Service. If you are on Twitter mobile app: #SensitiveMediaBug According to, users started to report problems accessing Twitter’s website and mobile apps around 11:46 a.m. PT. @KendoDodd See if Twitter is down for other users. Is Twitter Down Right Now? So will be able to do few RTs probably. @olympussungchan Twitter is down with the “Something is technically wrong” message in the Uk, Kent. Send @Twitter a msg to cancel this account. Tech is a challenge for me (ironic given I work for engineering firm), @ASTRCBBY Btw my twitter notifications aren’t working or refreshing idk why I’m not ignoring y’all I promise, @cockwitter_ You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. Most hosting providers within a week. @noidmv

Consumers aren't dumb! Suggesting folk switch until Twitter get a fix out. #TwitterCensorship #Twitter #ShadowBan #ShadowBanned #ShadowBanning #Censorship #CensorshipIsReal #Tyranny #Control #Controlavirus, @elikabana Jack Dorsey is more than aware of the issues,he's also one that allowed DevOps to mess with my account multiple times, then Tina Lawson who made all the fake accounts,on periscope,I meant what I said when I said we were go through with a lawsuit and I'm telling you I am @Twitter, @NIGHTXOPERA Is it my internet or twitter is down?

Most notifs arent working. @drdavidsamadi I believe twitter has terrible issues with database propagation. @ashleyn1cole Fwiw, Twitter has been weird with unfollowings. What's wrong Twitter , @ZenSlayFu I can bet 80% of their issues still remain unresolved, @STFUImTweetn0_o @rachelle_drouin I’m newish to twitter as well. Genuine and serious question. A moment of failure for populism About; Twitter; Facebook; downrightnow monitors the status of your favorite web services, combining user reports and official announcements to tell you when there's service trouble. The Twitter Api status page can be found here for devs, which reveals when the Twitter timeline is down or experiencing performance issues. You're a youth & you're on Twitter Halftime here: Culver 1, NorthWood 0.

@man_guz_ Twitter users are able to post their tweets from from numerous devices and platforms, including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone devices and traditional computers. Keeps bringing me to the twitter page, @Dbargen @laurajo58 Twitter takes them down quickly.

@BlockAdder Strange how the private company thing is thrown around on some issues but not others. @donkom Pinterest within a week. Anyone?

#FreePradeepBhandari, @taiyafadare1 How sad. Not even 2 weeks fully completed.
What's wrong Twitter , @wlwhoney Came to twitter just to see if anyone else was having a problem I uninstalled and reinstalled it trying to force it to work lol. Twitter users are able to post their tweets from from numerous devices and platforms, including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone devices and traditional computers. Twitter I’m sorry, but today’s topic is about my anger issues and my bullshit ex. I am not able to DM you either on Twitter.
Apparently, Twitter doesn't work on his iPad.

Absolutely, totally biased, but where I work, we get customer service. I think something is wrong with my Twitter. TweetDeck appeared to be down as well. @publius811

@Gary2016DF @sbergr @stevefastaco @DonaldJTrumpJr @CircadianRhyth5 @omeegirl Screenshots have been shared.

By law, we are required to ask your consent to show the content that is normally displayed here. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium. America is awake. Anyone else having this problem? ☹️, @SpookyJxrri not her trying to play the victim and call twitter toxic when she caused actual problems , I've loved working with @raventrapta, and their art captures the ~essence~ of coziness and our lovely battery fren!

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