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The future of a League Cup competition in Polish football again looks bleak for now. The winners of each group would then play in a knockout phase to decide the winner. Thursday 3 SeptemberA4 Germany 1-1 SpainA4 Ukraine 2-1 Switzerland B3 Russia 3-1 SerbiaB3 Turkey 0-1 HungaryB4 Bulgaria 1-1 Republic of IrelandB4 Finland 0-1 WalesC3 Moldova 1-1 Kosovo C3 Slovenia 0-0 Greece D1 Faroe Islands 3-2 Malta D1 Latvia 0-0 Andorra, Friday 4 September A1 Italy 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina  A1 Netherlands 1-0 Poland  B1 Norway 1-2 Austria B1 Romania 1-1 Northern Ireland B2 Scotland 1-1 Israel  B2 Slovakia 1-3 Czech RepublicC4 Belarus 0-2 Albania C4 Lithuania 0-2 Kazakhstan, Saturday 5 September A2 Iceland 0-1 EnglandA2 Denmark 0-2 Belgium A3 Portugal 4-1 CroatiaA3 Sweden 0-1 FranceC1 Azerbaijan 1-2 Luxembourg C1 Cyprus 0-2 Montenegro C2 North Macedonia 2-1 ArmeniaC2 Estonia 0-1 GeorgiaD2 Gibraltar 1-0 San Marino, Sunday 6 September A4 Spain 4-0 Ukraine A4 Switzerland 1-1 GermanyB3 Serbia 0-0 Turkey B3 Hungary 2-3 Russia B4 Wales 1-0 BulgariaB4 Republic of Ireland 0-1 Finland  C3 Slovenia 1-0 Moldova C3 Kosovo 1-2 GreeceD1 Andorra 0-1 Faroe IslandsD1 Malta 1-1 Latvia, Monday 7 September A1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-2 PolandA1 Netherlands 0-1 Italy B1 Austria 2-3 RomaniaB1 Northern Ireland 1-5 NorwayB2 Czech Republic 1-2 ScotlandB2 Israel 1-1 SlovakiaC4 Kazakhstan 1-2 BelarusC4 Albania 0-1 Lithuania, Tuesday 8 SeptemberA2 Belgium 5-1 IcelandA2 Denmark 0-0 EnglandA3 France 4-2 Croatia A3 Sweden 0-2 Portugal C1 Cyprus 0-1 Azerbaijan C1 Luxembourg 0-1 Montenegro C2 Armenia 2-0 EstoniaC2 Georgia 1-1 North Macedonia  D2 San Marino 0-2 Liechtenstein, Saturday 10 OctoberA4 Spain 1-0 SwitzerlandA4 Ukraine 1-2 GermanyC1 Luxembourg 2-0 CyprusC1 Montenegro 2-0 AzerbaijanD1 Faroe Islands 1-1 LatviaD1 Andorra 0-0 MaltaD2 Liechtenstein 0-1 Gibraltar, Sunday 11 OctoberA1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-0 Netherlands A1 Poland 0-0 Italy A2 England 2-1 Belgium A2 Iceland 0-3 DenmarkA3 Croatia 2-1 SwedenA3 France 0-0 PortugalB1 Norway 4-0 Romania B1 Northern Ireland 0-1 AustriaB2 Israel 1-2 Czech Republic B2 Scotland 1-0 Slovakia B3 Russia 1-1 TurkeyB3 Serbia 0-1 HungaryB4 Republic of Ireland 0-0 WalesB4 Finland 2-0 BulgariaC2 Armenia 2-2 Georgia C2 Estonia 3-3 North MacedoniaC3 Greece 2-0 MoldovaC3 Kosovo 0-1 SloveniaC4 Lithuania 2-2 BelarusC4 Kazakhstan 0-0 Albania, Tuesday 13 OctoberA4 Germany 3-3 Switzerland A4 Ukraine 1-0 SpainC1 Montenegro 1-2 LuxembourgC1 Azerbaijan 0-0 CyprusD1 Latvia 0-1 MaltaD1 Faroe Islands 2-0 AndorraD2 Liechtenstein 0-0 San Marino, Wednesday 14 OctoberA1 Italy 1-1 NetherlandsA1 Poland 3-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina A2 England 0-1 DenmarkA2 Iceland 1-2 BelgiumA3 Croatia 1-2 France A3 Portugal 3-0 SwedenB1 Norway 1-0 Northern IrelandB1 Romania 0-1 AustriaB2 Scotland 1-0 Czech RepublicB2 Slovakia 2-3 IsraelB3 Russia 0-0 HungaryB3 Turkey 2-2 SerbiaB4 Finland 1-0 Republic of IrelandB4 Bulgaria 0-1 Wales C2 Estonia 1-1 ArmeniaC2 North Macedonia 1-1 GeorgiaC3 Greece 0-0 KosovoC3 Moldova 0-4 Slovenia C4 Belarus 2-0 KazakhstanC4 Lithuania 0-0 Albania, Saturday 14 NovemberD1 Malta vs Andorra (15:00) D2 San Marino vs Gibraltar (15:00)C1 Azerbaijan vs Montenegro (18:00) C1 Cyprus vs Luxembourg (18:00)D1 Latvia vs Faroe Islands (18:00) A3 Portugal vs France (20:45) A3 Sweden vs Croatia (20:45)A4 Germany vs Ukraine (20:45)A4 Switzerland vs Spain (20:45), Sunday 15 NovemberB2 Slovakia vs Scotland (15:00) C2 North Macedonia vs Estonia (15:00)A1 Netherlands vs Bosnia and Herzegovina (18:00)B3 Turkey vs Russia (18:00) B4 Bulgaria vs Finland (18:00)B4 Wales vs Republic of Ireland (18:00)C2 Georgia vs Armenia (18:00)C4 Albania vs Kazakhstan (18:00)C4 Belarus vs Lithuania (18:00)A1 Italy vs Poland (20:45)A2 Belgium vs England (20:45) A2 Denmark vs Iceland (20:45)B1 Austria vs Northern Ireland (20:45)B1 Romania vs Norway (20:45) B2 Czech Republic vs Israel (20:45) B3 Hungary vs Serbia (20:45)C3 Moldova vs Greece (20:45)C3 Slovenia vs Kosovo (20:45), Tuesday 17 NovemberA3 Croatia vs Portugal (20:45) A3 France vs Sweden (20:45)A4 Spain vs Germany (20:45) A4 Switzerland vs Ukraine (20:45)C1 Luxembourg vs Azerbaijan (20:45)C1 Montenegro vs Cyprus (20:45)D1 Andorra vs Latvia (20:45)D1 Malta vs Faroe Islands (20:45)D2 Gibraltar vs Liechtenstein (20:45), Wednesday 18 NovemberC4 Albania vs Belarus (16:00) C4 Kazakhstan vs Lithuania (16:00)C2 Armenia vs North Macedonia (18:00) C2 Georgia vs Estonia (18:00)A1 Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Italy (20:45) A1 Poland vs Netherlands (20:45)A2 Belgium vs Denmark (20:45) A2 England vs Iceland (20:45)B1 Austria vs Norway (20:45)B1 Northern Ireland vs Romania (20:45)B2 Czech Republic vs Slovakia (20:45)B2 Israel vs Scotland (20:45)B3 Hungary vs Turkey (20:45)B3 Serbia vs Russia (20:45)B4 Republic of Ireland vs Bulgaria (20:45)B4 Wales vs Finland (20:45) C3 Greece vs Slovenia (20:45)C3 Kosovo vs Moldova (20:45).

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