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‘Guidance for monitoring racial equality’ was published in July 2011 by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister and Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

They probably don’t know. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 31(3), 302-322. pdf.

", "Ethnic group statistics: A guide for the collection and classification of ethnicity data", "Harmonised Concepts and Questions for Social Data Sources: Primary Standards – Ethnic Group", "Population size: 7.9% from a non-White ethnic group", "The code systems used within the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to formally record ethnicity", "Code of Practice for the Exercise by Police Officers of Statutory Powers of Stop and Search; Police Officers and Police Staff of Requirements to Record Public Encounters", "School census spring and summer 2014 guide for secondary schools: Instructions for preparing for and completing the school census 2014 for secondary schools and academies (including free schools) in England", "The use of performance data in local authorities and schools", "Diversity - Ethnic groupings obscure realities", "Ethnic Category Coding – DSCN11/2008 - Statement of Need for Standard Review", "Availability and use of UK based ethnicity data for health research", "Negro, Black, Black African, African Caribbean, African American or what? If figures produced are too small to publish, then they can be suppressed, or it might be more suitable to aggregate to the relevant “Other” category. 1. ", "A guide to comparing 1991 and 2001 Census ethnic group data", "Negotiating race and ethnicity: Exploring the implications of the 1991 census", "Ethnic Classification in Global Perspective: A Cross-National Survey of the 2000 Census Round", "New complexities of cohesion in Britain: Super-diversity, transnationalism and civil-integration", "Final recommended questions for the 2011 Census in England and Wales: Ethnic group", "Scotland's New Official Ethnicity Classification", Fight goes on to include Cornish ethnicity and language in Census 2011 options, "Summary report: experts, community and special interest groups", "Arab Population in the UK - Study for consideration of inclusion of 'Arab' as an ethnic group on future census returns", "Is there any such thing as British ethnicity? Interviewer to read options: However, it’s not an adequate criterion in its own right, and for some, its use is seen as unacceptable.

2. Therefore, if presenting data from the harmonised religion question, it is important to be explicit and refer to the specific “concept” being measured, and that is “affiliation”. [25] Slightly different categories were employed in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as compared with England and Wales, "to reflect local differences in the requirement for information". The first consideration is the most straightforward; the ethnic group that each person chooses as his or her own is intrinsically the ethnic group of self-identity, rather than being ascribed by anyone else. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 71, 342-349. pdf, Tsai, J.L., Morstensen, H., Wong, Y., & Hess, D. (2002). Irish, or  According to … Local, state, tribal, and federal programs use these data, and they are critical factors in the basic research behind numerous policies, particularly for civil rights. The terminology used to describe ethnic groups has changed markedly over time, and however defined or measured, tends to evolve in the context of social and political attitudes or developments. Or for Scotland where 

Regardless of your answer to question 1, go to question 2. This question is recommended when a show card is used in a face-to-face interview or self-completion survey … Can you tell us your household income? Chinese, or  White, or

But let's learn how to make a demographic survey that gets the answers you need with minimal casualties—let's get less awkward and more conversational. 3. Suinn, R.M., Rickard-Figueroa, K., Lew, S., & Vigil, P. (1987). This can produce problems of ambiguity as some people may respond that they have a religious affiliation but not belong to a religion. It is still recommended, however, that the category orders follow those presented in national identity question (a). Interamerican Journal of Psychology, 12, 113-130. How to ask for gender in surveys—"Jack or Jackie? 3. Labelling African origin populations in the health arena in the 21st century", "Is it time to ditch the term 'black, Asian and minority ethnic' (BAME)? The "original" version includes: (1) a question asking participants what their "culture" means to them, and (2) 75 multiple choice questions that ask about participants' language use, social affiliation, engagement in cultural practices, and cultural identification.

The U.S. Census Bureau must adhere to the 1997 Office of Management and Budget (OMB) standards on race and ethnicity which guide the Census Bureau in classifying written responses to the race question: White – A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa. [27][28], The following are the options the ONS currently recommends for ethnicity surveys:[29], In addition to the above "tick-box" options, respondents can also make use of the "please describe" options, also known as "write-in" answers. 0000030371 00000 n Any other White ethnic group, please describe, 7.

There is also variation in the religion questions asked on different surveys; some ask about belonging and attendance whereas others ask about importance or belief. Any other African group? Any other White background, please describe. Asian/Asian British, or  This guidance replaces “Ethnic group statistics: a guide for the collection and classification of ethnicity data (2003)”. Other ethnic group, Interviewer to read options: Asking about household income allows Lewis to give you the juice without feeling like you’re snooping on his dolla—and you can make some rich conclusions for your demographic survey responses. The psychometric properties of the GEQ when used with Chinese American young adults are reported in: Tsai, J.L., Ying, Y., & Lee, P.A. %PDF-1.4 %���� Use of a show card is not recommended in Northern Ireland. Legislation in Northern Ireland was framed in terms of “perceived religious identity”. Any other Caribbean or Black, please describe, 18. Give people the main options. Categories must take into account practical issues surrounding data collection and presentation. You’ve sent out your demographic survey questions—nice job. For many people, religion is one of the most important defining characteristics of an identity. 7. A category is used to assign data reported or measured for a particular situation according to shared characteristics.

Black/African/Caribbean/Black British, or  Hofstede, G.H. Legally, express consent means that respondents have authorised their data to be processed for the purposes that they have been informed about. It is recommended that a show card is used in interviewer-led surveys.

A question may include aspects of national or geographical origin, with the assumption that these help to identify ethnic groups. Still determined to ask this question? Interviewer to read options: Learn about: Demographic Survey Questions Template. To date, most studies that have used the GEQ have used the abridged version.

Which U.S. Census category below best describes you? Don’t get too excited now. For example: Katie is somewhere between “21-25”. Any other White background, please describe. Note that on the LFS in Northern Ireland, the religion question asked is about denomination. The main differences in the ethnic group response categories are: White categories (excluding Traveller categories): Scotland separates Scottish from Other British and includes separate Irish and Polish categories; England and Wales combine UK and British categories but include a separate Irish category; Northern Ireland has 1 White category, Traveller categories: in Northern Ireland, Irish Traveller is a main category separate from White; Scotland has a Gypsy/Traveller category and England and Wales have a Gypsy or Irish Traveller category, Mixed Multiple ethnic groups: there is no category breakdown for the country-specific question in Scotland; there are no suggested categories as opposed to the other countries, where there are options, there are some differences in the terminology and data collection of the country-specific Scotland question that make these categories difficult to compare: the African category in the Scottish question is presented in a separate section to the Caribbean or Black category; however, under the harmonised output, these 2 categories are output as part of “Black/African/Caribbean/Black British”– the African categories used in Scotland could potentially capture White/Asian/Other African in addition to Black identities. Caribbean 14. A question about a person's ancestry or ethnic origin was first included in the 1980 census and remained on some forms as recently as 2000. Its content is based on the recently published GSS harmonised standards on ethnic group, national identity and religion, which recommend a harmonised approach in the data collection process to allow consistency and comparability of statistical outputs across GB and the UK. The "abridged" version includes 37 items (a subset of the original 75 multiple choice questions), plus one item that asks participants whether or not they are bilingual. You can compare his results with those who have a high-school diploma and see if there are any trends in opinion or behavior. So, in ethnic group questions, we are unable to base ethnic identification upon objective, quantifiable information as we would, say, for age or gender. Any other African, please describe, 15. And this makes your search engine wizards happy because they can plan targeting better. 2. 7 Demographic survey questions for questionnaire: 1. Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act requires public authorities, in carrying out their functions relating to Northern Ireland, to have due regard to the need to promote equality of opportunity: between persons of different religious belief, political opinion, racial group, age, marital status or sexual orientation; between men and women generally; between persons with a disability and persons without; between persons with dependants and persons without. [29], The police services of the UK began to classify arrests in racial groups in 1975, but later replaced the race code with an Identity Code (IC) system.[31]. pdf, Tsai, J.L., Pole, N., Levenson, R.W., & Munoz, R.F. 1. 4. Religious belief includes beliefs typically expected to be held by followers of a religion and how important those beliefs are to a person’s life. Therefore, in face-to-face interviewer-led surveys, a single show card should be used that presents all response options. 0000166898 00000 n 6. This is the recommended national identity question and layout for use on a survey in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Culture's consequences: International differences in work-related values. Do ask a recent college graduate their work status. The question was developed to enable consistency and comparability of data across GB and the UK. Indian, Indian Scottish or Indian British 10. Cultural predictors of self-esteem: A study of Chinese American female and male young adults. [33] This includes ethnicity data for pupils who are aged 5 or over at the beginning of the school year in August. 2. An empirical scale to measure type and degree of acculturation in Mexican American adolescents and adults. Categories allow us, in an accurate and systematic way, to arrange our data according to common features, so that the resulting statistics can be easily reproduced and are able to be compared over time and between different sources. Such information allows the researcher to cross-tabulate and compares the categories to see the variation in responses as well as understand if ethnicity … Surveys can measure different concepts of religion including religious “affiliation”, “practice”, “belief” and “belonging”.

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